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  1. LindafromFlorida

    Warning to my fellow Diabetic Sleevers

    My husband is down 110 lbs and still on the low dose insulin, but no more sleepless nights worrying that he will die from low blood sugar and no more calls for rescue and glucagon shots to revive him. We are both still off Metformin, but our A1C has climbed since the drop after surgery, not sure why. We accept what is is and would do this again 1000 times over!!!!
  2. LindafromFlorida

    Sucks to be a Newbie and be considered Offensive

    Hi Ann! I miss good friends like you too. We all taught each other so many things as we made this journey. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and countless blessings! Linda
  3. LindafromFlorida

    Sucks to be a Newbie and be considered Offensive

    I am 68. In 4 days I will be one year post op. I realize now I thought I knew it all because I followed the rules. I really knew nothing. I have not posted in a few months. I have been traveling and enjoying living with my sweet husband who was also sleeved. I have finally relaxed a bit. I get more compliments than you can imagine, even though my weight loss stopped at 160 (from 230), then I stabilized at 170 and I look pretty great I think (LOL)! I am delighted. I will be honest with you. I took Biotin religiously for a year. My hair loss started at 5 months, especially at my temples. I have worn a beautiful wig since June 2014 and I get nothing but compliments. I tell very few people. I would say be prepared with a wig before you need it. Do not buy one online as it must fit right. It is a trade off and I will take the weight loss any day. We are kayaking, walking on the beach, cruising again, and living life to the utmost. Would not change a thing. Best of luck everyone.
  4. LindafromFlorida

    Dreaded 3 week stall!

    Great idea!!!!!!! Good luck!
  5. LindafromFlorida

    Getting frustrated and down

    So no one ever told you all this? You do not have insurance? Details are vague here but good luck. We had to come up with $300 but thousands sounds like you might need a new surgeon, or we just do not have the facts. So sorry.
  6. LindafromFlorida

    65 and over

    Keep us posted!!!!!!
  7. LindafromFlorida

    Any Florida Sleevers?

    Getting a Bariatric Pal group set up. I will let you know details. I need anyone in Jacksonville, OP, Green Cove to email me - if they want to be notified - ldav@clearwire.net.
  8. LindafromFlorida

    Any Florida Sleevers?

    Who is doing your surgery? I am in Jacksonville. Sleeved Nov. 2013. Husband sleeved Dec. 2013 and he is down 110 lbs. We have had smooth sailing and never a problem. It is the best decision we ever made in our life. Best wishes everyone!
  9. LindafromFlorida

    65 and over

    68 and renewed my lease on life!
  10. Sometimes there is a unique group of people who share a bond no one else can comprehend. I read this here sometimes. I lost my 30 year old son in November 2006 from a heart attack. His 25 y/o girlfriend, an RN, committed suicide 4 months later which destroyed me. My sister dies from ALS in 2009. I will never stop my tears. Then the parents and inlaws went to heaven, terribly. Share your pain with me.
  11. LindafromFlorida

    Death and sadness.

    Aroundhky and jyrickchick64, thank you for sharing your stories with us. Sometimes it just helps to tell the story, and I know it makes us all stop and remember that we are real people here, with real stories, of every nature. Be kind to everyone, you do not know their story until you take the time to ask and listen. God Bless. Lose the weight and live longer. Cheers to good health and better days.
  12. LindafromFlorida

