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    I dont know what to do!

    Do the 5-day fast and see if that helps. I'm considering it too.
  2. Yes, I did...but it didn't. Still struggling to get to my goal weight loss. I am having the hardest time with food which is why I got the surgery. I still don't eat a lot, but I do and can eat small portions of the wrong foods though. Sometimes I wish I had just gotten the bypass instead so that I could see more of a drastic weight loss.
  3. Gut bacteria may decrease weight loss from bariatric surgery What do you think about this? Date: March 6, 2015 Source: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Summary: Some patients do not experience the optimal weight loss from bariatric surgery. The presence of a specific methane gas-producing organism in the gastrointestinal tract may account for a decrease in optimal weight loss, according to new research. The benefits of weight loss surgery, along with a treatment plan that includes exercise and dietary changes, are well documented. In addition to a significant decrease in body mass, many patients find their risk factors for heart disease are drastically lowered and blood sugar regulation is improved for those with Type 2 diabetes. Some patients, however, do not experience the optimal weight loss from bariatric surgery. The presence of a specific methane gas-producing organism in the gastrointestinal tract may account for a decrease in optimal weight loss, according to new research by Ruchi Mathur, MD, director of the Diabetes Outpatient Treatment and Education Center at Cedars-Sinai. "We looked at 156 obese adults who either had Roux-en-Y bypass surgery or received a gastric sleeve. Four months after surgery we gave them a breath test, which provides a way of measuring gases produced by microbes in the gut," said Mathur. "We found that those whose breath test revealed higher concentrations of both methane and hydrogen were the ones who had the lowest percentage of weight loss and lowest reduction in BMI (body mass index) when compared to others in the study." The methane-producing microorganism methanobrevibacter smithii is the biggest maker of methane in the gut, says Mathur, and may be the culprit thwarting significant weight loss in bariatric patient. Mathur and her colleagues are conducting further studies to explore the role this organism plays in human metabolism. While that research continues, bariatric patients may still have options to improve weight loss after surgery. "Identifying individuals with this pattern of intestinal gas production may allow for interventions through diet. In the future there may be therapeutic drugs that can improve a patient's post-surgical course and help them achieve optimal weight loss," said Mathur. The study, "Intestinal Methane Production is Associated with Decreased Weight Loss Following Bariatric Surgery" was done in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic. The paper is being presented by Mathur Thursday, March 5, at the 97th annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in San Diego. Story Source: The above story is based on materials provided by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length.
  4. I have heard about fecal transplants recently and really enjoyed your story Kindle. Now, outside of the c-diff, did you lose the weight because of the poo transplant or the surgery AND do you now eat different with a skinny gene?
  5. BladeFox

    Thoughts after 2 years

    Hey Sharonintx, it is good to know about your journey. I am one that has stopped losing weight. I stopped in August some time. I feel sooo great in my skin. I'm also not where I want to be in a size 12 but I'm, a 16 and honestly feel awesome, sexy, confident and empowered where I am. I have asked myself if I want to try to reach my goal and I do, just without the stress of keeping up with others. That's too much of a head stress. Again, congrats on your successes. The sleeve is a wonderful tool that boldly reminds us to watch what we eat.
  6. BladeFox

    When Can You Eat Lettuce?

    I find that when I eat lettuce, 'baby' starts growling something awful! I have to eat it when I have no where to go and then sometimes it just comes up. 10 months out.
  7. Good for you for realizing that you need to get back on your grind. I can completely understand stress eating because I have been under quite a bit for about 5-6 months on the job. What I have done is surround myself with good snacks in the fridge and I have told my husband to stop buying me my 'crack' habit which is Skinny Pop Popcorn. He couldn't wrap his head around why popcorn is so bad for you in excess, so I broke it down to the way that we see food and he got it. Now, because I still need it, I ask that he only brings two bags home on the weekends ONLY. So my cheat days are the weekends. Good luck on getting back in the swing of things, I'm rooting for you and watching
  8. BladeFox

    Your dream outfit

    Well, the only thing that I want to be able to wear is a halter top. This may not happen unless I get a few nip/tucks which I don't lean towards. My arms swing and my back will have some fat...what to do?
  9. Great article and very timely!
  10. BladeFox


    Consider adding more 'good' calories to your diet. You may need to begin eating more to jumpstart your weight loss. I have been stuck on 64 pounds for about 3 months now and know that I am allowing creeps into my diet (skinny pop popcorn, bite size chocolates, and some starches), I haven't gained any weight just stalled, so monitor like hell. Good to know that you are keeping an eye on things, it's when you don't that becomes a problem.
  11. BladeFox

    Feeling blue

    Dullness happens! Let it. Lose all the weight that you can during the dull phase because when your tastebuds broaden, there is no stopping. Tell yourself to bring on lackluster and dullness!
  12. To be completely honest, when I'm good, I weight myself weekly - however; when I'm bad, I weight myself monthly. I've realized that I'm still a smart dieting foodie and can maneuver around my restriction.
  13. BladeFox

    What percent of stomach was taken?

