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  1. Just checking in its been awhile. Down from 378 to 269. Woooo hoooo and from a size 28/30 to a size 18/20. I'm loving this new life and my hubby is too.
  2. Ok I made a group exclusive for us on fb. If u want to join msg me on fb yvette grider in Indianapolis and I will add u
  3. Which heather? Lol message me if u can
  4. I did make it I will add u as a friend
  5. Will do add me on Facebook Yvette Grider
  6. That's how mine felt. I dealt with it for two days then I couldn't take it. I would get checked if I were u.
  7. I know how to start one if u wanted one exclusively for us.
  8. I sent a request to join :-)
  9. Very bummed today. I have been overdoing it and injured my nerves near the left incision. I was in horrible pain. Had to go in to doc and ended up getting a nerve block. It eased the pain for awhile but it's hurting now. The steroid he injected will work in about 3-5 days.
  10. So I have found the absolute best sources of protein. Muscle milk chocolate and strawberry are my friends (20G protein) and adkins carmel cafe (15g) and vanilla bean torte nectar mixed with almond milk. I am in heaven now when it comes to getting the protein. Getting 55-60 g in just liquid form then with my string cheese and beans I think I'm at about 70 a day. Now my water that's another story. I loved water before now I just can't get it down. I've been drinking v8 splash diet once a day. And I do not want to see any more crystal light, ugh!!!! Can't wait till my first pre op visiy I get to eat meat after that, pureed of course and mash potatoes! !!
  11. Blaq_Butterfly

    March Surgery Dates

    I hate mines. Since I have lost weight it is to big and it is uncomfortable. But if I go without it its horrible.
  12. Blaq_Butterfly

    March Surgery Dates

  13. I'm gonna have to get something to work. I had my second one today and was in tears the entire 40 mins.
  14. I take mine off to sleep, I have to, I jus hold a pillow over me. But when we can officially go without I have no clue, everybody is different. Like I read some ppl eating eggs, I can't have those till wk 5. So it may depend on ur doc when it can come off.
  15. I have been struggling with the protein. Yesterday I discovered strawberry cream muscle milk, I am in heaven!!!! Now we will see if I still like it tomorrow lol
  16. Surgery was 3/19 I am on a full liquid diet
  17. Blaq_Butterfly

    March Surgery Dates

    I had issues in the hospital with my blood sugars but once I got home I have only had to treat them twice!!! Always under 150 running 114-125 actually. I love it!!!!
  18. Im sorry but I finally poo'd today and lost about 3 pounds after. Still not regular tho and it hurt like hell. Anybody else having problems going? Not sure if I should ask for something, plenty of gas though.
  19. I have a sample pack I will try it this wk
  20. It has been 6 days since surgery. The pain is slowly but surely going away. My biggest issue is drinking and protein. I do not like the taste of any of the protein I bought lol. The Nectar is really good but it leaves this horrible after taste in my mouth, ugh! Still sleeping in recliner, but I plan on moving to my bed this week. Gas is not as bad, just annoying if anything. Had an emotional breakdown today, all I wanted was a slice of pizza and I couldn't have it. It was hard but my family was great and they ate away from me and made sure the kitchen was clear of pizza when they finished. I am going to seek out other protein supplements gotta find something that works. Oh and I am down 16 lbs since surgery date
  21. Im back to crystal light will try juices next week
  22. They didnt suggest that I know I froze some last night since I couldn't find popsicles I'm going to try one and see if it is better because I really like pineapple juice

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