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  1. Hey ladies. I need some help from those of you that have been successful with weight loss with PCOS. My body stalls for at least 3 full weeks with every 7 pound loss. Weird right? I am almost two moths out (8-25) and I have lost 15 pounds post surgery. I have lost 65 total though but I would like to know a couple of full day examples that have worked for you. I realize everyone is different but I would like to experiment. Thanks in advance!
  2. Kami63

    starting bad habits

    I can eat more tan the two ounces but I try not to because I can feel overly full. I feel like I am stretching my poor little pouch so I'm going back to measuring. Also I drink a full 8 oz of Water 30 min before I eat. That helps with my portion control. Good luck Hun!
  3. Kami63

    starting bad habits

    Hi, I am about 4 months out. I know I can beat this. Lets do take this one day at a time and gain control. Thanks for your support!
  4. Kami63

    starting bad habits

    Yes I do 3 meals 2 Snacks. And lots of water! My problem was the snacking increased . I had more time to snack because my back injury limited my exercise plan. To be honest, I also got kind of depressed that I was in pain too. I've got to work on that emotional eating thing. My meal plan tomorrow will be something like this: 2 hard boiled egg whites only and half Protein shake for Breakfast, half an apple or some carrots with low cal ranch for mid morning snack. Homemade 4oz turkey chili with reduced fat sour cream for lunch, mini babybel light cheese and about 6 almonds for snack , 2 to 3 oz chicken breast with about 2 oz of green Beans for dinner. I mix it all up and do different but similar meals every day. When I stick to the pan and can exercise, the weight comes off with no problems....
  5. Kami63

    November fitness challenge

    Thanks Butter for the challenge Ok time to jump back in. Threw my back out about 6 weeks ago I think and have been rehabbing I have slipped discs that act crazy sometimes worse than others. Pretty intense pain sometimes I was riding my mountain bike 4 x week before that... I'm gonna jump back on the bike and work through the pain! My goal for November is light for what I was doing before but chiro says to ease back in so 5 to 8 miles a week walking and biking this month to get things going again.
  6. Kami63


    Go with what your surgeon says. Personally though for me drinking through the straw does take in air and I get uncomfortable. Same with sodas... Too many bubbles and too uncomfortable for me so it is not worth it.
  7. Kami63

    starting bad habits

    I'm glad I found this thread. I realized that I am an addict. Not drugs or cigarettes but food, something that one cannot abstain from. My work environment is hell for a food addict. They bring cookies and candies and cakes and that's not including the pot lucks. I am stalling and realized I started eating things I wasn't before. I'm going to make a choice now to beat this demon. I am going to the grocery store and only going to buy meat and vegetables and a little fruit, nuts and low fat dairy for snacks. I can and WILL do this. So you are not alone....
  8. So I am a Lane Bryant girl by necessity and I haven't been there in a while because I had clothes in my closet that were smaller from on my way UP. So I walk in and they know me there and the sales lady says "wow ! Look at you getting all skinny! You look great!" I was in shock I guess because I have been losing slow so I guess I didn't realize the impact. I am almost 3 months out and have lost 25 pounds since surgery and 35 since preop. That s slow compared to a lot of others but I feel like as long as I keep losing ill be fine. To top off the whole visit to Lane Bryant, I need work pants and and 18 looked great! My 22's were falling off so I thought I old need a 20 but nope! It's an 18 and not tight at all I was pushing a 28 when I was at my highest so I have lost 10 sizes. One word...Unbelievable!..... So if you are undecided on whether you want to take the leap of faith, I tell you that NOTHING has worked for me. Even the lap band along with every diet you can imagine. This is working and I feel great. I can exercise without feeling like I am going to die. I can eat healthy and be ok with it. Life is great and I love my sleeve
  9. At 11 days Post op, I would call the on call line and ask if it is an issue. Pain can manifest in a different place than the actual problem. Just to be safe, I would call. Hopefully it is nothing.
  10. Kami63

    100 mile challenge

    I know how you feel Laura-ven I got a road bike last weekend but threw my back out before I could ride it ( other than a test ride ) so I can only stare at it. I go back Monday to see if I can be released to ride again....can't wait
  11. Kami63

    NSV ....so great!

