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  1. Late to this party, but I can tell you I felt like I'd been hit by a truck for almost 2 weeks. The last thing I wanted to do was go to a party, unless it was a nap party.
  2. TBH, if you're just friends of the benefits-only variety, I wouldn't bother telling him OR making something up. Been down that path a couple of times since surgery, I didn't volunteer and they were too busy looking at other things to ask
  3. roundisashape

    Dumping Syndrome?

    Sounds like it could be, or whatever similar thing we sleevers tend to get - I still get it from time to time and it's pretty much always when I have something sweet. Hope you're feeling better
  4. roundisashape


    Obvious / dumb question, but how well are you staying hydrated? Is it clear? I don't go as much or as often as I used to, but worry more about the color as a backup indicator that I'm getting enough Fluid even if I'm probably not ingesting as much as I did pre-op.
  5. roundisashape

    One year!

    @@irene2760, I honestly don't think you're doing anything wrong! Some of us need to stay on the shakes longer than others to make sure we hit Protein every day. I don't need to do it all the time (though they're usually a part of my day), but some days the sleeve just doesn't want as much food (or I screw up and eat the wrong stuff and have to hit a Protein shake or two through the day to make sure I at least hit that number).
  6. Ahh stop! I got a pair of 10's buttoned! I couldn't sit down or breathe, but I got INTO those bad boys, lol

    1. ProudGrammy


      105 lbs down!! congrats - great you could get INTO the pants - pants are a great motivator, before you know it, your little tushy will slide right into those pants - keep up the good work - kathy

    2. Djmohr


      Way to go! My 12s are baggy so sometime in the next week or two I am going to try some 10s! I hope they fit!

    3. roundisashape


      Thanks! Yeah, I left them at the store, but not before I thought I was going to have to ask for help, lol. My birthday is in about 5 weeks, I'm aiming to make those my "snug" jeans then :)

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  7. I just partially ran the Zoo Zoom 5k at the MD Zoo...with an energetic 6 year old...then walked it all over again when the animals came out . Now I'm working up to the Ugly Sweater Run and hoping to at least jog for half of it.
  8. roundisashape

    One year!

    Thanks, everyone! The support from this site and everyone on it has been incredible, and I know I'll be counting on it for years to come
  9. roundisashape


    Yes, ma'am. I was right after, and still am now. Not just because we've lost an old coping mechanism and everything has changed - not that it isn't enough - but be aware that weight loss can result in some hormone fluctuations too. It's not ALL in your head, some of it is purely physical . Just be kind to yourself!
  10. roundisashape


    For me it's one day to the next. Some days I'm hungry and can eat more, faster. Other days it'll take me an hour to finish a toddler portion!
  11. roundisashape

    First 5K

    Good luck! I'll be rooting for you!
  12. roundisashape


    So this doesn't even really count as a recipe, but my lunch tasted so good today I had to share. I took a Wasa 7-grain crackerbread, smeared a chipotle flavored Laughing Cow cheese wedge on it, then topped it with Boar's Head no-added-salt turkey. It was GOOD!
  13. Intrigued by, but afraid of, the calcium patch...that's the one supplement I have trouble remembering through the day and I'd love to be able to slap a patch on and call it done.

    1. WLSResources/ClothingExch


      Haven't heard of the patch. I'd be uncomfortable about it, too. I place two of my chews next to the pill box with all the rest and have never forget to take the morning and evening doses. Maybe that would help you remember? (That mine are like tiny tootsie rolls just may have something to do with remembering.)

    2. roundisashape


      Right! I like mine (I got orange ones, they taste like starburst, lol) it's just the timing when I get wrapped up in something at work. Sometimes I don't even hear the alarms I've set.

  14. roundisashape

    They seemed sane...Dating horror stories

    Gay cowboy? Yeah, that caught my eye, too, lol!!! I've gotten an astonishing number of cross dressers.
  15. Is jerky cooked or just dried? I want to try it, but my brain thinks it's raw meat and I just can't.

    1. katladee


      I believe the drying process in the heat actually cooks it so to speak.

    2. pink dahlia

      pink dahlia

      I just read my package of Oberto All Natural Teriyaki Beef Jerky, it says "minimaly processed" . They can't sell raw meat in a package like that, it has to be edible right out of the package, so its not "raw meat ." It really good, high in protein, a good portable snack. I also like Oberto Turkey Jerky, taste very mild, you might start with that one !


