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  1. Glorious Release

    February 2021 bypassers?

    Feb. 26th revision VSG to RNY.
  2. Glorious Release

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    Feb. 26th. I’m very excited.
  3. It’s been a while but I’m back. I have been suffering from GERD and Regain. Insurance fought me all the way but I was finally aloe for revision. Meeting with my Surgeon next month, hopefully to set date.
  4. Glorious Release

    February 2021 bypassers?

    Yes. My date has been moved up to February 26th.
  5. Glorious Release


    Can we use our flex spending on vitamins?
  6. I’m meeting my surgeon in a couple weeks. What can I expect to lose from revision.
  7. Glorious Release

    BCBS denial

    Yes. Stop appealing and contact Lindstrom Obesity Advocates. They helped me get mine overturned.
  8. Glorious Release

    I’ve been approved for a revision

    Thanks everyone. Insurance criteria varies by providers. Most want it to be “medically” necessary. Surgery failure, weight gain, complications etc. I used a medical advocate to gain approval.
  9. Glorious Release

    I’ve been approved for a revision

    Thank you. Trying to figure out this app tonight. So much has changed in 7 years. Lol
  10. Glorious Release


    Did your doctor clear you for sex?
  11. Glorious Release

    BCBS Michigan PPO TT and lift?

    I have the same insurance. I'm just starting my journey (5 days post op). But I am curious. Let me know what you find out. Ask them to send it to you in writing. Usually the agent will give you clear cut answers.
  12. See your dermatologist. Cocoa butter and bleaching creams might work.
  13. Glorious Release

    Talk me down

    Just went grocery shopping 4 days post op. Scary. So many behaviors I was in aware of. I was pacing back and forth in the check out line looking for purse fillers. Checked the beverage cooler twice. Wow! Staking food. Nearly passed out. I walked so much. My son had to talk me down. I'm on full liquids why was i still in the store? The mind is powerful.
  14. Glorious Release

    5 days Post OP - sad, depressed

    One more thing, we made the decision to improve our lives thru VSG. Our spouses did not make this commitment. They love us but we've got to love ourselves enough to be true to ourselves and have the courage of our convictions. Simply put this is our fight! They will cheer us on from time to time. We will pause and appreciate it but that is not our motivation. A healthy life is our motivation. ( preaching to myself here )
  15. Glorious Release

    October Sleevers - Who else

    I would love to stay in touch. I also have a YouTube channel. I'm Ladybird407. If you are on there check out my channel. I post videos weekly there for increased accountability.
  16. Glorious Release

    October Sleevers - Who else

    Congrats October babes! I was sleeved on the 29th and am down 10 lbs. Thank God!
  17. Glorious Release

    5 days Post OP - sad, depressed

    LOVE IT!!! Snapping in the air, hand on hip and yelling.... Whoop woooo!
  18. Glorious Release

    Talk me down

    We've come to far to let our stinking thinking drag up back down.
  19. Glorious Release

    5 days Post OP - sad, depressed

    Im sorry. I was the same way. I had spasms every time i swallowed. The sips are not even sips. It's bird trickles of liquids pausing. Today i had made with only a few. Be patient.
  20. Glorious Release

    5 days Post OP - sad, depressed

    Hang in there beautiful. Today was better for me. It gets better daily. Had soup today.
  21. Glorious Release

    Talk me down

    Thanks guys. I got nothing but I felt crazy.
  22. Glorious Release

    What's the story behind your profile name?

    My name is Hebrew and means The Glory of God.
  23. I had my surgery Tuesday too. I came home weighing the same as when I went in. As of today I have lost 9 lbs. I am pushing proteins and water. I also took a 20 min walk today.
  24. Glorious Release

    surgery date is monday October 28th

    I am feeling better today. Trying to get my liquids in still. Stepped on the scale (drum roll please). Already down 5 pounds. Gotta get that protein in so that it's more than water weight.
  25. Glorious Release


    I was discharged last night and "slept" in my own bed. I'm a little sore when changing positions but haven't had to take pain meds. Teaching myself what a VSG sip of liquids is. Gulping hurts. Could barely eat anything. So excited to see results.