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    Plastic Surgery - Face - sagging skin

    @@Sweet Pee I'd like to get whichever book it is that you've found useful. Could you post the title and author, please?
  2. Congratulations! You're a good ambassador - thanks for spreading the word about WLS!
  3. JeanZ_RN

    I am mad at myself..

    I have been dealing with these same issues recently, and I came across a book that I highly recommend: Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find-and Keep-Love by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller (Dec 30, 2010) This is an excellent book for those dating and looking for love and those already in a relationship that is not working and they wonder why not. The authors do a great job explaining attachment theory not only from a scientific perspective but also from a real world perspective with examples. People basically have one of three attachment styles: >> Anxious = Often preoccupied with their relationships and tend to worry about their partner's ability to love them back. >> Avoidant = Equate intimacy with a loss of independence and constantly try to minimize closeness. >> Secure = Comfortable with intimacy and are usually warm and loving. The book is about the frustration people feel in relationships when these types cross. The more an Anxious wants to be close to an Avoidant, the more the Avoidant withdraws, fearful of losing their independence. Most with an Anxious style function fine in all other areas of life then discover they are very anxious in relationships, to their dismay. Anxious types many times confuse the feelings of being anxious with excitement toward a potential partner with an Avoidant style and miss out on people with a Secure style because they perceive them as boring. People with a Secure style tend to soothe and help Anxious types, while Avoidants trigger those with an Anxious style, which can lead to hopeless pursuits and wasted time. Two Avoidants rarely form a relationship because there is nothing to hold it together so they just drift apart. Through open and honest communication in relationships you should be able to identify if a possible partner is someone who can meet your needs. The book teaches that you always benefit from honest communication because it moves you toward your goal of the right relationship regardless of the outcome.
  4. JeanZ_RN

    Plastic Surgery - Face - sagging skin

    I'm considering some kind of fix for my "chicken neck," so I'm eager to read about others' experiences. @MichiganChic would you consider posting before and after pics?
  5. JeanZ_RN

    Recovery for an RN

    What is your work situation? Floor nursing in a hospital? Admin job? And how long is your work day?
  6. JeanZ_RN

    told my mom

    Big step, congratulations!
  7. JeanZ_RN

    Pocket Protein?

    The 2nd ingredient is hydrolyzed collagenic Protein isolate. I'm pretty sure I read elsewhere on this site, some time ago, that collagen protein is not usable by our bodies. (I have not researched that statement.) Jean Z
  8. My stats are below. I didn't/don't exercise, and I'm 60 years old. Best wishes!
  9. JeanZ_RN

    Question for sleevers

    "How long after sleeve does the weight [loss] completely stop?" Weight loss after surgery is not based on how far out one is from surgery. It happens because we change how much we eat and the kinds of food we eat. Therefore the weight loss will stop when you change your diet again.
  10. My weight loss has "uncovered" something that feels like a bump at the lower end of my sternum (actually it's the xyphoid process), and it just protrudes. It doesn't hurt, it just seems odd. I asked my PCP about it, and she says it was probably always there and I'm just noticing it now because of the weight loss. Hope yours is the same!
  11. Here is my version of the very simple rules I have to follow if I want to get to my goal weight and stay healthy: Consume 60-80 gm Protein per day and 60-80 oz of Clear liquids per day. Every day. Do not drink anything for at least 30 minutes before a meal or snack. If you forget and do drink, re-set the timer and wait another 30 minutes before you eat. Eat dense protein first at every meal. If you have room, eat a very few bites of non-starchy veggie in addition. Decide how many meals and/or protein Snacks you're going to have per day* (or how many calories) and stick to it. Every day. Do not eat between meals. Wait at least 30 minutes after every meal or snack before drinking anything. If your mouth gets really dry you could rinse after eating, brush your teeth or chew gum. I avoid alcohol because I'm concerned it would decrease my ability to resist bad food choices. Follow those rules at least 90% of the time, and you will succeed. For the other 10%, do not beat yourself up - just get back on the wagon immediately and Sleeve On! * The two ways I know of to lose weight are 1) Low calorie; 2) Low carb. I chose low carb because I can eat more volume and I don't have to count calories - the Atkins diet. I eat every 4 hours (8a, 12n, 4p and 8p), and I keep my carb intake as low as humanly possible. Both factors contribute to my never being hungry for very long at a time. Best wishes!
  12. JeanZ_RN

    New and improved "after"

    Wow! Congratulations!
  13. My numbers are close to yours. I'm 5'3" - see my signature block for details.
  14. JeanZ_RN

    Hot tub?

