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  1. deletedprofile123

    You asked for it!

    Thanks Alex! I'll be having open revision surgery soon, due to a major obstruction and some ulcers + sliding hiatal hernia repair and adding a feeding tube. So, thank you for sharing your photos of your open surgery... eases my mind knowing that someone I know has already gone through it — you are a warrior!
  2. deletedprofile123

    Time lapse photo journal

    Try an app called "1 Second Everyday: Video Diary" — You can do photos too. It does exactly what you want. Sends you reminders. You'll find some samples on YouTube for inspiration — haven't found any that are weight loss related though. I am planning to do the same as well. Scheduled for revision on 9/9/19. Can't wait to see yours and share mine!
  3. deletedprofile123

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Mine too! 🥳
  4. deletedprofile123

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Surgery twin! 🙋🏻‍♀️
  5. deletedprofile123

    Revision success

    Same here. September 9. When is yours?
  6. deletedprofile123

    ⭐Review of Revisions to RNY

    Any idea what was taken out at the end?
  7. deletedprofile123

    Nervous about revision

    I'm sorry for all you have been going through. I also have a sliding haital hernia, by the way. Makes it possible to eat well some days and some other days, I can't get anything down. Since you had a hernia before the sleeve and it is back now, if repaired again without converting to the bypass, according to my surgery, the hernia will likely return in 3-5 years, unless your diaphragm is supported with a mesh filter. Making the decision to have any WLS is difficult enough, let alone having to decide on a revision. It really comes down to quality of life, from what I've experienced and heard in support group for months now. If you feel you can manage your reflux well enough with medication, then maybe surgery is not worth the risk but acid reflux could lead to other things down the line... In my case, there is a plethora of reasons for revision, so that in a way, has made it easier to decide (scheduled for 9/9/19). Also, regarding your main concern (dumping), I actually have that now with the sleeve (maybe 3-4 times a month). It happens when I make poor choices (high sugar or high fat). Yes, it's more likely to happen with the bypass, but I think managing our intake regardless of surgery type is key to preventing uncomfortable dumping situations. I'll have surgery just 10 days before you, so if you'd like, let's keep in touch and I'll let you know how it goes! I am most likely to have an open surgery (surgeon will try laparoscopic first) due to an obstruction in my sleeve, ulcers, and scar tissue buildup being 7+ years out, so my recovery may be a bit different/lengthy.
  8. deletedprofile123

    Had revision yesterday!

    Congratulations @GingerSlim and thank you for sharing your experience! So many good tips! No more GERD, yay!
  9. deletedprofile123

    Had revision yesterday!

    Congratulations on your revision! Can you please explain what you mean by "get my staples out"?
  10. deletedprofile123

    Bypass surgery 45 years ago

    Woah! Incredible! Thank you for sharing, Dorothy!
  11. deletedprofile123

    Do you know your bougie size?

    32 French (per VSG surgery report).
  12. deletedprofile123

    Where is everyone from??

    Torrance, CA Work in Downtown LA Had surgery in Mexico Looking for a friend as well [emoji4]
  13. deletedprofile123

