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  1. Sorry about the wait! Last Month crossing the Mexican border was crazy. The car didn't move one bit and waited 1 hr and 30 min to get through the border line. It's not the mans fault but maybe he should have left earlier to avoid this.
  2. You definitely need to find a new physician and I would get this done before your surgery! I had to find a new physician because she was not supportive about my choices especially going to Mexico. She had a lot of questions etc.... she was just doing her job.... My new physician has been so wonderful and very supportive. I needed him when I returned because I was severely dehydrated... and possible pulmonary embolism as I travelled way too soon after surgery. I had to be hospitalized on blood thinners etc.... He was there to pick me up when I really needed him. I believe you will find a great physician who will be supportive... Good luck ;0)
  3. This Post should be taken down.... sorry this is not to encourage eating disorders but to encourage healthy weight loss through proper nutrition. Where's the admid when your really need them.... The person who posted this please seek some help and I pray you become to realize how destructive this behavior is!
  4. Under1star

    Mexico Surgery Question

    Better to take the classes and learn as much as possible to be successful in the long term.... Glad I had my surgery in Mexico but this important part of the puzzle was missing. Now I'm paying through insurance a specialist in Bariatric nutritionist. I do understand the excitement but only try to take this route if your insurance doesn't cover it! Then start savings for your body lift you want in the future ;0)
  5. Under1star

    Food just isn't the same

    A few days ago a girl was eating a bag of Cheetos and I started to automatically vomit.... I don't see food in the same way anymore. I see empty calories of junk food that's just rat poison to me! This junk had brought me so much agony to my life..... Now I wont let it control me!
  6. Under1star

    Leaving for San Diego tomorrow

    Make sure your family physician at home is aware of your surgery so they can help you if there's any complications. I had my sleeve in Mexico on the 14th and thankfully my physician was a support. I had an excellent sleeve done but there where complications that happened and I had to be hospitalized in the surgical ward.... What one experiences may or may not be the same! I'm still having huge issues only 50 mls of Water per day with no food for 13 days on..... I love my sleeve and would go through it all over again.Nothing in life is easy and there's always consequences...... My Dr gave me a cd of my old stomach and sleeve. So cool and the people in Canada where like wow we never seen this at the hospital cause it's a new facility. If you need any help or questions just message me! You will be fine ;0) oh yeah bring your laptop with you cause there will be a lot of Spanish tv.
  7. Under1star

    Hot Sauce/vinegar?

    You should try Shiritaki noodles they are tofu noodles full of Proteins and very low on carbs.
  8. Sorry all this seems stressful to you! You need to look at the positives as well and feel blessed that your surgery will be covered at some extent through your insurance depending on your company. The insurance company are covering your surgery and they want you to have a successful outcome. Lot's of barriers to overcome but a lot of people went through the same experience and did very well! This is a great benefit to you in the long run! Feel blessed and you will succeed..... This surgery isn't a miracle it won't change your head hunger etc... as it's only a tool! A good tool ;0)
  9. Under1star

    Anyone Use Dr. Aceves Recently?

    I'm going to be sleeved by Dr Aceves on the 14th and will let you know how it goes. I full confidents & faith in Dr Aceves. Keep in mind the number of successful surgeries the Dr has made etc.... No Dr is perfect!!!! There's complications in any type of surgeries. I would be more concerned to be in a clinic versus a hospital. Dr Aceves is in a hospital with all the specialist. One question I raised to myself is ''What will happen if I need a blood transfusion? Will there be a blood bank? I'm glad Dr Aceves office is honest and letting you know the truith.... this shows integrity! I heard Dr Ariel Ortiz is also a fine surgeon. I have only three surgeons I would consider Dr Aceves, Dr Alvarez and Ariel Ortiz.... No matter how amazing you are no one is a perfect A plus as a surgeon. You need to look at the bigger picture! I will keep u posted ;0)
  10. First of all my heart goes out to you and your friend. As a nurse all my life being side by side with a Dr no one is a perfect A, Doing proper research and I sure your Dr made you sign on the dotted line like all surgeries there can be complications. So you knew what you where getting yourself involved with . We are adults and responsible for our choices and just because you had a good outcome doesn't mean another will. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your friend but PLEASE DON'T SAY YOU DON'T RECOMMEND ON A FORUM ! This sleeve has saved many many lives of people on this forum.
  11. Have you tried Mexicali Baritarics with Dr Aceves,, Nina is his coordinator and is really sweet and has never pushed! I have y surgery on Dec 14 with Dr Aceves.
  12. @SleevinIT we have the same surgery date!! My first preop diet starts in the am. Where are you going for surgery?
  13. Under1star

