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  1. Hey! So I'm currently studying abroad in London and will be coming home (to Boston) for spring break to have my surgery. I'm having a hard time finding support groups I can attend with my busy schedule. I was wondering if any iPhone (or iPod, iPad) users wanted to be iMessage buddies? Basically you can text any iOS device anywhere for free! I think it will be cool to try.. Please let me know! <3
  2. Hey! I am 7 weeks post op RNY and am studying my master's in London. I was wondering if any of you were from here and could point me into the right direction regarding support groups. Thanks!
  3. I'm about to leave! Wish me luck! Sent from my iPhone using RNYTalk
  4. Hey guys! I'm about to leave to head to the hospital.. My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM EST! PLease keep me in your thoughts! I'll update about my experience in a few days! Love you all! :wub: -cinematic
  5. Never apologize for speaking your mind!
  6. Here are my battle scars! Yes, those are heart shapes! Sent from my iPhone using RNYTalk
  7. These are so cute and my surgeon was amazing! Today is my second day in the hospital and I have very minimal pain and feel great!! Will update in more detail later! <3 Sent from my iPhone using RNYTalk
  8. The catheter is the most painful thing.. Sent from my iPhone using RNYTalk
  9. I did great! No complications and I don't even need a drainage bag!!! Sent from my iPhone using RNYTalk
  10. Yup! I take 5,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 everyday. Sent from my iPhone using RNYTalk
  11. Hey everyone! I am currently studying abroad in London, England. Since I'm a full time graduate student I can see doctors here for free through the NHS. Anyway I made an appointment to see someone because I had a question about my medication. The nurse started talking to me and asked if I've had any surgeries. I told her the few that I had and I'd be having gastric bypass on the 27 when I return home to the USA for spring break. She looked at me and said "isn't that a bit dramatic?" I was shocked and didn't say anything for the rest of the appointment. She went on saying how "weight loss surgery" is not popular in the UK and how the USA is "silly" for having so many patients go through the "painful process". So.. Yeah I wanted to share that with you guys. It upset me for the rest of the day...
  12. cinematic

    Pre-op testing today!

    I started all of my appointments in June of 2012. Since then I've had a barium swallow, at home sleep test, psychological evaluation, nutritional coaching, and had a health coach for six months which was required for my insurance. I'm a healthy 26 year old non smoker so that's definitely helped! Things have been a bit spread out because I've been studying my Masters degree in London. So nervous for Wednesday!!! Sent from my iPhone using RNYTalk
  13. cinematic

    Pre-op testing today!

    Everything went great! I met with anesthesia, had an EKG, and had some blood drawn. My surgery is 7:30am on Wednesday! Sent from my iPhone using RNYTalk
  14. Hey everyone! So I was wondering... Did or does anyone else tend to get really anxious about their upcoming surgery and start eating all the wrong things? I've been very active and eating right for the most part. I take part in 3 movement classes per week and I walk everywhere. I am in a very active graduate program so that certainly helps! I find myself getting into this "oh I can eat this now because I'll never be able to eat it again" frame of mind. Can anyone relate?
  15. Ha! It's funny you say "last meal" as it's what my mother keeps telling me. I love sushi and keep reading that it doesn't mix well with WLS. I mean it sucks, but I'm more excited about living a healthier life than losing sushi. I guess my biggest thing is soda. I won't lie, I really enjoy it. I've weaned myself off but still find myself having cravings. I'll get through it!
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    Where is everyone from?

    Boston Massachusetts!
  19. cinematic

    March Surgery Dates

    My surgery date is March 27! This is also my first post!

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