    That precaution holds for any type of incision.
  15. JeanZ_RN

    My revelation

    "Will a decent steak or prime rib be only a fond memory?" No! I eat filet almost every day without any problems. I enjoy it a lot. There's a Beck's Prime restaurant near where I work, so I order to go from there - several meals at a time, once or twice every week. They have very good chicken and hamburger dishes that come with cheese and sautee'd onions, and I love their filet. I'm keeping my carbs as low as humanly possible, so I eat almost 100% meat - bacon for Breakfast, and chicken, fish or beef for my other three meals every day. I have an ounce of Vermont cheddar cheese with the meat at almost every meal, for flavor. The only other thing I eat is my Quest bars.
  16. JeanZ_RN

    Before and After

    You look fantastic! Congratulations on all the hard work.
  17. JeanZ_RN

    quest nutrition

    I'm a big fan of Quest bars. I always order them online from www.QuestNutrition.com, becuase the few times I purchased some at a GNC store they were dry-ish... kinda stale. The ones I get online are never that way. So I was placing yet another online order a couple of days ago and noticed the new chips... and ordered some of those too. When I've tried them I'll post about it. And the carb count of the bars - net 3 gms per bar. That's the only carbs I'm eating these days.
  18. JeanZ_RN

    Fluids with meals

    What Kindle said is exactly what was explained to me. Fluids will rinse the food out of the sleeve more quickly, causing you to be hungry sooner than if you abstain from fluids for 30 minutes before and at least 30 minutes after each meal. This goes hand-in-hand with the rule about eating dense Protein first at each meal - it takes a long time to be digested, so keeps the feeling of hunger at bay. Not drinking with meals was hard for me at first too, but I've adjusted. If I'm feeling very dry after a meal I might rinse my mouth, or brush my teeth, or chew some SF gum.
  19. JeanZ_RN

    Why hide it?

    @@Bob2013, thank you for asking the question. The answers are very interesting! I'm one of those "open book" people, but I certainly respect the right of each person to tell as much or as little as he/she wishes.
  20. Quest bars - they're delicious, each one is a full meal, they don't require refrigeration and they're so portable. I order them online directly from www.QuestNutrition.com, but you can get them at GNC stores. The difference between those two is that I find the ones purchased at GNC are somewhat stale, and the ones from Quest are fresh every time. When eating out just order Protein, with healthy sides. Eat the protein first.
  21. The thing that's been hardest for me is not drinking with meals. It's not awful, and I don't agonize over it - it's just that it was difficult to get used to. Even now, at 8 mos post op, I still automatically reach for a beverage once in a while during a meal. Because of that I leave my beverage in another room while I eat, so I won't mindlessly take a drink. Best wishes!
  22. JeanZ_RN

    Flex for me!

    You do look fantastic - and your smile says it all! Congratulations!
  23. JeanZ_RN

    Restless BODY syndrome?

    I think you should call your surgeon and/or your primary care doc tomorrow first thing. Whichever one can see you soonest is the one to go with. And when you are seen by one or the other, please remind that doc to keep the other doc informed. In the meanwhile try hard to figure out what could be causing it - write down ANYthing that's new in your life that could be causing this or contributing to it. Any new food, new type of Vitamins, new detergent, new job, new pet, new living situation ... ANYthing that has changed that is even remotely within the time frame that includes the new symptom(s). Think outside the box - include everything you can possibly think of. Best wishes, and Please keep us posted!
  24. Think about what an average is. Put 100 WLS patients in a [virtual] room, each of whom had the surgery a year ago. Find out what % of their excess weight each has lost. Add all 100 results, and divide by 100 to get the average. For the result to be 60-70% (or whatever the latest study says), there have to be many of the 100 who lost a higher % than that, and there will be many who lost less than that. Your result will be determined in large part by how closely you stick to your surgeon's/NUT's recommendations, and how determined you are. Another factor, as other posters have said, is what life throws at you while you're trying to stay on plan. I'm determined that I WILL get to my goal weight -- which I chose, BTW; it isn't something my surgeon determined. I think I'll be able to do it within 12 months of surgery, but even if I don't, I WILL get there eventually ... lord willing and the creek don't rise . Assuming I do make it, I'm going to be one of the 100 who will skew the results toward a higher percentage. But then I've been VERY fortunate that life has not thrown me any curve balls so far. And as another poster said... even if I don't lose any more weight from this day on, I'm still VERY happy I had the surgery. Best wishes!

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