    Conversion to bypass

    I’m sorry for the long rant but I want you to see the full picture: sleeve vs. sleeve + behavior modification/commitment. You’re 2 weeks out. Don’t be so hard on yourself or doubt your decision. What is done is done. No regrets. This could be the beginning of an amazing healthy future. No looking back now — only ahead... Here we go: I am 7 years post sleeve and I’ve regained all of my weight back and some. Highest weight before sleeve was 210, Surgery day weight was 193 (done in Mexico). I got down to 147 and maintained that for about 2 years and then started regaining. I’m 214 now. According to my current U.S. surgeon (Dr. Stanley Klein), my Mexico surgeon (Dr. Ariel Ortiz) completely blotched my sleeve in 30 minutes (surgery report information) making it look like an hourglass instead of a banana. BUT, I regained not because of my “bad” sleeve but because I changed my eating habits. I have A LOT of restriction still, more than a friend who’s 4 years out. I also became very anemic which caused me to pass out and get into an accident in 2014. I’m terrible about taking my Vitamins, so that’s also not my sleeve’s fault. I then received multiple infusions over the years, had my esophagus dilated twice because I wasn’t eating enough (mostly GERD pain related) and developed a grazing eating style (probably the biggest contributor to why I regained). Having GERD since day 1 (couldn’t keep any liquids down/stayed on IV till I was literally kicked out - started putting my stuff outside - to get room ready for next patient), a hiatal hernia and two ulcers, I am now revising to the RNY (surgery date TBD 8/1/19). My malabsorption/malnutrition is because I don’t take any vitamins. I’ve become “nutritionally crippled” as my surgeon put it which makes my body crave carbs for immediate conversion to energy. It’s literally biologically driven at this point and he told me not to blame myself for the regain — he’s so nice but I do blame myself because I got myself here! Due to the malnutrition, I’ve developed some metabolically induced issues: thyroid problem, autoimmune problem, multiple infections that antibiotics do nothing for (or maybe I’ve become prone to the antibiotics) and lately, small Fiber neuropathy (worst feet tingling and burning ever). I’ve now started going to CBT and support groups that are super informative and fun. Last time they had a practical activity for us at the end where we pretended to be at a restaurant, were given real menus and we discussed why some choices are good and why some are not so good — keywords to lookout for, etc. I’m considering pushing my surgery date as far out as possible to be better prepared through these new resources. I realize the problem is not my sleeve. The problem is my head — my food abuse issues, my food addiction issues, my head hunger, my emotional eating... The list of “synonyms” goes on! But in essence, all of us are here because we have these issues plus obesity/genetically related comorbidities or else, we would have not resorted to surgically modifying our anatomy. We need to fix our relationship with food if our surgeries are ever going to help us, and that’s why I’m trying to work on that more than anything this time especially because I didn’t have any pre or post care before. I’d love to get rid of my GERD and the other problems but I’d really hate to fail at losing weight, again. Not out of vanity but just to prove to myself that I can triumph over years of using food to feed disease instead of health. Summary and awesome thing to keep in mind: “You get out of it what you put into it.” Thank you @Macy6! I love that... Great motto! Take this opportunity to change your relationship with food. You are in the “honeymoon phase” where your body is not ready to accept food (it’s all head hunger), so use this time wisely to identify your emotions and cravings, knowing you can’t act on them now with your healing stomach. Later, this will really help you... when you can map your behaviors to their origin in thought (triggers) and stop the unwanted behavior right in its tracks! You’re in control! Your taste buds may also change so what you’ve liked before, you may no longer want to eat, so this is also a great opportunity to try new healthy things and learn to like those instead of our old ways that hurt us in the end. I really wish this was helpful. I’m being as transparent as possible to give you vision into what the sleeve is and what it’s not, because I went into this initially thinking the sleeve will stop me from overeating and I’ll always have an accountability buddy, but you can drink and eat your way around any WLS out there and gain weight, not to discount the RNY for the additional malabsorption component... You can do this!! You can use your sleeve to change and become a new person INSIDE (head/habits) out (health/body). I wish you complete healing and all the best for your future.
  14. deletedprofile123

    I had my Gastric Bypass reversed 😞

    OMG Alex! [emoji46] I’m so sorry! I hope they’re managing your pain well...[emoji3064] You will be in my thoughts and prayers! [emoji1317] May you heal without any more complications and gain all of your strength back! God be with you and watch over you! [emoji2310][emoji171]
  15. deletedprofile123

    Vomiting without having ate anything

    There is something called silent reflux (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux or LPR, for short) which does not manifest in the same symptoms as GERD. LPR is harder to diagnose and treat. I’m no doctor, but at 2 months out, you should definitely be eating better! Please consult with your surgeon and follow their instructions.I really hope you get help and feel better soon. Keep us updated please.

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