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  1. lovingme4me

    Memphis, TN

    Here is a before and after pic
  2. lovingme4me

    Memphis, TN

    Just joined this site and doing some research. I saw where Dr. Weaver did your surgery. Congrats on your weight loss! I am waiting on final approval from BCBS IL for approval. Dr. Weaver will be performing my sleeve. What procedure did you have? I have done all the preliminary requirements. Everything was submitted on 3/28. Anxiously waiting for it to be finalized. Hi sorry for the late reply.. I had the gastric bypass. I started the requirements in April and had surgery September. I am at 7 months now and I am doing great. No regrets on the surgery at all. Even if I did not loose another pound the diabetes is gone so I am grateful.
  3. And congratulations on almost meeting goal. I'm so happy for you.
  4. Because of the rain they cancelled the Tuesday meeting but it will be a meeting Thursday February 6th at 730 St. Catherine room. The next meeting after that, will be the first Tuesday in March at 630.
  5. It's the first Tuesday of the month. Every month.
  6. lovingme4me

    Happy birthday to me!

    No dumping at all for me
  7. So a few of us ordered $8.00 lunch plates at work today and one of my co workers took it upon herself to tell another co worker that did not order a plate, that she can have most of my plate, before I even ate any for myself (free) because I never eat all my food anymore. Her exact words were "She has more than enough food and you can make yourself at home in her plate, she can't eat all that". I was sitting in another area and heard her, I was not part of the conversation. I offered the girl some of my plate then pulled the co worker aside and told her to never do that again. I told her that it is not her place to offer my plate regardless to the fact that I do not eat that much anymore. She said I hurt her feelings. But I told her, I know how much I can eat and I can take my leftovers home to my husband or kids, and I don't need all the new co workers knowing I had surgery. She decided not to eat lunch with me today after that conversation, even though we've ate together for 3 years. Lol People can be so funny!!!!
  8. lovingme4me


    At my 6 week check up they said in on track with the weight loss but I haven't lost any weight in 4 weeks. The scale hasn't moved. My surgery was 9/4/13. How long was your 1st stall? Did you do anything to break it.
  9. lovingme4me

    6 month appointment today!

    You look good, I'm so happy for you.
  10. I had surgery the 4th also. My doc cleared me to eat regular food already. I haven't had any problems as long as its not dry meat.
  11. lovingme4me

    Sept 4th

    Congrats I am glad you are on the post op side now. I feel good so far. I came home 9/6/13 after having surgery 9/4/13.
  12. lovingme4me

    Sept 4th

    I had my surgery on September 4th and came home September 6th. I am feeling good except having a hard time getting enough water in. But I'm going to keep trying.
  13. lovingme4me

    I got my date today!

    Maybe I'm too excited cause now everything is going against me. My blood pressure is running high. My blood sugar is 400 and I am not understanding this at all. I am 2 weeks away from my surgery date but with these high numbers the nurse said they will reschedule me when they test me the morning of the surgery if my numbers are not better. I just hope that I can still have my surgery on the 4th. I was at the YMCA yesterday on the tread mill and an alert came up on the screen saying my heart rate was too high. it was 167 after 15 minutes. I feel good, I don't feel weak or sick at all.
  14. lovingme4me

    I got my date today!

    I am diabetic and 6.0 is the A1C they prefer and since my blood sugars stay in the 240s (instead of 80-100) my HBA1C is 10.2. So as a precaution for healing she said she is going to send me to ICU the first day then the 2nd night I may go to a regular floor.
  15. Sorry to hear that. You may have to switch pcp if you can. There are two other ladies on here on another form I have named Memphis. One had surgery by Dr. Wagner 12 weeks ago
  16. Congratulations msk I hope you get a surgery date soon
  17. lovingme4me

    Different Dr. requirements

    I went to my second nutrition class last night and I am wondering why the requirements of the two doctors in the same office are so different post op. Our information folder had both docs requirements because the class has both of their patients together. My doctor wants you on pureed food before you leave the hospital on the 3rd day and the other wants you on liquids only until the 3rd week, then they can have pureed. My doc is going ice chips 1st day, protein shake and jello or broth 2nd day and then pureed on the 3rd day. skipping the soft food stage all together. I didn't ask in class why they differ so much in their directions. My doc is the Medical Director at this hospital. Oh yeah my doc wants to see you 2 weeks post op and the other doc wants to see his patients 1 week post op. Uhhhhh should I be concerned about which is the better doctor.
  18. lovingme4me

    Best tasting chew-able vitamin

    LOL, I already took them back to CVS..... I will try the flintstones if the ones from Celebrate Vitamins aren't enough.
  19. lovingme4me

    Cardiologist Clearance

    The psychologist that led the group support said it was not normal for everyone to go through what she was going through and that it was some deep underlying issues and for the rest of us not to be afraid to go through with the surgery. Because I was kinda wondering if I should be worried or not. I still want to have the bypass. She had the sleeve
  20. lovingme4me

    Cardiologist Clearance

    Thanks, I went to my first support group today and it was sad. The lady was crying and saying she makes herself throw up all the time and she had her sleeve Dec 2011. They all just kinda tried to help her for about 35 minutes then the meeting was over. They were talking about meat tenderizer but I could hear exactly what they do with it.
  21. lovingme4me

    Cardiologist Clearance

    Congrats on your clearance and I hope to have mine cleared soon. I go back in two weeks for a follow up . I hope to have my surgery before August so I can enjoy my 35th birthday at least 20 pounds lighter September 1st.
  22. lovingme4me

    Cardiologist Clearance

    Ok thanks I wasn't sure if he was just being excessive or not.

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