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  1. neubeginings4me

    Where are you From ?

    North Central Florida here
  2. neubeginings4me

    surgery scheduled

    Thats FANTASTIC , and not too far away either. Big congrats to you!! I can't wait to get mine!!!!
  3. neubeginings4me

    Gastric Bypass and how it affects your kids?

    I am also having open bypass surgery, I quit smoking 7 mos ago as well, my oldest went with me to my initial consult with the surgeon, a support group meeting and to my nutritionist class, I know without a doubt she will be willing to do whatever needs to be done, especially since she'll get to boss around the other 3 kids, I just cant get rid of the guilt for having to ask it of my kids. I am the parent, not them. Does that make any sense?
  4. neubeginings4me

    Gastric Bypass and how it affects your kids?

    That is soo sweet! LOL mine are older, they are past the sweet stage. I am sure they will help out with everything, I'm just worried I may be putting too much on them.
  5. The closer I get to a surgery date the more worried I become about how it will affect my kids. Am I just over analyzing it? I am a single mother of 4. Granted they are all older, the youngest is 12 oldest is 17, but it still worries me. All of my kids know how to cook, I taught them early, they all are capable of doing chores and laundry, but the fact that I will be pretty much out of commission for a little while scares me. Does anyone else have this fear, or am I just crazy? Any insight on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. neubeginings4me

    Anyone else feel obsessed with WLS?

    I know my kids are tired of hearing me talk about it but I'm trying to get all the info I can so that I am as prepared for the life changes I am making. What they do not realize fully is that they are making the changes also!!!! So I am not just wanting this surgery for myself to become healthier but all of us. Does that make sense, or am I just pushing this onto the kids unnecessarily?
  7. neubeginings4me

    Anyone else feel obsessed with WLS?

    BINGO!!!!! I was thinking the same thing.
  8. neubeginings4me

    Anyone else feel obsessed with WLS?

    I too think about it all the time, its the first think I think about in the AM as I take my meds and the last thing as I'm usually on here before bed.
  9. neubeginings4me

    Starting point

    OK, So this is my very first " public" blog. Let me start off by saying I am a 36 year old single mom of 4, live in Florida and currently I am waiting for my surgeon to turn in all my info into the insurance company to see if they will approve me for RNY gastric bypass. I was told everything would be sent off on Thursday 3/28/13 so it's safe to say that anytime after then I will be a mess of nerves and jumping up every time the phone rings! I have researched just about every aspect of this surgery I could think of to try and prepare myself and my family. At this point even my kids know what I will most likely be able to eat at any given week after surgery. I have gotten myself into the habit of taking my vitamins every morning so that it is easier to remember for me. I have even done what a year ago I thought would be impossible, I STOPPED SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!. I am truly trying as hard as I can to start making better decisions when it comes to the food that my family and I eat. I am determined to be approved for this life saving tool! I want to be here for my children, as well as for their children (which better be quite a ways off still), I want to be able to take the kids and their friends to the beach, or to the springs without thinking that I'm an embarrassment to them. I want to walk along the beach without getting out of breath within the first 5 min, or to go to an amusement park and not rent a scooter. I WANT TO BE HEALTHY!!! I know this journey is not going to be simple, I understand this fully, I'm not wanting this simply to fit into a bikini, or into any size in particular, I just want to be healthy. I know I am one of the lucky ones as I have an amazing support group including family and friends that will support, help, listen to, push me, and make sure I don't get too big in the head. WOW, kinda long winded for a first blog...lol..ohh well. I hope to be able to follow other peoples journeys to ask questions or to help if I am able to. I would appreciate any help or suggestions from any of you reading this blog also as my journey continues.
  10. neubeginings4me

    Gallbladder Removal

    My surgeon said he will be removing mine at the time of surgery since gall bladder issues on both sides of fam. I guess that 1 of the perks of having open rny.

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