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  1. I can relate! When I did my liquid diet a year ago, I had to get blood work done every 2 weeks. I was always extremely low on sodium. The doctor had me drink bouillion every day to up my salt intake. When I got banded, I forgot about that, and got really nauseaus. I was throwing up for a couple of days until I remembered the salt. Now I drink boullion every night, and it's really helped with the salt cravings. I feel a lot better too.
  2. So, I got banded on 8/6. I'm down about 12 pounds already. The thing is, I can't seem to generate that excited "Yay! I'm losing!" feeling. I've had it about a million times before - every other time I tried to lose weight - but then the weight always came back. Sometimes with astonishing speed. I regained 45 pounds in 6 weeks after my shake diet last year. :phanvan So what's the deal? How come THIS time - the time that is most likely to be permanent - I feel so blah? What about that "Today is the first day of the rest of my life!" feeling I was looking forward too?
  3. Is it coincidence that so many of the August bandsters have beach themed tickers? Great minds must think alike
  4. Hello all! I'm Catherine, and I'm getting banded in Mexico on August 6 by Dr. Owens.

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