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  1. Yes I get 4 cases of ready to drink Premier Protein Shakes a month as well as my vitamins which as liquid and a scar cream. The process was easy, but right now I am not drinking all the shakes so I have a backlog of 7cases.
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    You have my support.......you are now part of this family of sleevers and you will do just fine.
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    Trying not to freak out...

    Don't worry, I had that same issue for 2 weeks after and what my Nutritionist and PA told me was to drink my liquids at room temp. That was what I did and it helped alot. I moved very slow through the food phases as my sleeve was swollen for a good three weeks. Go slow, sip sip sip and try room temp liquids. I am now 6 months out and I still have some issues with cold drinks. I hope this helps. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.
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    Breakfast cereal.

    I have Kashi Go Lean GO Vanilla Graham Clusters Blue box, 1cup is 11g of Protein, 9g of fiber, which helps a lot with the constipation issues. I love it every morning with a half a banana. Total protein with the milk is 19 grams of protein.
  5. I received my delivery and then had to sign some form and I am very happy with the shipment. So happy to get this paid for?
  6. I had this same experience in the dressing room, I cried my eyes out. I went from a 22/24 to a size 16 also and did not believe it. In my head I still was thinking I was bigger. My husband took me out to buy new clothes and I was so reluctant and afraid to try anything on, he could not understand my anguish. It was a weird feeling how upset I was and afraid of what size to try. So that night I bought 1 pair of pants from a store I have never been in before. I was shocked to be in a size 16, but one week later they were to big and I am now in a size 14. Oh happy days. Good luck to you and all of us on this journey.
  7. Me too.....and I don't like it and it freaks me out.
  8. Still waiting for my delivery. I got the approval call but nothing about a delivery yet. 1 week has passed since the call.
  9. I have cvs Caremark too can you tell me what info you plugged into the online app? I have to call them back tmw they need more info, I'm sure I put in the wrong numbers. I put my ID number of my health insurance.
  10. Yahoo!!! I was approved for the shakes, vitamins and the cream. The process was very quick, maybe 10 days from application to a call that I am approved. I have CVS/Caremark for insurance. I can't believe I didn't do this months ago. Oh well, you can only do what you know. Good luck to all, everything went very smoothly.
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    Cramping when I pee

    I had the same thing and after I finished the Cipro, it took maybe two more weeks to feel better. The dehydration makes it worse. Hope that helps :-)
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    Guess what I can do!

    Awesome :-)
  13. I just put in a request with a company called Insure Nutrition. They contact your doctor for a prescription for ready to drink protein and then if you have insurance they submit it for you. No charge. I filled out the form online and picked my shake flavors and then they called me to tell me the doctor has been contacted and they will get the oder going after they get insurance clearance. I will let you know how this progresses.
  14. belloni45

    Weight Stall

    I know I have the same issue. My sleeve was done Oct. 30th and I lost 50 lbs and have also stalled for the last 2 weeks. Can anyone help us or explain why this happens with no change in diet.
  15. I know how you feel. I am 6 weeks post-op and I was in the hospital Wednesday for IV therapy. I just can't seem to get the fluids in. My stomach is always cramping with the liquids, as well as taking my medicine 3 times a day fills my stomach so I can't add anymore liquid. I was drinking about 20 ounces a day. I feel so much better after the IV but I know I will be back there again since I can't maintain more than 20 ounces per day. I wish you luck, and know how you feel. It is very tough.
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    From the album: Pre-Op Pictures

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