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  1. What were u eating at 3 weeks out?
  2. meaganchuckran

    Gained Weight? Anyone?

    I'm a month out lost 33 lbs weighed myself today and gained 2! I'm freaking out. Did I mess something up?
  3. I have trouble getting all my liquids in. I also have trouble getting all my protein in.. I was sleeved oct 23 2013 and thru out the day drink as much as possible... I eat at dinner protein packed food just till I feel full. I've been in a stall for like 2 weeks and feel like I'm not even losing inches. I'm so nervous I think to myself did I stretch my sleeve ? Am I eating to much (I stop when full) or am I not loseing because I need more protein? I hate protein drinks ew my taste buds have changed so much and they make me gag... I just don't know what to do... Someone please ease my mind
  4. meaganchuckran

    Honeymoon phase?

    What is it and how long does it last around ? Thanks
  5. meaganchuckran

    Itching like crazy!

    Yes I had the same issue only on my back... It's because ur dehydrated .. believe it r not... i was goig crazy thinking i had a allergic reaction... and ur skin is doing that because ur body is absorbing as much moisture as possible. Keep hydrated and also put some lotion on it regularly it should help!
  6. meaganchuckran


    How long did u wait before drinking alcohol after surgery ?
  7. meaganchuckran

    October 2013 Sleevers Roll call!

    Surgery weight was 236 Surgery was oct. 23 2013 Current weight is 196
  8. meaganchuckran

    Extra skin...?

    Sw was 236 .... When I eventually lose more weight will I have like alot of extra skin?
  9. I'm barley eating but I deff feel like I eat way more than alot of people on here for 7 weeks out... Also in a stall so am I eating to much? Will I eventually lose weight again?
  10. meaganchuckran

    What Are You Eating 5-7 Weeks Out?

    Pretty much anything except raw veggies! My sleeve never gets upset... I've always had. Strong stomach tho going thru 2 years of chemo therapy
  11. I'm almost 7weeks out and please correct me if im wrong because idk if I can even have it ... But I am getting most my fluids in via orange juice (all natural squeezed) make myself and idk what it is but it's so addicting ... Should I stop? Is their to much natural sugars in it ?
  12. meaganchuckran

    Orange Juice...

    Nothing bothers my sleeve lol!
  13. meaganchuckran


    I wnt guacamole so bad. Can I eat it with cucumber chips or something haha I'm 6 weeks out
  14. meaganchuckran

    Day 13 - Dizzines/passing Out?

    Make sure ur taking b12 and calcium vitamins. I had same issue and had g2gatorade and it helped
  15. meaganchuckran


    I'm not on puréed and never was. I can basically eat alot of things
  16. I'm a month out and lost 30lbs. Obv the more I work out the sooner ill lose weight. When can I start working g out?... Has anyone done water aerobics? Did it help? I've had sever knee surgeries so it's hard for normal work outs and running
  17. meaganchuckran

    Stalls..? Why?

    Why do people go thru stalls and what can u do to prevent them?
  18. meaganchuckran

    Stalls..? Why?

    Nope me either lol
  19. meaganchuckran

    Taco Bell?

    A month out ... Can eat anything . But do u think Iyar safe to try something from Taco Bell? I obv will barely eat any of it but I want the taco salad so bad(minus sgell) it has refried beans and chicken... Good protein?
  20. Anyone have the sleeve And not lose any weight ?
  21. Wednesday of this week ill be a month out... I'm 28lbs down but sometimes I feel like I just won't lose the weight still. I don't see it in myself at all and idk I just feel like I'm not guna lose. I have no thyroid so that always worrys me as well. I've only had 2 normal bm since surgery, the rest were loose stool every few days. Just ugh anyone else feel like this?
  22. Okay so I was sleeved on 10/23 but have only really taken 2 normal poops. They hurt to come out... Lol and a few times a week ill have a diareah sesh. When it's like al of a sudden I need to go. Is it normal to have very little bowel movements? I mean I have no desire to go at all besides the diareah when it hits
  23. I had a prescription for it before surgery and haven't taken it since before surgery. Obv forgot to ask dr but I've been having hard time sleepin lately. I'm not asking "can I take it because I know all of u will say ask ur dr blah blah" I'm asking if anyone's taken it a month out? Or half of one
  24. meaganchuckran

    October Updates

    Look at difference in my face

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