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  1. If a guy is going to have a problem with it, I prefer to find out as soon as possible...I'm 38 and running out of time to waste on guys who are going to get weird on me, lol. I usually bring it up on the first date if it doesn't come up in conversation before we meet...just casually. Like going bowling and he goes, "You want fries?" and I'll say, "Oh, no thank you! I had weight loss surgery, need to stay away from those"

    Sometimes it backfires and the guys get weird, sometimes - surprise - they'll go, "Oh me too!".

    Sometimes - true story - they'll ask a bunch of overly intimate questions about the state of your skin and how it felt to be "so huge", then they'll disappear. Better to know now than a month in after you start to catch feelings, right?

  2. I have a new one (for those aware of the old one, I finally got that weirdo out of my house, lol...it took him 3 days to find another girl to mooch off of).

    Tried a new site and got a response before I finished setting my profile up. He seemed nice! I wanted to be fair because I'm still not thin and my first picture was just my face, so I asked him to go look again since I'd added full body pics and make sure I was what he was expecting. He said he did and it was great! He really liked me! We didn't talk a lot but kept in touch over the course of about a month while both of us had stuff going on and didn't have time. Finally we were supposed to meet on Saturday. I got there, paid for parking, went into the pretentious coffee shop of his choosing, paid for my overpriced "flower scented" coffee and texted him to let him know I was sitting by the front door.

    He sends back a message saying he's not interested, and pretty much accused me of trying to lie about what I look like, and he was calling me out on it for my benefit of course. The whole thing was a setup to embarrass me because that's somehow supposed to help me magically be a size 0?!?

    Slap in the face after losing this much weight, and the fact that this 40 year old loser put the time and effort into pulling this off just astounds me. What gets me more than anything is that this jerk is supposed to be a teacher. How does he treat the chubby girls in his class?

    Between that, the weirdos, and the "sure I want a relationship and a family! Except I really just want a booty call and btw I had a vasectomy" guys, I can't do it anymore. Deleted all my online profiles. I'm tired, lol.

  3. Ah, I'm sorry - yeah, that dude was just looking for an out for whatever reason, and would've hit you with anything that seemed like a viable excuse in his head to make it your fault. You're beautiful and you deserve better!

    As for the cats, well, over the summer I met a great guy. I thought he liked me back. Around that time, I found a very tiny kitten and was hand raising it. He was playing with the kitten and about to head out for work so I knew I wouldn't see him for a while (he was military) and instead of just saying, "Will you be coming back or is this it?" I said, "So I'm kind of at that intersection where I either need a relationship or more cats to keep this guy company."

    He puts his arm around me, says, "Don't get more cats...you're a great girl, you'll find someone."

    To add insult to injury, not 20 minutes after he left my neighbor's granddaughter showed up at my front door with another stray.

  4. Sorry for the delayed response - I thought I answered but didn't.

    It seems that it mostly is a hydration issue. I was hitting my Water goal earlier in the day but not drinking much in the evening around gym time. I'm trying to do better with this and noticed it doesn't happen as often or as much.

    We're also playing with my blood pressure meds, I needed to step down again.

  5. Just curious - for those who have had skin removal, do you know how much it weighed? I know the variation is going to be pretty wide from person to person, just trying to process in my head at what point I might want to start heading down this path (like, when I have 20 pounds left to lose, is there a good chance that's skin and I should probably start thinking about getting some consultations, etc).

  6. Kathy - he's not!!!!! I can't make him leave. It's seriously getting to the "get the police involved" point, he's got some mental health issues I just wasn't aware of.

    At this point, I'm seriously considering moving and leaving him there, lol.

    6 days later he showed up with all his stuff, and now he won't leave...it's been almost a month.


    is he gone yet??

    i hope so

    1 month is one too many months :lol:

    keep up the great weight loss

    good luck


  7. @@irene2760, I honestly don't think you're doing anything wrong! Some of us need to stay on the shakes longer than others to make sure we hit Protein every day. I don't need to do it all the time (though they're usually a part of my day), but some days the sleeve just doesn't want as much food (or I screw up and eat the wrong stuff and have to hit a Protein shake or two through the day to make sure I at least hit that number).

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