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  1. Just spoke with my insurance company..They are willing to pay up to 15,000 life time max for the lap band..How much does this usually cost? I always have a fear that I will have complications and then not be able to have it removed...Any input would help
  2. I have my first visit for a consult on getting a lap band..What can I expect?
  3. If you've had a problem with a slip or erosion ...Which did you have A Lap band or Realize..Still weighting which one I should choose
  4. capawana

    So disappointed in myself

    You hit the nail on the head....Food Addiction and thank you for the encouragement
  5. As I was working out today...It hit me....On July 12th I have my first consult with the surgeon...I feel like I let myself down by looking for help in loosing weight...I have lost 80 on my own the good old fashion way...I need another 100 to loose...Why cant I do the rest on my own...I'm very confused...Knowing that I need to be healthy and feel good about myself...I just feel like I threw in the towel...Anyone else ever feel this way?
  6. capawana

    So disappointed in myself

    Thank you for a great perspective
  7. capawana

    So disappointed in myself

    Thank you all soooo much for all the input...I cant believe this is such a big deal of a decision for me..All I have ever wanted was to be a healthy weight....With my health issues my insurance company will fast track this...I dont know why I'm so hesitant....
  8. Any input on to which is a better choice
  9. My insurance will pay to have the lap band put in. But should I have any problems from it or need it removed even due to medical issues they will not PAY for that....So now what do I do
  10. Thanks you Dave for talking me down.
  11. capawana

    ONEDERLAND!! 104lbs lost. 9 months after surgery.

    You look beautiful !!! Congrats on your loss...Hoping to be me some day..Thanks for posting
  12. Thank you so much and please know I will keep you in my prayers for your success with the battle of the bulge..
  13. I have my first consult this week and want to have all the info needed to get the ball rolling...I have BCBS PPO..Any info would be greatly appreciated...My BMI is 44.3 and I have lost 80 lbs over the last 2 years thru Weight Watchers and working out...But cant loose any more...I have controlled B/P with meds and a Genetic Heart Defect....Does it sound like I could be approved?
  14. My BMI is 44.3 and my insurance was issued in NJ...Best of luck to you with the surgery...Cant wait to hear how well you do .
  15. I'm in NJ and have 2.5 years of Weight Watchers weigh in s and 1.5 years of my gyms records of all my work out time..And all medical history . I would love to be FAST TRACKED..Thanks for the info
  16. Do they put you on a diet while waiting for approval? So odd but isnt that why we want the lap band to help keep us on track and help us from over eating....How often do you need to go to the doctors office for weight ins..Weight Watchers has stopped working for me, will they put me on a liquid diet from the start? Very confused
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