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  1. vens1920

    Identity crisis?

    I was telling my BFF today that I felt more confident at 300 lbs. than at do at 200 lbs. that I weight now. I have always been curvy and as the weight fell off, it accentuated my curves even more. Now, I feel like I just want to blend in the background and do not want to be noticed. I am 3 yrs. and 7 months out and this is still hard to absorb. I was told that it takes sometimes 5 yrs. or more to return to "normal". Without the help of my support group, I would probably be in a worst state of mind. I encourage everyone to join/connect with a support group because you are not alone.
  2. I wore a halter-style pants jumpsuit over the weekend. I can finally wear a strapless bra! Have not worn one in 25 years!
  3. vens1920

    Continued loss after one year?

    I am still losing, very slowly, and I am 1 yr and 6 weeks out. I lose anywhere from 1/2 to 1 lb a week, it just depends. Just got off of a long 8 week stall, but managed to drop a few lbs. It's frustrating, but I am not giving up!
  4. vens1920

    Vain not vein question

    I think the surgery took about 10 years off my face. I do have the turkey neck fat under my chin. As I lose weight, it seems to tighten up.
  5. @ Ginger snap You might be on to something about the pick up lines. Maybe I will start a thread "What is the craziest pick up line you ever heard"!
  6. I was picking up my daughter from daycare when this guy shouted "Happy Birthday"! I said it's not my birthday. He said "it must be your birthday because you are looking too good for it to be any other day"! I said thanks and walked away shaking my head and laughing. I get compliments all the time from men and I have been married for 17 years. They tell me I look like a movie star! Sometimes its uncomfortable because I feel like an object. My bff told me to embrace the new me and keep moving forward!
  7. vens1920

    Fast heart rate

    Do you take thyroid meds? The same thing happened to me after gp. My heart was racing and I thought I was going to die! Called 911 and the ambulance picked me up. I found out that I was getting in too much thyroid medicine and my dosage had to be reduced. It is very important to see your pcp after surgery if you are on meds like thyroid, blood pressure, etc. The meds may have to be reduced or eliminated. I am 1 year and 6 week out and have not had any problems since.
  8. vens1920

    African American RNY Sisters

    Try shampoo and conditioner with keratin in it. It strengthens the hair shaft. I been using it and it seems to help. I also have been wearing extensions with my hair braided underneath. It seems to help since I have been without a relaxer for 4 months.
  9. vens1920

    African American RNY Sisters

    Slow loser here h 5" sw 299 cw 215 surgery 3/19/13 gw 150
  10. vens1920

    Big Butt anyone?

    I got junk in the trunk as well. Lol. I'm shaped like Chaka khan. We are about the same height. Always been hour glass shaped even @ 299 lbs. I just embrace it!
  11. vens1920

    The Slow Losers Thread

    Hey everyone. I feel the same way you all do about the slow weight loss. My problem has been my thyroid. I would encourage everyone to have their thyroid checked. After about two weeks of being on a different thyroid med, I have lost about 2 lbs. Before the thyroid meds I had as much as a 6 lb gain! I had GB in march 2013 and have lost 83 lbs. I have to remind myself every day that I can walk and not get tired and wear smaller clothes. I went from 299 to 216. Some days I wonder if surgery really worked. But I hafta keep encouraging myself. We can do this!
  12. I went to Putt Putt Golf and Games on Saturday with my hubby and 2 kids. I did miniature golf, batted softballs in the batting cage, and rode the go carts. I haven't been able to do this stuff in years! Then, we went bowling after that! I consider myself a slow weight loser...I have lost 65 lbs since surgery on March 19. But I have gone from a 26 pant to a 20 pant, a 3x to a 1x, and dresses from 24 to an 18! I have so much energy and I have so much more stuff to do!
  13. Hello everyone, I'm four days post op and feeling pretty darn good. The first two days were kinda rough, but now I am sipping, walking, and resting. Glad to be on the other side!
  14. vens1920

    March Surgery Dates

    Add me to the list! March 15 for me!
  15. vens1920

    Protein powder

    Try adding unflavored protein powder to broth and cream soups. I use isopure unflavored and it is a change from sweet protein shakes. One scoop has 26g of protein.

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