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  1. I'm joining this challenge for accountability. I had the gastric sleeve surgery 3 years ago. I lost 50 pounds and have gained 21.2 pounds back over the last year or so. I'm not making excuses. I haven't been exercising and I have not followed the rules: 1) Protein first, 2) veggies second and 3) not drinking immediately before, during or immediately after meals. I know from experience that following the rules and exercising allows me to work my sleeve and get the most I can out of the tool I have. So, here's what I'm doing: 1) Track food in My Fitness Pal - 01.01.17 2) Start Couch to 5K program - 01.02.17 3) Use the Withings and Apple Health apps for accountability - 01.01.17 Food: 1) Core Power Light chocolate shakes for Breakfast - I like them slightly frozen/slushy 2) Protein based Snacks and fresh veggies such as fresh mozzarella, P3 packs, light string cheese, carrots, etc. 3) Protein based meals 4) 3 meals and 3 snacks per day 5) Measure food Exercise: 1) Begin C25K program on Monday 01.02.17 2) Exercise 5 days per week 3) Walk at lunch 3 days per week Tracking and Accountability: 1) Track all food eaten and calories in My Fitness Pal 2) Track Water in My Fitness Pal 3) Weigh each morning 4) Use Withings scale and health apps to track weight, health and sleep activity 4) Use Apple Health app to track physical activity including calories burned, heart rate, 30 minutes minimum activity per day, standing 1 minute per hour for 12 hours and focused breathing several times per day Goals: 1) Weigh daily 2) Exercise 5 days per week for a minimum of 30 minutes per day 3) Eat 1500 (or less) calories per day 4) Drink 4 to 6 eight ounce glasses of water per day 5) Update progress on this thread each Sunday Life IS good. Enjoy and give thanks. S.
  2. SkinnyScarlett

    November buddies where are you?

    Hey y'all! I was sleeved on 11.12.13 and have lost 53 pounds! I'm loosing steadily at an average of 1 - 2 pounds per week. Some weeks are higher and some are lower, but, all in all, it's a loss every week! I just went on a shopping trip Saturday with a couple of girlfriends. It was so much fun! I've gone from a size 24 to a comfortable size 18 and, in some things, a size 16!. I'm down from a 3X shirt to a size XL. I'm buying off the "normal" rack! I bought an XL shirt from the regular rack at TJMaxx! I'm so happy! What I'm most thrilled about is that went off all diabetic medication 2 days before my surgery and my blood sugar numbers are absolutely perfect and normal consistently! I go to visit my endocrinologist next month and cannot wait to see what my AIC is! Also, I was on the lowest dose of Lisinopril for blood pressure and that does was cut in half 3 months ago! I will be getting off of it all together at my next appointment in May! That will be it for medications! Yippee! Life is so much better post-sleeve. I have no regrets. I am blessed to have this opportunity and second chance to be the healthiest me possible! God Bless. s.
  3. SkinnyScarlett

    I had surgery on Thursday

    Hi Nancy and congratulations on your brave decision to change your life! When I came home from the hospital I slept in a recliner for a week. I'm a month out and it took me about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks before I could sleep comfortably on my side and stomach. Like Shells said, try taking smaller sips. I couldn't get all my Protein or Water in and still struggle some days. But, I will say - it does get better! Once I hit my 3-4 week mark, I felt remarkably better. I'm still on mushy foods for two more weeks, but I can tell that my whole way of thinking about food is changing. For example, brunch with friends yesterday include cake. I had two or three bites and that is all I wanted. It's my new normal way of eating - I don't want to nor do I have to eat everything on my plate. Freedom from food....I love my sleeve. Good luck on your journey. Hang in there - it WILL get better. s.
  4. SkinnyScarlett

    Before& After

    You look fantastic!! Congratulations!! I had the very same experience at Cedar Point - in the front car of the Millennium. Oh, I was humiliated and devastated. Now, when I go back next summer, I'll fit nicely into every ride! Keep up the great work and thanks for inspiring us! S.
  5. Tee Hee! Okay, close enough....just across the bridge or through the tunnel :-) I do it ( weight daily) just out of habit. Take care. ~s.
  6. SkinnyScarlett

    November buddies where are you?

    My surgery was one week ago today (on 11.12.13) and I have yet to get all my liquids in for one day - 64 ounces of water and 4 protein drinks. For those of you who are ahead of me on this journey, how long did it take to get to the point where you were consuming all that was required? Any advice to help increase intake? How am I feeling? I have not thrown up at all, my incisions are healing great, I have a rash from being allergic to the steri-strips, I still have gas pains in my left shoulder, I don't feel like I've done 1000 sit-ups anymore (only 500 now!) and I am taking my vitamins faithfully. I'm off diabetic medication completely and have had normal blood sugar numbers since coming home. I have really bad morning breath and feel like my mouth is coated in something. And I have lost 28 pounds as of this morning. 15 pounds from my two week pre-op and 13 since surgery. Congratulations and good luck to everyone! ~Susan.
  7. SkinnyScarlett

    Sleeved 11.12.13

    Hang in there! I was sleeved on 11.12.13 too. Fortunately I can keep things down, but the soreness is much worse today. I'll keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery. S.
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    November buddies where are you?

