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    Chinadoll84 got a reaction from jbgirl5856 in 7 months post-op! Before/After Picture   
    You look so Beautiful.... Such an inspiration!!!
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    Chinadoll84 reacted to jbgirl5856 in ~4 months post-op with pictures :)   
    I had my surgery on August 22nd, so I am a little over 4 months post op. This summer at 5'3 my consultation weight in July was 231 lbs and I am now 155 lbs - putting me down 76 pounds! YAY!
    I try to post monthly and this time when I was coming up with a picture to post I was just looking at pictures of my boyfriend and I from the summer. I think about how I felt this summer in pictures (insecure and uncomfortable) and how I feel now (confident and energetic) and I'm just very grateful. I've really appreciated his support throughout this process and looking at the pictures just made me feel grateful that I've had such a great support system, not just in him but in my entire family and my friends. I feel like it has helped me immensely. This surgery has just showed me that I really am lucky to have such great people in my life!
    I hope everyone had a great holiday! I always enjoy seeing people's pictures, so I will post some below!
    Picture 1: Sister's graduation party in July
    Picture 2: Friend's wedding in July
    Picture 3: Christmas Eve Party
    Picture 4: Christmas Morning! (No way would I have ever let him pick me up like that over the summer lol!)
    Picture 5: Christmas Day

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