    Please help

    Horrible problem for me. Until I started eating raw veggies at 3 months out. You should update your stats so we can see how far along you are since surgery, because it is sometimes a guessing game here without information. I will share that I tried every recommended product with no success, and I read where someone has ended up in the ER. Don't let it get to that point. My real relief is the little pink pill, Correctol, and I know you are not supposed to do that, take the laxatives. I choose the laxative over the ER any day. Keep trying different products. I am, at 10 months post sleeve. Best wishes. So sorry!
  13. My nickname as a very young child, was Fat Gal. My dear dad, Uncles, and all men in our family called me Fat Gal. I can remember as far back as 5-6 years old. Even today I look at pictures of myself as a child, I was a plump baby but not fat, but they called me Fat Gal (especially my Dad lol) until I was a teenager. I fought my weight all my life, because I was Fat Gal? At age 50 I was reaaaallllly Fat Gal. What's your memory?
  14. Maybe it is healing, a way to share what we all went through, to know we were not alone, and how the words and names affected us. Maybe it teaches us to pay it forward if we ever see another child calling someone a name. If you wore glasses, you were ridiculed. I remember in junior high my best friend had larger breasts than I did, and she was tormented by a group of boys. At the time I was thankful it was not me because I was very timid and shy.
  15. In the 50s, "A lil' dab will do you" made me feel like I was a bad girl. I almost always wished I was a big badass girl who would knock the hell out of those name callers. Still do, when I hear how others like you were made fun of. Now WE are laughing, right???????
  16. LindafromFlorida

    When does the hair loss stop?

    No, I am a self taught expert of many years of my very fine and thin hair, and have thought about making some bangs from some wigs, but my hair is so thin on top, I have not attempted. Actually the wig has kept me happy. But I would love to look at the bangs BitterSweet so any help would be appreciated. ldav@clearwire.net. Thank you!!!! Linda
  17. LindafromFlorida

    Sucks to be a Newbie and be considered Offensive

    Congratulations. The time will fly. I am happy for you. Linda
  18. Amazing???? I see you weigh 179! Now that is amazing! Good job.
  19. Yes, the journey for 15 years (WL seminars) was to find help for his lifetime of obesity. Diabetes 30+ years, 3 HBP meds, sleep apnea, toe amputation, heart stent, and calling rescue in the middle of the night was taking its toll. He was so afraid he would die in surgery, or not heal. Once I was diagnosed with asthma, diabetes and was on 2 HBP meds, (and depression med sent my weight from 200 to 230) I knew I had to do something. I led his terrified self into surgery lol! We are now 67 and 68. We have done nothing for 10 years. Since May, we drove to KS to visit my 90 year old Uncle, went to a family reunion in WV, took a 7 day cruise, and walked, 7 days boating and fishing in Pensacola, and "danced" New Orleans for 7 days. This is why I don't want to read the negatives of what people are doing. Do what works for you! Best wishes! Good post!
  20. LindafromFlorida

    When does the hair loss stop?

    Bittersweet, this sounds like me. The hair loss around my face I feel will not return, and having worn bangs all my life, and very blond hair, I look terrible. I ordered Toppik but it cannot make me bangs. I am very fair skinned, otherwise I would dye my hair black! Thank God for my beautiful wig. Hoping things change but I am still trying to be prepared for the worst.
  21. LindafromFlorida

    Women critical of other women

    Tbahm, I hope you get to your job today and focus on your workload, and forget about everyone around you. The day will fly by, make sure you have Water and food close by and keep working. Snap, the day will be done. You do not need a sympathetic boss, trust me, ignore her and do your job. I have had a boss like that, a man, 24 years, who is the only person in my life that ever called me a bxxxh. I also have been in a horribly abusive marriage. I am Hercules today, I survived both abusers and i am incredibly happy. You will be a little emotional, I felt that way too after surgery. Just remember, you are not a victim. A new you will emerge from all of this and you will be a changed person. This is the first step. In one year I can see your life maybe going in a totally new direction. Focus on what is in front of you, not around you. You can do this. Suck it up, be strong, one day at a time. Hugs and God Bless! Linda
  22. When I like a post like yours, I know there will be a lot of dissenters, so I have learned to go straight to posting because I want to let you know I totally agree with you. I am happiest to see my 6'2" 320 lb. husband go to 220, from 3X to XL. He loves smoked salmon and beef jerky (jerky was his dinner last night). If we never lose another pound this ride has been incredible.
  23. NJSleeveboy, I like your style. I can relate 100%. I do not obsess over anything, I am having that glass of wine. I am loving life. Wooooohoooooooooooooo!
  24. LindafromFlorida

    Loose skin after weight loss

    Saggy skin in my neck and face that bother me, but I always said I would only go under anesthesia with necessary surgery. I can deal with the rest of it.

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