    Soda And Carbonated Beverages

    I was also told that carbonation from soda's will also stretch out your vertical sleeve! This pouch can expand if your not careful! I love my diet soda's so much and I know I will have to say good bye ;0( I have to make this surgery right but I do agree what one guy said about having it flat.... that beats the purpose for me cause I love the bubbles and even soda stream is a big no no!
  14. You look fantastic! Beautiful family as well! The sleeve was the best decision you have made for yourself and your family to be able to live a healthy life. ;0) I have seen your before pics awhile back and you completely transformed. Your testimony has given me a second chance at life as I undergo my surgery in 2 wks.Thank u!
  15. I'm scheduled for Dec14 2013 with Dr Aceves! You made an excellent choice of surgeon! :0)
  16. Amanda there's also Dr Christou as well at the Royal Victoria Hospital. My friend got banded with him and now she wants to remove band for the sleeve. He's very very expensive but a good surgeon if your in Canada.
  17. Under1star

    Any sleeve surgeons in canada

    I'm also from Alberta and I'm going to Mexico as well. My surgery is Dec 14 2013 with Dr Aceves. Dr Ortiz has very good reviews. I'm glad your not going through weight loss forever from Saskatoon. They are such a rip off it's unbelievable.
  18. Under1star

    Incision Infection

    As a nurse this doesn't look normal to me! You need to see your family physician and I'm surprized your surgeon stated it was normal. I hope this gets resolved soon to avoid any further complications!
  19. Bren I completely understand where your coming from because I had to jump a few hoops to see my option. First option was through an agency but it was so extremely high. I had issues understanding what was the difference between them and someone else. When I compared there was no reason for the prices to be so extreme. Glad I did my homework on that and saved like 6000.... Both these surgeons are in Mexico. I didn't want to go cheap or the expensive route! I have chosen Dr Aceves in Mexicali over Dr Pompa in Tijuana. These are my reasons 1) it's not a hospital and there's extra fee's to have a cardiologist in the room etc.... There's no blood bank in case of a transfusion. 2) Dr Aceves is a vet in this field and has been around for a long time and Dr Pompa is an intermediate. She's a nice lady but we need the experience here! 3) prices where ridiculously high compared to a vet in the field.This is a 6000 difference! I would stay away from any procedures not done in a hospital for your safety since it's not done in the U.S. My two choices is Dr Aceves and Dr Alvarez. These would be the only two people I would have a surgery with! These two are in the 8000 range. Another one is Dr Ortiz which also has great reviews and I believe is lower cost. I have friends who have been banded and wished they have taken the sleeve instead. They had to pay 18000 for the band and another 20 000 for a sleeve. They are also going to Mexico to get the sleeve done. My surgery is in Dec 14 with Dr Aceves..... I will keep u posted on the outcome.
  20. How was the post op surgery Nomorecupcakes? What type of pain medication did they give you after surgery?
  21. Under1star

    Steri Strips!

    I would purchase steri strips at any pharmacy along with some normal saline to cleanse the site! The company for the steri strips is called 3m
  22. Under1star

    On The Verge Of Mental Collapse

    oh my dear I understand very clearly what your going through. I was going through Weight Loss Forever and they wanted me to spend another 2000 to have a cardiologist in the room. My BMI was 47.2 and they still wanted to charge me even when I was like 2 mths and half away from surgery... Thought that was crazy to spend close to 16000 for Dr Pompa.... My family physician thought it was scammish and she encouraged me to starve myself. Lol sounds crazy and I also started taking laxatives etc... I was beating myself up for like 3 wks and then I decided to give up on that weight loss forever agency! I found someone way way better then Dr Pompa and the ridiculous prices they where charging. I have to go on a 3 wk liquid diet before Dec 14 as that's my surgery date in Mexico! Do all that you can but I was reminded stress adds to no weight loss! You will do great let go off the scale! Hugs
  23. Under1star

    Dr. Aceves 1/22/2014

    I'm from Calgary and will be headed to see Dr Aceves next mth on the 13th. The flights are so so cheap! I'm not sure if Nina advised you that you need to get there by 11 am for pre op testing but it was impossible to find a flight anywhere that leaves early in am and arrive there by 11 am. I had to book in San Diego a hotel on the 12th to make it on time. You just never know with the weather as well... Good luck ;0)
  24. Under1star

    Approved! December 17Th

    I would prepare myself at least a wk before surgery to shrink your liver and emotionally prepare yourself to train your head hunger. All surgeons have a pre op diet before and it's strange to hear you say 2 days before.... You need good Protein and Vitamins to be able to have a good healing process etc.... In the meantime enjoy all your favorite food and the best advice 1 wk pre op. Glad to hear you had the acceptance! My surgery Is Dec 1 4 2013... Christmas will be grand this year despite the food lol
  25. I will be having my surgery with Dr Aceves on Dec 14 2013. I did hear about this story and found it to be sad. No matter who you choose keep in mind no one is a perfect surgeon and people make mistakes.... Everyone's condition is different and so is the outcome! I have full faith in Dr Aceves and this is just one incident. If it has happened more then I would be concerned. Another thing to keep in mind Dr Aceves is a reputable surgeon who has a very strong background in his job and there will always be people in this world who want to destroy someone's reputation. I have full faith in God and Dr Aceves all will be okay. In life there's no guarantee.