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  1. I forgot to mention I did lose hair, a LOT of hair. The loss started around 4 months and lasted for about 2 months! I just chopped it off so it wouldn't bug me so much to have a thin ponytail! Still worth it!
  2. I know I have problems still (10 months post op vsg) with eating many foods. My sleeve just does NOT tolerate many foods. Too much candy, icecream, breads... the list goes on. It also chang the way food tastes so many things just don't appeal because they don't taste right. Unfortunately not everyone is affected in these ways. In your situation where you know you have sugar control issues (I think all of us here do/did) the rny might be smarter be ause you KNOW it will forc the issue vs the vsg where you just hope it does. I preferred the vsg because the et e werent so many vitamin deficiency issues and I love it.
  3. sapMegan

    Idk if I made the right choice

    I had tons of problems early on... crazy nausea, needing tons of sleep, inability to eat much of anything, couldn't get my supplements or ven Water down... it was a rough go. Hubby would come home from work and I would go to bed and sleep 14+ hours. Now, 9 months later, I feel SO much better than even before the surgery. I still hve to watch what I eat, lots of foods make me sick, every once in a while I'll crash hard where I literaly can't do anything but lay down. But for th most part my back pain is way down, I'm sleeping a more normal amount again, can take any meds I need and can keep up with anyone around me. Plud you just feel more comfortable being involved and having fun when all that extra weight isn't packed on. Point is, I've been there, it WILL get better, you will not regret it. Take time to recooperate, sleep extra, sit down more, don't worry about the exercising until you can make it through a normal day without being completely exhausted. Your body will let you know when it is ready to exercise. Right now, it may do you more harm than good t push yourself. Good luck.
  4. sapMegan

    Pierced My Nipples

    After nursing 2 babies I had ZERO sensation. I was hoping to get it back and whoa did I. Now I've nursed another one and it's gone again. Plus they're pretty and they are kind of a sexy little secret... what's not to love. As for your wife, to each there own. I personally think that piercing and tattoos are beautiful (within certain limits) but everybody's version of beauty is different. Some like all natural, some like the extra decorating.
  5. sapMegan

    Pierced My Nipples

    I had mine done several years ago, had to take them out when I got prego because holy crap you even tap those things and OWWW!!! At least that's how mine were for 3 months before I gave up. Waiting till after a boob job to do them again, it would SO not be attractive right now!
  6. sapMegan

    I stink!

    I went through this. Think about it this way. The stinkier you are the more fat your body is burning I stunk to high heaven the first 2 months but I lost 60 pounds. The smell went away as I started being able to eat more and more weight loss slowed WAY the heck down. I'm praying for my stench to come back right now!
  7. So my anxiety/depression have been CRAZY since having the surgery. I'm wondering did people have to switch meds or increase meds, anybody decrease? I go in to see my doc Wednesday but I wanted to get an idea of what other people had to do!
  8. sapMegan

    Is there anything more depressing...

    This is terrifying! I'm 3.5 months post op, only lose the occasional hair but now I'm freaking out! Best start buying me some hats!
  9. My surgeon suggested putting a lemon wedge in my Water bottle. It's supposed to make it easier on your stomach, it seems to be helping me. Straight water can make water worse. Good luck. I was where you were, now I'm 7 weeks out and it's not nearly so bad, it's actually bearable now. None of the nausea medicines helped me so I didn't take them.
  10. Hmm... I hadn't thought of that at all. I'll go research if any of my meds are associated with joint pain. Thanks for the thought!
  11. sapMegan

    TMI warning...period question

    MIne is all wonky too. I talked to the nurse practitioner that works for my surgeon today actually. She told me that estrogen is stored in fat cells with the fat so as you empty them the estrogen floods our system and can wreak havoc on our cycles. She said if it doesn't become regular again by 6 months out to see a gyn. Until then it's normal.
  12. sapMegan

    When Does This Get Better?

    Thanks for the tips everybody. Hopefully this can get sorted out soon!
  13. My 2, 5 and 6 year old came in the evening to visit. I was so out of it I barely remember them coming and literally fell asleep during the 5-10 minutes they were there. No one said anything about them not being there. I would recommend your hubby get a sitter for the day of the surgery, the waiting area could be a nightmare for him with a little one!
  14. Will do. My doc always wants me taking Protein in addition to the food I eat I just also know that some of the shakes have extra stuff or they're made with milk or something sugary. It was just a thought
  15. sapMegan

    Gah! I Just Want Food!

    The only way I could manage it was with hot cocoa. I found one with 20 calories and 4g of sugar, it's a nestle fat free one. I make the hot coca and throw the unflavored Protein in. I'm still on Clear liquids so it's not perfect but if it's the only way I can manage then I'm good with it!

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