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  1. Bear naked Granola. theres one that has 10g of protein in 1/4 cup. so half a cup is 20g of protein. I mix wth yogurt.
  2. reinangel

    OMG October 2013 Post-ops

    78% EWL lost so far. 267 to 163.
  3. a heating pad.. just incase they don't have one.. Hot blankets just didn't cut it enough.. It helps when you are laying in bed to relieve the gas.
  4. reinangel

    Food Fail

    I didn't have dairy problems. In fact, it was the only things I could tolerate early out. especially cheese. I'm 22 weeks out and still cant eat eggs. makes me upset because eggs and cheese go so well together.
  5. reinangel

    Protein bars

    OhYeah! good grab bars Balance bar Gold chocolate mint cookie tastes just like eating an entire package of girl scout thin mints. Makes me want to have a glass of milk with it
  6. reinangel

    feeling hopeless

    As far as exercise.. What about a bike where you can just strap your foot onto the pedal and let your other leg do the moving. you can try doing more upper body exercise or asking a PT about what you can do for the rest of your body. maybe even try googling for "exercise for single leg amputees" until you get some strength back in your foot. Don't loose hope. start from the beginning with your diet. we are all here for you. and DROP THE DIET SODA.. that stuff will kill ya,
  7. reinangel


    overload on the vit C
  8. reinangel

    OMG October 2013 Post-ops

    My hair is falling out with a vengance. time to get it all cut off.
  9. reinangel

    OMG October 2013 Post-ops

    Wow I'm so sorry u r having so much trouble!! So how do u get all your Protein in?? I can eat beef and pork. Ham and bacon especially. I have become the master at making dinners with ground beef and ham If i remember to make it the night before, i will have nectar fuzzy navel drinks. I just cant eat chicken or turkey at all.
  10. reinangel


    I found chicken broth curbs my appetite as my pre meal drink. also. try cream of chicken Soup.. pea/lentil soups( if you like them) i was exactly like that at 3 weeks however i couldnt eat eggs or chicken. it does get better. just try thicker liquids.
  11. reinangel

    Help! B-12!?

    I second the Spring Valley ones. they are very pleasant tasting and cheaper than the vitamelts.
  12. reinangel

    OMG October 2013 Post-ops

    I was supposed to start pureed food yesterday. Im kinda scared to progress like that. I did have 2 slices of Cooper sharp cheese during the day. Today i am making lentil soup and will puree that.. I am having a rough time keeping my pouch happy. One day it wont tolerate cold things. next it hates hot things. One day i ate a SF italian ice and the very next day i got sick on the same thing. but i did pick up tuna and salmon in pouches and some FF miracle whip and mayo with olive oil for when i am brave enough to try them. I also have some chili i made before surgery thawing to try and puree that tomorrow and a pot roast too. Heres to hoping i wont be too scared.
  13. reinangel

    OMG October 2013 Post-ops

    I feel the same way Lynn73. Yesterday was an amazing day. and i pooped. That was the perfect end to it. I found i cant drink cold things just yet. Makes my pouch cramp. today i feel great and have tons of energy and im about to trek out with the bf to find this elusive pumpkin Protein shake at GNC. I was really starting to wonder about the surgery. and all the people that said they felt great after. until yesterday (5 days out) I felt like shit that was stepped on and smeared along the sidewalk. Yes that bad!.
  14. It feels weird knowing i have only 1 more week of regular food to eat. I only have to have a 4 day liquid pre op diet. Not to shabby.
  15. Thank you SoccerMomma73. I have taken the last 6 months since i finished everything to learn every possible thing i can. typical and non typical stall periods, What to expect when you come home. What to do and not to do..Practice eating and not drinking around meals, taking vitamins at certain times and not with others. Practicing protein shake recipes that arent gross, Its reassuring to have someone that has already been there to reinforce everything in their own words. <3
  16. reinangel

    Extra in protein

    From what i understand we can only absorb 30 grams at a time. now, unless you are spreading that shake out over a few hours then you are ok . otherwise, you might just be wasting protein powder.
  17. reinangel

    Surgery date 10/17..Duke..

    October 8. Reading, pa
  18. 43 days. how about the rest of you? Happy monday.
  19. If any of you are near a Sheetz try the OHyeah Protein shakes in the cooler. They are amazing. I highly recommend the Cookies and creme and bananas and creme flavors. You can also get them at Vitamin shoppe too. But Sheetz is about .50-1.00 cheaper. They are ready to drink shakes and i will swear by them.. I just hope I still like them after. also, Twisted cherry Syntrax nectar tastes just like twizzlers.
  20. Barring any complications you should be ok to cook dinner. I am hoping i will be able to. Secret for your Turkey, brine it overnight. and dont cook it til the timer pops out. Theres tons of recipes all over pinterest and various blogs with good alternatives to high fat/high sugar dishes. my persnal favorite is rutabega mashed potatoes. its very earthy and yummy with just a little butter or olive oil margarine. I have been eating that since i was a kid every thanksgiving. You can also use the fat free cream Soups for green bean casserole or make a new casserole with a new veggie. You arent going to be able to eat alot by then anyway . and how about Outrageous October? also, Is anyone else with a date already so excited to the point that you cant stop thinking about everything and talking about it to the point that people are getting sick of it? I have a countdown calendar on my phone at work and at home. Every week i am picking up new samples of things to try after. I have all the "hardware" ready 1,2 and 4 oz plastic condiment cups with lids( like restaraunts use for take out dressings) I have some cute bento box type lunch containers toddler spoons and forks. shaker bottles. Water bottles and disposable child sippy cups for the beginning I have been prepared since April.
  21. me too.. Reading area.
  22. Im still pre op and thats how i figured out i was full. My nose runs as soon as i start to get full and im only half done with what I'm eating.
  23. reinangel

    Chat room

    Does anyone use the chat room here?
  24. reinangel

    Flavor Extract

    that sounds really good. i might have to try that this weekend. what flavor protein powder do you use?
  25. reinangel

    Flavor Extract

    Yeah I think im going to place my order too. i will try out a few and let you know how it works.

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