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  1. mzshay35

    2014 10 10 00.55.52

    well I cheated a little I ate 2 crackers a day
  2. From the album: SHAY

    surgery 8/28/13 starting weight 513 surgery 402 now 275
  3. mzshay35


    1 years post op
  4. mzshay35

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Thank u
  5. mzshay35

    August 2013 surgeries

    Hw 520 sw 417 i think cw 290 finally out them 3s Surgery 8/28
  6. mzshay35

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Its offical im under 300 hw520 sw 417 cw290 surgery 8/28/13 9 months post op
  7. mzshay35

    August 2013 surgeries

    Yes i am very happy with what i can do i hope yo have a baby a little later hopefully& go back to school but im so happy
  8. mzshay35

    August 2013 surgeries

    We are almost same in number im losing slow but im losing hw512 sw410&cw302 cant get out 300s but i haven't been exercising much which im back on track now
  10. mzshay35

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Hw 511 SW407 surgery8/28 CW 304
  11. mzshay35

    August Post Ops

    7 more lbs and they wont move for nothing but i haven't been feeling good or exercising much but im getting back focused
  12. mzshay35

    August Post Ops

    I was doing the same thing and i tried a few thing and didnt make me sick but were bad but im back on track still losing slow
  13. mzshay35

    African American RNY Sisters

    Yep im in Illinois what part are u from
  14. mzshay35

    August Surgery List complete

    I been trying for a month this 7 lbs just wont go
  15. mzshay35


  16. mzshay35

    African American RNY Sisters

    East st Louis for me
  17. mzshay35

    African American RNY Sisters

    Hi im Illinois
  18. mzshay35


    Im going to E R i hope its a bug i been to careful
  19. mzshay35


    I just want yo know wat symptoms dud you all have to let u know you were pregnant bf going to find out
  20. mzshay35

    How to take vitamins after surgery

    I bought liquid every for first 2 months