    Hey there. I had the same concerns, but I joined the group anyway. I logged in as my husband to see if would show and it did show "recent groups" that I had joined. So I left the group until I can figure out privacy settings so that no one can see the group. It's a very active group and it seems to provide a lot of valuable information but I only plan on sharing this information with those closest to me and not my "68 friends" on FB. If anyone knows of the settings I need to apply for it not to show at all to anyone, please let me know. I;d like to re-join but only if it is truly private and confidential. Susan.
  9. SkinnyScarlett

    Today is sleeve day

    Another Michigander?! Yeah! Wishing you a successful and speedy recovery! Take good care.
  10. Hey Y'all! I've been lurking around here for a couple of weeks and decided to join your forum so that I can learn even more about the gastric sleeve procedure, ups and downs, lifestyle changes, successes and setbacks as well as possibly make a few friends. I'm 52 years old and have been overweight since early childhood. At the earliest, I can remember being overweight at 5 years of age. I was raised in a "clean your plate there are children starving somewhere" household with three brothers and no adult supervision after school (both parents worked full time). I will say that there were things in my childhood that, I realize now after years of therapy, caused me to turn to and focus on food, binging and secret eating. I can remember doing that as early as 9 years of age. So, obviously, an intricate and intimate relationship with food has overwhelmingly contributed to my physical appearance and emotional carnage. With that said, I have been tempted to consider WLS previously, but I would not let myself consider "failing" at other weight loss attempts. I have just complete 1 year and 8 months of Weight Watchers. I lost a total of 14 pounds and gained it back over that timeframe. i have tried Medical Weight Loss Center, Meridia, PhenFen, Byetta (I am type 2 diabetic), Atkins and good old fashioned calorie counting just to name a few. I lost the most with Atkins - 75 pounds. I have gained 45 of that back. My current weight is 297.4 as of this morning. My highest was 320 about 6 years ago. I have since fluctuated between 274 and 300. My lowest adult weight was 247 for a day. I'm not afraid of exercise. As a matter of fact, even at my weight, I have completed 2 half marathons, multiple 5Ks and a couple of 10ks. Granted I did a walk/run combination and, most of the time, finished last in my age group, but I finished every one I started. It was always such a sense of accomplishment to cross that finish line. I miss that feeling and look forward to seeing it again. I am a successful IT executive and am very confident in my professional abilities. However, the doubt creeps in when it comes to weight loss and, more recently, the consideration of surgery as a weight loss tool. Will I be successful? Will I hit my goals? Will I have any complications? Will I be able to give up my Diet Mountain Dew each morning? Will I be able to resist the temptation of eating just because it tastes good? Can I successfully handle the skewed new portion size? What will I do with my new body? What will I think of myself? Will I believe in myself as I look in the mirror and see someone entirely new? How will I cook regular meals for my husband and just a couple of ounces of something for me? Will I mourn food? Will I miss eating the way I have for so long? Shall I have a food funeral - bury my favorite foods and give them last rites? On the other hand, I think if things that I want to do and will be able to do - shopping in regular clothing stores, kayaking, hiking, dancing, doing another half marathon faster, being able to qualify for a full marathon (finish within the required time), maybe even a triathlon, getting my ring rezised, surprising family and friends that I only see once a year, seeing my clavicles when I look in the mirror, getting links taken out of my watch and bracelet, wearing an anklet, not fearing the seatbelt on the plane won't fit, not looking around in a meeting and telling myself that I am the largest person here - ah - FREEDOM from negative thinking! I'm fearful for the physical aspects of surgery. I've had my thyroid removed but, that wasn't my choice - it had to be done. This surgery is my choice. Like others, I fear not waking up from surgery. But, as my sweet husband reminds me, the risks of surgery are less than the risk of continued morbid obesity and the negative impact it has on longevity. I just have to keep telling myself that. I hope to glean information from this forum to empower me to make comfortable, informed decisions and set realistic expectations and goals. I have an amazing husband who is incredibly supportive of this awakening. He is my best friend, my confident and my shoulder to lean on. He is with me, pardon the pun, through thick and thin! I just learned today that I have been approved by my insurance - so - my surgey date is now set! Oh my stars, I am soooooooooooooooo nervous. I have a million butterflies in my tummy and am going between excited and nervous. Here's to my new life - my journey into the unknown and the 'lighter' side of life (both weight and disposition). My mantra - Life IS good. Enjoy and give thanks. ~Susan.

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