    Same here, about 80-85%.
  14. I wonder about mine as well because I seemed to have plateaued too early in the game. I have slowed down too much and don't seem to have much restriction. I mean I still get sick at times but it is because of oils that are hidden in foods that I eat and not because I overeat. How did you determine there was a problem? What did the other doctor have you do to that helped them realize that your pouch was too big? I would love to know and ask that you inbox me to discuss. Good luck on your revision!
  15. BladeFox

    Vitamin question

    I think you can take them in pill form but you would have to cut them to ensure that you don't get it logged between your esophagus and your baby stomach. Plus, it's more work if you have a busy schedule. Try taking the gummy. I switched to pill form when I was six months out taking half in the morning and the other half in the evening. I was sooo happy when I switched from gummy to regular pills so I get your pain. Good luck, you're still a newby so stick with the program for a bit longer.
  16. BladeFox

    Are you a slave to the scales?

    I am not a slave to the scale, however, when I go to the doctor's office they make me feel like I should be. How do you balance between the scale and the doctor when they still use this as a measurement of success?
  17. I forgot all about the licking days, that I would love to go back too. Relish the licking days
  18. BladeFox


    Let me clue you in on something. This was the worst time for me to begin the process of having surgery! I was taken through hoops and loops with the doctor's office, nurses and everyone involved because little did I know that people that are going through the surgery at their clinic that had to be approved and completed by the end of the year according to their medical insurance....TAKES PRECEDENCE over people that did not have this clause in their insurance. So instead of being told this upfront, I was made to feel like I was being given the run-around and almost left behind it. So here's my tips: Tip 1). Call your insurance and find out if they have this clause in their insurance. Tip 2). Ask your office (when they call you back) if other people need to have the surgery before the end of the year that takes precedence over you. Tip 3). Tell them that you are anxious and just want to know or set your expectations accordingly. Remember, the medical industry is a money making outfit, they are a business. So losing patients (no pun intended) is a BIG deal, and sometimes they are afraid to tell us that it may be longer than expected because they are 'afraid' of losing you as a client. Hope you find peace soon with this!
  19. I think with age your nose is more inclined to get bigger. My nose looks more defined with the weight loss but the size seems to have gotten longer/bigger? However, I am in that aging range.
  20. I only drink a large Starbucks in the morning and no more for the remainder of the day. I buy the light roast coffee of the day ONLY during the cold weather months and in the summer, I purchase a large iced soy coffee latte with sugar free vanilla in the summer. I know that coffee can increase your appetite, but I just can't live a day without my fix. I also read that some doctors say that it can cause ulcers, but so can a stressful job where you have a greater chance of causing ulcers. I guess, if I start developing ulcers, I will stop, but until that time...
  21. BladeFox

    Bowls of Candy Are Appearing Everywhere!

    How about, "this too shall pass." Candy will be here until the end of time so wait for your time. Or, I know what it taste like and there's nothing new, so I digress. That's what got me here in the first place.
  22. BladeFox

    When you can't even be honest with yourself

    Why is it such a problem with being private? I'm an introvert. I don't want or need everyone in my business! I like feeling comfortable sharing my personal decisions when I feel it appropriate to share. Not every question, or opportunity to share is the best time to share. Some people want to make a mockery out of your decision and others either don't care while other may need to know. Some people may not ever cross your path again when they ask. My point is, why share with people in passing or those that are co-workers only. My business is my business. I determine who I want to share my business with and who to keep at arms length. When I am ready to share my business, I wait for the right moment, time and motivation. The end!
  23. I don't lie, I just omit. I tell people that ask that I am eating less (truth) and I drink lots of Water (truth). I also tell them that I exercise about 2-3 times per week (truth) also. None of it is a lie. When I feel comfortable with someone or feel that I can trust someone, I tell them that I had the sleeve surgery. If they choose to tell others in the office, then it is shared by others on my behalf. I'm happy with the way I look and feel and don't care if they gossip about me behind my back about my choice.
  24. BladeFox

    How Not To Be Tricked by Halloween Treats

    It's been Halloween in our office for over a month now and to hard to just walk by everyday. Sleeve patients don't have as big a problem as gastric patients do, so I have kept Protein bars around me instead. I also don't gain weight from candy for some reason. I gain from starch.

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