  16. roundisashape

    They seemed sane...Dating horror stories

    These are incredible! So far I've had the guy who showed up to dinner with no teeth and one who still lived with his mom (he was almost 40) who were the BETTER dates. Another took me on a hike but spent the whole time talking about his ex, then left me standing in the parking lot looking for my keys. One lived in his ex-wife's basement, smelled like cheese, and drove around the neighborhood screaming profanity at people (I lied and said I lived close by then walked almost 3 miles home late at night). The last one takes the cake, though. He said he thought he might be facing impending homelessness, and my mouth engaged before my brain and said, "well, if you can't find something fast enough, you can spend a few days on my couch until you find something else" (because who on earth could say, "gee, sorry" and watch someone sleep in a tent, y'know?). 6 days later he showed up with all his stuff, and now he won't leave...it's been almost a month. When I figure out what to do with him, I'm going to stop dating for a while, lol.
  17. So I'm not saying it's GOOD, but for me, sometimes that physical reminder helps. I feel so normal now that sometimes I forget myself until something like that happens and it shocks me back to remembering I had 80% of my stomach removed and I really need to be careful! As a couple of people have mentioned, not everyone gets sick from too much and/or the wrong food, but if you do it might be something you can spin into a positive for yourself. You'll probably remember that feeling and not do it again for quite a while!
  18. I don't know what the heck I ate that wasn't right, but this is the worst gas I've had since surgery almost 10 months ago. Feel like I should tie my ankle to the chair so I don't float off, lol.

    1. Mini_me007


      Oh, no!! Love your attitude about it, though. LOL! Here's hoping you're better soon!

    2. ProudGrammy


      tie ankle LOL gas , wish you luck with that LOL - hope you feel better soon - kathy

  19. roundisashape

    Swallowing Pills

    I was taking them the morning after surgery in the hospital - some of the pain meds were tablets
  20. roundisashape

    Go-to sleevey snack

    Greek yogurt, lunchmeat, string cheese, hard boiled eggs (though sometimes I still have trouble with them at 9 months out)...sometimes I like to get the frozen grilled chicken chunks and by the time I'm ready for them, they're thawed. Those are okay to just eat if you can't heat them up. Premier isn't terrible warm, though
  21. roundisashape

    Bingeing after the sleeve

    When it was happening that often, it was pre-op. I didn't have my first post-op binge until about 3 months out - it shocked me, honestly, because I guess I just thought it would never happen again!
  22. roundisashape

    Yoga post-op

    @@AngelaWilliamsMD, no, not really - I just wasn't confident I could do it! I think I could've tried it much earlier except that there was still too much of me and I got in my own way .
  23. roundisashape

    Yoga post-op

    Ah, I've got friends in the UP and I don't know how you guys live there in the winter! If you've got a gym to go to, I'd stick with the treadmill early on and when things stop hurting, try a trainer who will work with you and stop if something doesn't feel right. I tried Zumba a couple of times in the back of the room where I could go slower. At home, youtube videos of those walk away the pounds videos were awesome! I still use them once in a while. Congrats on getting your date!!
  24. roundisashape

    Bingeing after the sleeve

    I've had a couple of sleeve-style binges - where you can't hold what you used to, but the lack of control is there. Yes, I'm losing and have continued to lose weight. It seems that the instant fullness, pain, and the quickness that overeating so much causes vomiting brings me back to my senses where I never had that off switch before. It happens a LOT less often now - maybe 3 times in the last 9 months, where I was doing it several times a week before - and I think mostly because I'm more aware of my body. I can understand where you're coming from, though. The first time I did it post-op it was like an out of body experience. I got out of the car to put gas in it, and it was like I was watching a movie until I was a few blocks down with donut crumbs on my shirt and an urgent need to hurl. I'm sorry you're dealing with it - it sucks.
  25. roundisashape

    Does having a VSG help with energy problems?

    The weight loss definitely helps! Just don't ever let yourself run out of Vitamins. I went without for a week between paydays and thought I was dying by day 4. Maybe it was psychological, but BOY did I feel like a wet dishrag!

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