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    if this isn't one of the sweetest things I ever heard. I'm serious.. aww! :) <3 <3 <3
    "I am the most fortunate person in the world in that my Husband is so supportive. He has been doing the pre-op diet in the evenings with me so I am not so alone in my endeavor.
    im so glad you have this kind of support.
    anyhow I use sparkpeople.com - I really love that site and their android app is super convenient. However you're keeping an eye on your intake though and being mindful is great.
    In other news, that salad reads delicious.. hmm show might not be too shabby of an idea! You can even shoestring it at first and hit Youtube with it. Something to think about
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    Hi Pranjala,
    The protein shakes I am using are called Bariactric Advantage meal replacement and they are whey protein but flavored... they have several flavors but I am using the Chocolate and the Vanilla right now. I use Vanilla and Chocolate Soy milk also...I would say yes to any extract added to milk for flavor. I make a pina colada shake that is 2 scoops Vanilla Protein, 1/4 cup pineapple chuncks, 1 t. coconut extract, ice. It is very good!
    I am always open to new foods and new dishes to prepare so I would LOVE to hear about your Indian dishes. Thank you!
    I made a dish for my husband last night that is low fat and full of flavor. He said it was fantastic but I will have to wait before I can try it. This is a nice summer salad for a vegan as well.
    2 C. Watermelon cut into chunks
    2 C. Tomato cut into chunks
    3 T. Fresh Basil Leaves chopped large
    Optional add in: Red Onion, Feta Cheese, Red Bell Pepper
    Olive Oil - Balsamic Vinegar - Lemon juice - salt - Pepper - Basil leaves (optional) mix and let the flavors marry.
    Make sure the tomato is room temp (I set his out in the sun) the watermelon nice and cold. Mix and toss with dressing.
    I will take a look at fit day also! Thank you!
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    Hey gg
    Only 5 days to go..! You must be so nervous and excited!?
    I also use myfitnesspal, it's great for me as it covers a wide range of Indian food;)) you can also try fitday. I don't use it because it lacks what I usually prepare. But war I like about it is, it lets you know exact amount of nutrient intake one had on a particular day. I'd love to know about protein shakes. I am a veggie, take flavourless whey with milk, it's so boring:'( I am not a very active cook either but can share a few Indian weight loss goodies if you like( later of course;)) can you tell me if I can add vanilla extract or flavour to cold milk?
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    Hello there Errado3317. If you had read my profile you will see that I am part of a clinical trial being held right here in the USA. There are other trials in the Northwest and also at the Cleveland Clinic and all are going well.
    Plication is just a less evasive way to have the food restriction that I myself need to loose and keep the weight off.
    So far on my 7th week post op I am down 48 pounds and I am very happy with that!
    Did you have the surgery? Have you suffered some complications? I would love to hear your story.
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    Plication is not an appropiate Surgical procedure.
    It has all the disadvantages ( not removing ghreline, not allowing total stomach evaluation, high rate of failue, still grave complications) and no advantage ( it is NO REVERSIBLE) ove sleeve
    For all of this reasons it is not accepted for any Surgical Society.
    J Daes
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to GiGi in Weight Loss Is Going Well... Have Had Some Discomfort   
    Hi there Ana. I had trouble with Okra. I think because it is so fiberous. I am introducing foods slow and easy and eating very slow and controlled and not drinking during meals. I had a turkey meatball with red marinara and I think the sauce was too acidic for my tummy. Figure my new stomach is learning as we go so I am just really going to introduce new foods slowly and carefully. Congratulations on one month post plication! I think this past month was the hardest part!
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    Hi Gigi, I'm new to the forum and just completed my 1 month post plication. I wanted to ask you about the new foods you may have introduced too soon. Did they have any particular characteristic, i.e. fatty, spicey, etc.? I ask because yesterday I had a painful experience. I tried to eat half a burger. I'm vegetarian and gluten free, so the burger was healthy, but for me, I just wanted to eat it too much and I ate it toooooo fast. That did NOT feel good. I had to walk around a lot after that and I just felt gassy. It was a great lesson but I really hated having to learn it like that.
    Now I know that for me, it's just too soon for half a burger. If I am not in control of the speed at which I eat my meals, then I am for the mean time, omitting that food until I have learned more self control. That being said, tonight I had half of a lean cuisine 5 cheese rigatone and that was nice and controlled. Continued success on your plication journey! 41 lbs in 1 month?? WOW!!
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    Hi there WednesdaysSun! Thanks for adding me as a friend. I am happy to report no more tummy problems. I think I got a little ahead of myself on the food diversity. Now I try something new and see how it feels. I was getting protein via my shakes and cottage cheese. After a bit I put in a piece of fish (cooked in the oven) which is also high in protein. Food restriction has been better than it was two weeks ago. I can only eat about a cup or maybe a cup and a half of food at a time. Sometimes it is more restrictive than others like when I eat just fish....wow that fills me up ...just a 6 ounce filet. I am not drinking while I eat which I know also helps!
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to WednesdaysSun in Weight Loss Is Going Well... Have Had Some Discomfort   
    I'm so glad you're keeping a blog
    So you lost 41 lbs in 4 weeks? whhaat?? Congrats girl, geez! Sorry to hear about the tummy burn though.. How are you getting your protein in while still dealing with a sensitive stomach? Mostly drinks?
    last question (haha) what does your restriction feel like right now.. how much can you get down food wise before you start to feel full?
    thanks a lot and keep up the great work!

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