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  1. I'm in. I need to lose the 20lbs i put on this year.
  2. fat_free

    Weight gain at 3 Years Post Op - WHAT TO DO?

    Following....same boat, different water
  3. fat_free

    Memorial Day Challenge

    Well...I suck. Missed a few weigh ins. 2 yrs out and I've let carbs rule my life again and am now 172 this morning. I obviously need to stay committed to making sure I 1) weigh daily 2) am accountable on this page and 3) cut out bad carbs. It's obviously more than that but will start here. 172 today.
  4. fat_free

    Memorial Day Challenge

    Surprise surprise 166 still
  5. fat_free

    Memorial Day Challenge

    Current. 167 Goal 159
  6. Two weeks ago my two wonderful fur babies went over the rainbow bridge. I just couldn't bring my self to eat, other than shakes three times a day. Then the reality set in and I began to eat again, only now it's like I was before surgery. I am wanting to eat anything but the foods I have been for the past 2 yrs. hamburgers, Cookies, muffins, basic cr@p. It's like I can't get past the grief and am in a mode that is just hampering myself. I plan on calling my clinic and getting back on track with my psych and my nut next week....but in the meantime.....kick my butt..everyone please! Ideas for meals Snacks And pushes to get back to my 5 day a week work outs. I've come too far to let it go
  7. fat_free

    Need some one to kick my a**

    Tkx for the kind words everyone and good ideas too. I definitely know what to do just slipped back so far so quickly too. It's been a really rough too weeks. I've just found it very difficult to plan, prepare food.... @@Threetimesacharm, our 15 yr old kitty passed from his diabetes complications on the 12th of March and two days later his little sister, our 10 yr old dog passed as well. We had to be put down due to sudden kidney failure. I blame myself because we were so focused on trying to maintain my kitty the past few months that I probably missed many sign that my baby girl was not well. By the time we took her in, it was too late to help her. She spent two days at the emergency vet to no avail.
  8. fat_free

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I'm in. Thanks again @@vsgSarah3
  9. Today I lost my best friend....Max, our 15 year old kitty. It was devastating and I've not stopped crying. To make things worse, I thought our 10 year old dog was depressed because his fur buddy was so sick, only today we also found out that she is in chronic renal failure and may not make it. She is at the emergency vet now on IV fluids and hoping that things are not too far gone. My adult kids and I are devastated. I've not been eating much this week but now can not even stomach a mouth full of food. I just want to curl up with my love bugs so badly and now I can't. My kids have gone to their friends for solace as I sit here and feel sorry for myself. ????
  10. Thank you @@Julie norton It's definitely so hard. We knew our aging diabetic kitty was losing ground but our dog was only 10 and looked as healthy as good be. Thought for sure we had another 5 yrs with her (small dachshund apso x) Coming home and not being met at the door with kisses and excitement from everyone is hard. My lone kitty (1.5 yr old) is so lost with out his buddies. I will get a companion kitty for him soon but not sure that I can do another puppy again either. Besides, my girl will be so hard to replace I'm at least able to talk with out bursting into I stand tears now, so I am managing. I know most have been through this and I'm not alone but gosh darn it's hard.
  11. Thank you @JustWatchMe. It's been a tough couple of days.....
  12. Unfortunately, my baby girl, my best fur buddy, and most trusted companion has not been able to over come the kidney failure. I will forever be indebted to her friendship and love. There will be no other like her to me [emoji174]
  13. Thanks @@Miss Mac. And @@James Marusek and @proud grammy. (And everyone else). We just got back from emerg vet for a visit and she is not improving. We are giving her another day in hopes it will help and for us to adjust I think. I just can't believe two in one weekend! Heart wrenching. I still can't eat. Has to be a first for me in my life. [emoji174][emoji22]
  14. @babbs. Yes, sure is hard. It a blessing to have these furry friends in our lives and to give us unconditional love but it's heart wrenching to let them go. I feel that because we love them like our own kids, it's even harder as it seems that they should out live us. This fella was especially hard to see him go. He certainly had and really still has my heart in his paws. Thank you everyone for the hugs, they really do help. Also, to all who's hearts are pained by the loss of their fur friend too a virtual hug right back to you!
  15. Thanks all! They mean everything to me. Coming home this morning with no one to great me at the door was so hard.
  16. fat_free

    Pop tart ads, really BP?!?

    VIP, iPhone and no ads [emoji847]
  17. I already love the new app! The only change I would like, would be able to see the weight tickers for everyone on the app and to update our own profiles from the app. Otherwise, It's already very user friendly. Are you changing this again?

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