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  1. Just found out I can't have kids. Miss food so much right now. I almost regret surgery because I really want to curl up in a dark room and binge until I pop.

    1. finding_onederland


      That is devestating news. I hope that you can find comfort elsewhere. Take care.

    2. MissMac


      I am sorry to hear that your hopes have bee dashed. If it's any comfort, the doctor's told me when I was 17, that I would never have children. I had tumors on my ovaries and even had one ovary completely removed. My daughters are now 40 and 38.

      am sure that most people you have told have mentioned adoption and that is not what you want to hear right now. When the emotional dust settles down, you might consider fostering. My parents made the difference in twenty kid's lives through being foster parents. Hopefully you have someone in your life who will hold you and hug you and walk you through this while you explore alternatives to an empty nest.

    3. OKCPirate


      I am sorry to hear this. I don't know what level of training your doctor has in this area, the best I know is Eli Reshef MD http://integrisok.com/Oklahoma-Doctors/Dr-Eli-Reshef#PhysicianTabs2. He assisted hundreds of people conceive when no one else thought there was a chance. My GF is Artificial Reproductive Tech. attorney who specializes in adoptions and surrogacy. PM me if you want her contact information.

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