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  1. I eat twice a day lunch and dinner and eat whatever I want, no restrictions. Eating is different after surgery, you don't have the cravings and if u do you can only eat very little...best thing ever
  2. mittiga

    October Sleevers - Who else

    Sleeved 10/21 Sw:384 CW:310
  3. Thank you everyone this was the second best decision I've made in my life...wife is obviously #1
  4. Surgery date 10/21 Sw:384 CW:310 Feeling amazing and still plenty to go
  5. mittiga

    Is this normal?

    That's funny I felt the same thing during my first week. I drank 64oz of water like it was nothing and wondered if the doctor forgot to sleeve me. Wait another 2 weeks until you can finally eat, you'll see
  6. mittiga

    350+ Sleevers?

    Started at 384 and had surgery on 10/21 and a short 7 weeks later I'm 329...it's been so easy I wish I could have done this years ago
  7. mittiga

    October Sleevers - Who else

    Can I be added to the October FB group? mmittiga113@gmail.com Thanks
  8. For all October surgeries, what are your stats? Had surgery 10/21/13 HW: 384 SW: 380 CW: 338
  9. I experienced the same thing I was able to drink as much liquid as I wanted to...wait until you eat solid food you will see a whole new world
  10. mittiga

    October Updates

    Great job everyone!
  11. 10/21 surgery date I think you were the same
  12. I have to say right before my surgery I was feeling like I was making the biggest mistake as I am 26, actually 27 today, and still have my whole life ahead of me. I'm now 2 weeks out and I haven't been hungry, haven't been miserable, I can still drink liquids without an issue, and I realize that in a few short weeks I can eat anything I want , just in less amounts. What's better than that?
  13. Last night I had a cup of Snickers ice cream around 9pm. I woke up at 12am and started spitting up the most fowl tasting battery acid, I have never experienced this in my life. I was actually on the verge of calling 911 I thought my insides were going to come up. Has anyone experienced this?
  14. mittiga

    No ice cream?

    Well this was definitely an eye opener! No more messing around...just praying I didn't do damage
  15. mittiga

    No ice cream?

    No I just figured when the ice cream melts in your mouth it's like a liquid, but oh man was I wrong.
  16. mittiga

    No ice cream?

    Yeah sleeved 10/21...I'm on full liquids but thought id try ice cream...guess I won't ever do that again
  17. I started at 384lbs and did not have a weight loss requirement. Surgery weight was 380 and everything went great, so I'm sure he can find a surgeon that doesn't require weight loss
  18. mittiga

    Water intake?

    I had my sleeve Monday also and I can drink a whole 16oz water bottle in 10 minutes. I have no issues with drinking.
  19. I was sleeved on Monday 10/21. Today is day 3 post surgery. Today I drank a clear isopure 20oz bottle, had a cup of broth, 2 ice pops and 1/2 cup of jello and it's only 3pm! I feel like I could have more. I have no problems getting this amount down which is pretty scary. Anyone else find that's it's easy to get liquids in so easily in week 1?
  20. mittiga

    Finally 10/21/13

    I have the same gas pain as everyone, 6 incisions and they each are extremely sore and painful. I've been taking pain killers which seem to help a little bit, and drinking liquids is much harder than I thought. This isn't as easy as I thought it would be...
  21. mittiga

    Finally 10/21/13

    How's everyone feeling today? This gas pain is brutal, and no drinking Water the entire day sucks too!
  22. Slept pretty well surprisingly Off to the hospital I go Good luck all

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