    Hello Carlotta! I had the lapband in 2007 and I got a piece of food stuck 7 months after surgery and had problems ever since. I was completely unfilled and when they tried to fill it after my incident I would have restriction then all of a sudden I couldn't eat at all. I went for every test under the sun and they think the stitch may have popped and it was moving. Long story short, I threw up most of the time and couldn't eat at all for awhile other than Soup. . In 2010 I found Dr Nick and he removed all of my Fluid. I was fighting my insurance to be approved for about 1 year then gave up, then tried again and gave up. Finally this year in January I changed jobs and with it the insurance and I was approved to have the band out and have the sleeve. My surgeon normally does it in two surgeries, but my employer was electing to go with a different insurance starting July 1 so he agreed to do it all in one surgery because I was approved after fighting for so long. Whew! Tried to make it short. I knew that there was a little more risk with a revision, but I could not possibly have my band out and not have anything to help me with weight loss. So I chose the sleeve. This is the best decision I have ever made. I am not going to lie though, the first month was really rough after surgery. But it was a small price to pay to reclaim my life ... Hope I answered all of your questions!
  12. Kami63

    Food Funerals?

    apcc it gets better! Hang in there
  13. Kami63

    Food Funerals?

    I didn't do too many last meals because I figured the less I weighed when I started the less I would have to lose! I was scared before surgery though bc I didnt have those meals ... But you know what? I was ok even without all of that because right after surgery, you really don't have the desire to eat. I am almost 3 months out and I still have not tried some of my comfort foods. Ones that I wanted so bad for last meals but didn't. I think it is great that I am ok for the first time in my life eating healthy. Though I am no saint, I have my moments, I just decided to make 99% of my choices the best ones for my body and Live my life without food controlling ME
  14. Kami63

    100 mile challenge

    I'm in mostly to challenge myself to do more month over month. Not sure I can get to 100 miles but like butterthebean said its abut moving and thats what i plan to do! I'm only at 11 miles mountain but Today we rode for 1 hour 6.5 miles. Sunday I could only ride 4.3 miles so I'm getting better! Thanks for the inspiration everyone. I told my hubby today I would be needing a road bike so I could ride more miles lol
  15. Kami63

    56 lbs down!

    Great job! You look fantastic how much lost since surgery?
  16. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

  17. The post op diet was not bad compared to the preop in my opinion. I had no desire to eat until about 3 weeks out. I was busy trying to get my fluids in. It is normal to be scared hon. Just get through one day at a time and talk to someone you trust to support you during this time. I actually found a buddy on here that was having surgery the day after me and we discussed everything from about a month out. We still talk on occasion. Hang in there!
  18. I find I can eat more non Protein even when i eat it with protein. So I stick to protein first. Last week I had my Greek yogurt chicken salad and thought I would eat it with crackers. I could eat 4 whole wheat saltines and 1/2 cup chicken salad. Then I decided I shouldn't be eating crackers lol and the next day for lunch I ate only the 1/2 cup chicken salad and got full and stayed full longer. I did the experiment for 4 days. Two with crackers two with out. The results were the same. I guess crackers are a slider food. Basically you have to figure out what works for you and what keeps you full. I have tried rice but it didn't seem to keep me full. I only ate two tablespoons though because I was afraid it will swell in my tummy.
  19. The morning of my surgery I must have looked like I was going to bolt! Everyone kept telling me not to go anywhere when they left the room. Even my surgeon. I guess the previous posters phrase works well... I put my big girl panties on and went through with it. It is not an easy decision but you can do it!
  20. It gets better! I think most people feel that way the first few weeks. I thought I would never feel better but I am almost two months out and feel great! Hang in there
  21. Kami63


    Me too! I went this evening and it was close to 100 degrees here in TX lol oh well. I had fun too. You will def like biking shorts. The pads really help. Also be warned it may hurt a little next week when you ride again. I am proud of myself bc I fell off my bike or the first time ever last Tues. I have been riding for years and had never taken a spill. Guess I was lucky. My shoulder was hurt in the fall but I said I can't let a little shoulder pain slow me down!!! By the way my hubby rides and does all those harder trails too but he says he enjoys riding with me anyway! I am still on beginner trails, not sure if I'll ever progress, no need to throw obstacles in a clumsy person's way lol Glad you had fun and hope you keep at it
  22. Kami63

    Help with PCOS diet

    Thanks! My surgeon said to talk to him in 3 months if I haven't lost weight. Lol he said I was doing fine and I look good. I'm ok with slow as long as it comes off I weigh twice a week now instead of every day ( I know I should have weighed every day) but I'm in much better spirits!
  23. My first selfie without my precious dog...lol