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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Without going to far in a limb here I think most of us have reflux atlest I know I did fit years I am already being weened off of omeprazol to Zantac then to go off all together ... The sleeve surgery as well as my hernia fix has been great so far .... Is it the chrones that is the issue ???? I don't know about that and surgery sorry but good luck in your journey ...
  2. Nope have you called your surgeon ??? I would just to be safe .. Good luck
  3. Tbird49

    8 weeks post op

    ??nothing posted
  4. Tbird49

    10 wks post op 50 lbs down!

    That's so great, good job and welcome to our club
  5. Yep I usually drink a protein shake before bed it does the trick )
  6. Tbird49

    Crossing Fingers

    Good luck .. Those clothes will be worn soon
  7. Today is 30 days since i got my sleeve its so strange the emotional ups and downs , I'm 23 lbs down which is awesome !!! I'm finally starting to GET IT lol I'm making good food choices and really don't miss the bad stuff ,,, I want to thank all if you on this site who have posted support it makes a huge difference to know your never really alone and people understand ... I have an awesome family support I know this is gonna work and I will live my life more fuller now I will not hide again ) look out world here I am !!!!
  8. Tbird49

    Im sorry

    I appreciate your posts I am a work in progress good luck to all of you as well
  9. Ur lucky I would kill to be able to drink that much water I'm almost among out and the water part is still my hardest part ...
  10. Tbird49


    That's so crazy I had my surgery on 9/16 as well I am on the soft food phase I would be scared to try anything regular right now I don't care what a dietician says lol
  11. Tbird49


    You have to get your liquids. In before anything don't rush the soft foods yet it may be to soon for your pouch but if you dehydrate your in big trouble good luck
  12. Tbird49

    I'm sleeved!

    Welcome to the club best wishes for a safe healthy journey
  13. Surgery date 9/16/13 SW 261 lbs CW 247 lbs So far so good liquid diet first week , dr okayed soft foods today , my first meal lol about 3 table spoons of small curd cottage cheese omg yummy lol ... I feel rumbling in my stomach probably air ... I'm still tired , but gradually doing more ... Overall I'm content and looking forward to my new life .. Oh I live in Las Vegas any other sleeves out there ??? I like this forum it is really helpful ...

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