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  1. Hi all!!! I was sleeved on 6/10 and recently began ursodiol 300mg twice a day. Although I shouldn't since I'm still in the early stages and fluctuating, I weigh myself usually everyday...my first weigh in after the medication I fluctuated 3lbs up..did anyone else notice if their gallbladder meds changed their weight or slowed the progress of their weight loss? A few people have expressed bloating and weight gain while others have said it helps to aid in weight loss as your gallbladder can breakdown cholesterol etc. perhaps my weight is attributed to the fact that I had about 680 cals compared to my average of 400-500. Thanks all!!! -Mike
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    Congrats on your one month too!!! It's gone by so fast hasn't it!?
  3. Guerml95

    How do i know when im full?

    I was told that when you start feeling any type of pressure, that indicates that your full. A feeling of full is different to us now after the surgery. For me it's a slight pressure which indicates I should stop. As per my NUT, that is a meal and you should stop eating at that point, otherwise if we wait for that pressure to pass, we are just going to continue eating. Hope this helps!!!
  4. Hello Sleevers!!! My name is Mike. I was sleeved on 6/10/14. Currently down about 21 since surgery. Finally getting my energy back!!! I was always told NOT to weigh yourself everyday, as the body fluctuates quite a bit especially in the early stages after surgery. However, I just can't help myself from stepping on every morning LOL. I experienced a stall in my second week, but reassured myself it would pass (which it did). So this AM I weighed myself and I was up 1.8 from yesterday. I am not concerned, but just curious to see if other people have experienced this fluctuation and if anyone else shares this similar addiction . Please feel free to add me as a friend I am looking for newbies and experienced members!!!! Thanks so much! Mike
  5. Everyone's suggestions and comments are so helpful! I think I'll stick to Friday mornings! It will be a great way to start the weekend!! Thanks sleevers!!!
  6. Hello! My surgeon had me starting me on Protein shakes (I use whey protein) and I blend it with a cup of milk and 4 or 5 ice cubes. I had to do this 2x a day but now down to one. They have some yummy flavors like strawberry and Peanut Butter cup! I use body fortress!! Did your doctor mention anything about a protein supplement? And by that I mean the powder to make shakes?
  7. I was sleeved on 6/10. I hit a stall in my second week, came here for comfort. This is a normal occurrence as so many people have expressed. Please do not feel stress and try to enjoy this as much as possible right now. We are still in the early stages and this is a life changing process that takes time. You are doing wonderfully. Make sure to just keep at it and follow those doctor recommendations!
  8. Hi add me! I am June 10th!

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