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  1. Jill105

    What Are You Reading?

    I love this thread! I'm currently reading Orange Is the New Black. I also just ordered The Goldfinch since I've heard such good things about it. I have the Divergence series as well that I have to read still too. So many books to read!
  2. Jill105

    Connecticut Sleevers?

    I had my surgery on Dec 3rd and was discharged on the 5th. No complications. Pain was managed very well in the hospital as well as meds at home. It was a great experience!
  3. Jill105

    Connecticut Sleevers?

    I didn't have him but I did have Dr. Nadzam at Yale. Everyone there was great!
  4. Praying for you!! Please keep us posted when you can!
  5. Jill105

    Anybody From Ct

    I'm from CT and I had my surgery last week with Dr. Nadzam at Yale. I love him and his office staff! I did all my pre op requirements with a different surgeon then switched to him last minute for insurance reasons. They made it easy and it all worked out fine.
  6. Good luck!!! I'm 10 days post op and I'm so happy with my sleeve!!! Best wishes and I will send prayers your way!
  7. Jill105

    Surgery yesterday - scared

    First let me say I'm sorry to hear you're having such a rough time! I know you're scared but you are with professionals who can help you. Take it day by day and hopefully this will just be a bump in the road. I wish you the best!!
  8. I would call your surgeon's office and tell them the situation. Keep getting your fluids in and get plenty of rest. But it would be best just to talk to them about it and it would probably put your mind at ease. Good luck!!
  9. I'm 9 days post op so I definitely still have some moments of tenderness. I might bring this up to my surgeon when I see him next week. You would think walking would help!
  10. I am too. It doesn't matter what I take, I can not fall asleep. If I do its for maybe an hour then I wake up again and it goes on like that all night. It's awful!!
  11. My surgery was dec. 3rd, here's my current stats! Hw-340 Sw-316 Cw-301 Down 15 lbs since surgery and 39 lbs total!! So happy!
  12. I felt the same way! I was sleeved last Tuesday and had tears in my eyes going in the operating room. I have a 5 year old son and the thought of possibly leaving him without a mother was overwhelming. But the same was true if I didn't get the surgery. You just need to stay positive! I wish you the best!
  13. Jill105

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    I had my surgery on the 3rd. I have had the usual gas pains but nothing all that bad. I also had an issue with peeing after surgery and was sent home last night with a catheter. If I didn't have this stupid thing in this recovery would be a breeze! I guess I was slightly combative when I woke up post op lol. I kept telling the nurse I was having having a heart attack. Im glad to be home resting, but I will be sooo happy once this catheter is out!
  14. Good luck to you! I just checked into the hospital now so I feel the anxiety too! You will do great!!
  15. Jill105

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    I can't believe tomorrow is the big day. This process has taken me a year and a half due to so many issues but it's finally here! I have to be there for 6am for my 7:30 surgery. I'm incredibly nervous but also excited. I'm going to try to go to bed early since I'm such a worrier I'm just driving myself crazy! It would mean a lot if you guys could keep me in your thoughts and prayers! And best of luck to the rest of tomorrow's sleevers!
  16. Jill105

    Tomorrow Is The Day!

    Yeah Im going to try to go to bed early, but who knows if I will sleep. The past 5 or 6 days I have not been sleeping very well. Good luck to my fellow sleevers tomorrow!
  17. Jill105

    Tomorrow Is The Day!

    My surgery is tomorrow too!! Have to be there for 6am. I feel the same about my liver! I'm getting really nervous!
  18. Jill105

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Praying for the first round of sleevers tomorrow! I hope you all have a quick recovery! Best of luck and keep us posted when you have a chance!
  19. Jill105

    The Beginning

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    From the album: The Beginning

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    From the album: The Beginning

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    Yup....Dec 3rd
  24. Jill105


    Dr. Nadzam...Also Yale!
  25. Jill105


    Congrats on getting approved!! I'm from CT too! Who is your surgeon?

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