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    VSG Eating at 1yr-2yr post-op

    I have found that 4-6 ounces of Protein is the right amount to keep me satisfied for about 3-4 hours. I can eat more of some items but dense protein (beef, chicken, seafood) fills me up and I stay satisfied longer. If I do yogurt or protein shakes I find that I am hungrier sooner.
  2. macman

    VSG Eating at 1yr-2yr post-op

    I am 17 months post surgery. (Male) Before surgery I could eat everything you mentioned. Now I eat much less and make better choices. If ordering steak, I can eat 4-6 ounces, I usually order Filet because it tends to be more tender. I can also eat a small amount of vegetable. I almost never order an appetizer unless it is going to be my meal, and I avoid fried foods entirely
  3. macman

    Anyone from Massachusetts?

    My consult was approximately two weeks after the last class. Surgery was about one month laster as I had to wait for insurance approval and pre surgical testing
  4. macman

    Anyone from Massachusetts?

    I am doing great! I am 16 months post surgery and have lost a total of 142 pounds. I have been pretty stable now for about six months. I feel good. I am very active, BP is the best it has ever been. It was a terrific decision for me
  5. macman

    Anyone from Massachusetts?

    My surgery was done at UMass by Dr Czerniach on 12/23/13. I think he is great!
  6. macman

    Anyone from Massachusetts?

    I was sleeved by Dr Czerniach at UMass in December 2013. It was the best decision I have made for myself. Down 145 pounds and feel great!
  7. macman

    Anyone from Massachusetts?

    Congratulations! Good luck on your journey. The hospital has a very good support network.
  8. HW 362 SW 320 CW 216 TPL 146 TGP 132 No change. Maintaining my weight within my bounce range.
  9. My favorite non perishable items would be almonds or Quest Nutrition Protein Bars ( White Choc Raspberry, Cookies and Creme or Choc Chip Cookie Dough).
  10. HW 362 SW 320 CW 216 TPL 146 TGP 132 No change
  11. It is absolutely possible. I've lost 146 pounds to date. Stay disciplined, it is a lifestyle change. Good luck!
  12. macman


    For me, post surgery the sticky rice is deadly. Tried it only once and it felt like I swallowed a bowling ball. Too bad as it was one of my favorite foods pre op.
  13. The two chocolate protein powders are different. The Original Chocolate Classic contains Aspartame, which is a problem for some people. Chocolate Splendor uses Sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener not broken down by the body.
  14. I have used Unjury for the last 18 months. I use both Chocolate Splendor and Vanilla. They are great mixed with ice and skim milk. I blend them with Torani sugar free syrups: Hazelnut, English Toffee, Salted Caramel. I also blend with Chike Iced Coffee Protein Powder. I purchase direct from their website at Unjury.com
  15. Hi Alex My gastric sleeve surgery procedure went without a hitch, except for the blood clot I developed post surgery. There was nothing to indicate I would be a problem. No extraordinary precautions were taken ahead of time. The blood clot started in my leg and progressed to become a pulmonary embolism. I spent two weeks in the hospital, one of which was in the Cardiac Intensive Care at UMass Medical Center in Worcester, MA. I count myself as very fortunate. I am thankful that my surgery was at a Bariatric Center of Excellence with a level one Trauma Center. Happily there do not appear to be any lasting issues related to the clot.
  16. From the beginning I was told to eat three meals a day, along with 2 snacks if I needed them. I still follow that plan 14 months out,. I just am able to eat more.
  17. macman

    What a difference a year makes.....

    Hey Recycled Congratulations on your loss! I too have enjoyed being MFP buddies. It has been motivating to watch you achieve success. You will have to share your experiences with the bicycle. I'm looking forward to spring, (winter here), when I can start cycling myself
  18. macman

    Anyone from Massachusetts?

    I am 14 months out. Had surgery at UMass Medical Center in Worcester
  19. 14 months out....the only food issue is rice. Everything else is fine. The one time I ate it in the last year t felt like I swallowed a bowling ball. That was the end of that experiment! Thankfully it is a food I choose not to eat along with pasta, potatoes and bread.
  20. macman

    24-36 inches?!

    I am in Massachusetts. They are calling for 24+ inches of snow, Monday evening through Tuesday. One weather person called the storm historic. Well, I hope not. I was in the "Blizzard of 78", 48 inches of snow and the area was paralyzed for a week! But if the normal accuracy of the weatherman prevails, we'll be fine! LOL
  21. HW 362 SW 320 CW 216 TPL 146 TGP 132 2 lbs since my last post! Lost everything that I gained over the Holidays, and at my lowest weight in 35 years! LOL!
  22. Hi Alex, this is a good idea. I have spent a lot of time looking for the "right products to use" and you can tell from the board that there are a lot of questions about foods and Vitamins. I use "UNJURY" Syntrax, Bell Plantation, Chike Nutrition and "Quest" for bariatric items. The quality piece is really important, especially when taking supplements and vitamins.
  23. Everyday, once a day. My morning routine is bathroom, scale and then shower. I need the daily accountability.
  24. macman

    when will i stop losing weight?

    I just had this discussion with my surgeon at a one year follow up visit. I've lost 145 pounds and I am about 13 pounds past my pre-established goal. Weight loss has slowed dramatically for me. He indicated that your body makes the decision for you. If you follow the plan for 12-18 months, the body will settle into it's comfort zone. You can push the limits through a strict diet and exercise plan but unless you can maintain that level, there might be some small weight gain; even when sticking to the diet plan. And that is the body adjusting to where it is most comfortable.
  25. I am 13 months post surgery. I am not perfect in the way I eat but generally eat healthy. I will admit that sometimes when traveling unprepared, I have to "make do" with what is available for my diet. Making do is running to a convenience store for friendly foods or a restaurant for salad or a hamburger without the bun. I do not consider whey Protein isolate "diet food". It is recommended by most every Dr doing this surgery as a way to get proper amounts of protein. Especially as you progress through the food stages and particularly when you begin to exercise and need protein to help maintain muscle loss or carbohydrates for energy. For a very long time and still today, I can only eat so much before getting full. The only way to get required amounts of protein is to use Protein powder with skim or almond milk. Otherwise I do not maintain satiety and find myself grazing. It is also a great way to start each day! I do use "Quest" Protein Bars as an occasional snack to tide me over to the next meal or a post workout burst of protein. I have no problem eating anything. I just have to eat in small quantities. The protein must be dense enough to keep me full for 3-4 hours at a time. I am not a vegetarian and do not eat rice, Pasta, bread or potato by choice. The first six months I generally consumed 50 carbs or less a day, as exercise increased I needed more carbs. Today I usually eat 90-100 on active days and 70-80 on less active days. Low carb has always worked for me but I realize it is a personal choice about how many carbs to eat. As I progress in my diet I can eat a great variety of foods, as long as it fits into the plan I've made to maintain my weight loss.