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    Just saw this. I hope you're doing better! Diff brands of vit D make ALL the difference. I ordered one on line I found thru a natural website called Stop Aging Now brand. Different name I know but man I felt awesome. Made a HUGE difference. I hope you gotnover the hump. Write back if you feel the need. My sleeve is TOMORROW! so excited but scared too!
  2. I just don't understand people. I feel for you all. Recently I had a very sexy friend keep coming on to my husband and she sent him private fb emails with her number hoping he'd want to "talk" I guess. I know all about it because he told me lol I'm not insecure and my husband loves me fat or thin and we have a great marriage. My husband is rather oddly handsome (I'm prejudiced I know but really...he looks like a cross between Kevin Costner and Sam Elliot lol) so anyway...he isn't the least bit interested in her and I'm sure she can't figure out why someone like him loves a fatty like me lol. I just cut her loose. It was a little while after the email so she doesn't know exactly why but she can't be THAT stupid. One thing I have never had a problem with is cutting out toxic people. It hurts...and I have gone back to certain friends for a while but they always offend again. Fat or thin I'm still a better person than she could ever be! It is tedious. ..people come and go. I've learned to look past some people's idiosyncrasies for real friendship tho. I have a wonderful friend who loves to give unsolicited advice about stupid stuff way too often but guess what? She's happy for my surgery and SHE wouldn't come on to my husband!! Lol
  3. ohboyherewego!

    Any Fresno, Ca Sleevers?

    How was your pain?? Is stuff staying down?
  4. ohboyherewego!

    Any Fresno, Ca Sleevers?

    How are you doing Lee how much have you lost?
  5. ohboyherewego!

    Any Fresno, Ca Sleevers?

    I'm a clovis girl! Doing my surgery this thursday nov 7 in LA. No one here could accommodate my insurance and or care credit. They all treated me like welfare was paying or something. Ridiculous. Anyway. ..very good and "creative" surgeon in LA. I CAN'T WAIT. I just wish I'd wake up thin lol. There is a fb support page called November Sleevers Support group. Much easier than using this forum but I like this too. I'm 5'7" 264 I'd like to be 170. First I kept saying 190 would be nice but hey...why not? Lol. My husband will not like it if I lose my ass lol. He is very supportive tho! He's out of state working so I hope to lose something substantial by the time he comes home. His job is keeping my insurance in place tho so tit for tat I guess. Whats your story? Who is your dr??
  6. Gosh you guys have all nailed it. She will totally turn the tables and try to say you think you're better than her now. You know what I find? All us fatties in here seem to be well written, articulate, sympathetic, thoughtful. ...a might better than the idiots I see on Facebook! What a bunch of drama they can be. So many people miss out on what's inside a person. I am so proud of all of us who are working so hard to jump thru the hoops, save, scrimp and put in the hours to make ourselves better and healthier. Remember not to change TOO much after surgery folks. Or you'll be just like "them" (fat or thin..."them" meaning the negaters and haters and game players!) CHEERS!
  7. I feel silly but all of the sudden two days before surgery and 10 min after reading some horror stories in here I really need some better info on this guy!
  8. ohboyherewego!

    148.6lbs in 8 months

    You lost a whole person! That must feel incredible! GOD my feet cannot wait to walk without pain. Ugh.
  9. ohboyherewego!

    148.6lbs in 8 months

    HOLY MOLY! that is SO AWESOME!!!!
  10. Be happy it happened now. If she were to stay in your life she would just be a saboteur to your success. She is obviously jealous and immature. Best of luck to you! You will do great!
  11. ohboyherewego!

    Surgery tomorrow! Freaking out

    My surgery is thursday. I have not been put on a liquid diet. I obviously know to not eat the night before surgery but I haven't been given a lot of pre surgery instructions. ????
  12. Doing some presurgery stuff this friday and Saturday. Did any of you do a sleep study? Not just an apnea test but a sleep study? Also how long was your pre op diet? Did any of you eat those many many "last meals"? I am doing that and I read its a very bad idea but why did it hurt or help you? What was the easiest way to stay hydrated? Does anyone want to be a buddy? I am doing my surgery about the 1st week of November. Will know exact date next week. (I hope) currently I am 267..ish. and 5'7". I see a lot of weights and clothing sizes but no heights. It helps perspective for me. Lets talk I'm suuuuuuper bored. Quit my job cuz they were giving me a hard time with time off for the surgery. I'm not letting anything or anyone come between me and this surgery! My husband is currently working out of state to keep the insurance in place so I can do this so I am happy on one had and I miss him terribly on the other. Thank God I have wonderful friends to help me tho. Trying to stay positive and excited. All your posts and success stories are exactly what I needed. Thx! ♥
  13. Hahah ya I just made a small pot of spaghetti tonight and man was it good. *sigh* Buh bye spaghetti.
  14. I'm 42. I noticed while drinking from the big office water bottles that my hormones went nuts. Come to find out the BPA in plastic is a synthetic estrogen and threw me into an early menopause. It stopped tho completely but had a dose of that and THAT is for the BIRDS! LOL. I am so excited at the good but man I love beer and I know that will go bye bye and with it will go potatoes with ketchup my favorite day after food if we go out drinking. This has really hampered my dieting before so good riddance. I know I have to just let it go. Its like a favorite old pair of shoes. What did you guys give up that really made you sad or nervouse to say good bye to?
  15. ohboyherewego!

    Hello from a new member

    Welcome and congrats to you and wifey both! I just joined today as well. Hoping for my date to be about first week of November. Keep the stories coming. You will do great!
  16. Ahhhh I am having hiatal hernia repair too! Did you have horrible acid reflux before and how is heartburn/reflux now? We all three seem similar in starting points. I absolutely cannot WAIT to be rid of reflux. I have a reaction to aspartame and other sugar free things so I am gonna have to be very creative. Ugh. I'm starting to look now for things I can have. So...I keep reading that vgs actually removes the glands that make you feel hunger in your stomach. Can you guys confirm or deny that?
  17. ohboyherewego!

    Im sorry

    I wanna give you all a big hug! I am so excited and yet so sad to embark on this journey in a few short weeks. My husband is out of state working to keep the insurance in place for me to do this so it's bittersweet. I just quit my job because they gave me crap about time off to do the surgery! I am kinda lonely without my hubs. Bored now waiting for the preop diet to start. My body hurts all over right now and I am a bit depressed and do NOT want to go exercise. In the last year I have really shied away from social stuff out of sheer discomfort. I am 267 right now and 5'7" and reading all these posts of 35 or 50 lb drops in the first few months and it is really helping lift my spirits!! I just can't wait. I just want to talk to everyone. God bless all of you and great luck on your journeys. Healthy IS happy AND beautiful when you've been to the brink of death for many folks in here. Go be happy!
  18. ohboyherewego!

    Hello to all :)

    My first post right here!!! I'm getting very very EXCITED. I'm doing some pre op stuff this friday and Saturday. Should have a date right after that. Think it will be first week of nov. I haven't been given a pre op diet yet. I'm afraid I AM letting myself enjoy my favorite meals to excess right now. I keep reading that is sabotage. Currently I am 267. 5'7". I have always "carried my weight well" and I lied myself into believing it was ok because it was "in the right places". THOSE PLACES NOW RUNNETH OVER! lol I am SO happy and excited. I was having some worries but after seeing so many wonderfully happy successful stories I am just anxious to get started. How long is the pre op diet??

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