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  1. Yes, mine started around 18 months post-op. A lot of discomfort on left side under breast bone / rib area. Hurt after eating as well as when taking deep breaths. Had CT and EGD and surgeon found my stomach had dilated at the top, grew sort of another little pouch which was pushing up under my diaphragm. This was causing food to become trapped in the pouch & also producing more acid...thus acid reflux. Surgeon also found another hiatal hernia. I just had surgery 2 weeks ago, he removed the growth/pouch (neo-fundus) and fixed the hernia. Sent from my iPad using BariatricPal
  2. I am sorry you aren't feeling well, but I recommend contacting your dr. I am 2 1/2 years post op and just had surgery last week to repair hiatal hernia (again) and fix my sleeve. It had grown/stretched at the top (neofundus) and was pushing up on my diaphragm, causing a lot of discomfort. It was allowing food to stay in this pouch and causing acid reflux. Dr said this is a risk w the sleeve surgery...under 5% chance...of course it would happen to me. I hope u find relief soon.
  3. OBXgirl

    thinking of getting vsg

    @@Dub can you tell me a little more about the abdominal hernia? I just had a Resleeve Monday (3 1/2 yrs post op, neofundus grew at top of sleeve), and I've had excruciating pain very low right side. Saw surgeon today and he said it's a hernia. It's been hurting a lot to get up and down, even to take a deep breath sometimes. He doesn't want to go right back into surgery to repair it. He would rather allow my body to heal for 2 months. He said the pain can come and go with abdominal hernias. What has been your experience and have u found anything that helps w the pain, other than surgery??
  4. OBXgirl

    Hiatel Hernia and Angulation

    Please keep us posted
  5. Nailsbyniki how are you doing now? I've read this entire forum and I pray you are doing well. You have been thru so much.
  6. OBXgirl

    Hiatel Hernia and Angulation

    Hi, just wondering what you decided to do. I am In a similar situation with my sleeve at nearly 2 years post op. Hernia, reflux, and dilated sleeve that formed a pouch at the top. I feel lost. Dr wants to do a re sleeve on that pouch that has formed. I'm scared.
  7. OBXgirl

    Stomach acid problems

    I am 7 months out and experience reflux worse than before surgery. I take nexium twice daily. I get a horrible burning feeling in my stomach and throat, sometimes lasting all day. I hope there is light at the end of this tunnel!
  8. I also have bounced up and down a pound or so.
  9. @asksarah -- I see you are a year post-op, can u give me an example of what a normal day's eating consists of for you? This may give me an idea if I'm freaking out for no reason. However, just as indieallie said, "Almost over night, I started being able to eat more than ever before - with no pain - no burbs - no sliming etc. It scares me."
  10. Well, it sounds as if this may be a normal part of the process--which is good to know. I'm with you ladies.....let's kick it in gear and take control! We can do this !!
  11. Oh my gosh, me too!! I hit my 6 month post op on March 4th and feel exactly the same. It has me so scared that my stomach has stretched. It's like I can suddenly eat so much more, not like before surgery but definitely different than these past 6 months. And I can't seem to get the scales to move now, been stalled . Any veterans out there have any thoughts on this?
  12. OBXgirl

    9 Month Update

    Awesome, congrats!!
  13. OBXgirl

    1 Year Surgiversary!

    Wow you look fantastic!
  14. OBXgirl

    Achy tender stomach

    Hi molly3, Went to surgeon today and he is sending me for scope and ct scan monday. He also prescribed carafate and nexium. He wants to make sure nothing is going on that he is missing. Hope all will be okay. Thx for all your advice and taking time to chat!!
  15. OBXgirl

    I Have A Leak And I'm Scared.

    I am so sorry to hear u are going thru this. Although i know u are scared, it sounds like the docs have a good handle on it. I will definitely keep u in my prayers! I do have a couple questions for u, if u dont mind me asking. I am just over three months out and i also have been feeling pretty good overall. However, ive had nausea along with pain on my left side almost this whole time. Been taking meds for acid reflux and nausea to keep under control. No fever. No vomiting. Feel pretty good. But the pain on my left side is worrying me. Its not getting better. Its under my ribcage. Is this where yours hurt? It hurts almost all the time and hurts worse when i eat. I actually had appt w surgeon today and he is sending me for EGD and CT scan monday. If its a leak, would it show on a ct scan? Or would i need to have a upper GI? Sorry to bombard u with questions. I am praying u will feel better real soon and the fear would be lifted.
  16. I too just passed the three month mark. Feeling pretty good, have alot more energy. Still fighting with nausea and abdominal pain. Surgeon thinks it is from acid reflux and is going to try a new medicine. Otherwise, all is well and i'm so very happy i did this! Ive lost 46 total!!! Starting weight 223 Surgery weight 220 Current weight 177 Have gone from size 20 to size 14/16 woohoo!!!!
  17. OBXgirl

    Achy tender stomach

    Feeling a little better today. Mild nausea. But i see my surgeon on thurs morning. Hoping he has something to help.
  18. OBXgirl

    Achy tender stomach

    Did u experience nausea with the heartburn/reflux?
  19. OBXgirl

    Achy tender stomach

    No i'm not taking anything other than prilosec. Hoping my surgeon will be able to help me this week. Its difficult to even eat feeling like i do. Did they do anything for you when u went to the ER? Thank you for taking time to reply and keeping me posted!!
  20. OBXgirl

    Achy tender stomach

    Molly3, I'm 3 months post op and suddenly experiencing similar issues. Having nausea, burning sensation in tummy, and aching in abdomen. I'm also on Prilosec twice daily. Did the doctor have anything else to help? A different PPI? Any mention of ulcer etc? I have appt this week with surgeon, just wondering if u have any advice?
  21. I am experiencing exactly the same thing. I'm six weeks out today. I was nauseous weeks 2-4 then it got better, now sick again. It's been hard to get much down for past few days dye to nausea. So I'm interested in this thread as well. Thx!!
  22. For those further out, do you still get the full feeling in your chest or does this change with time? I am about 4 weeks out and It feels so different from feeling full in in my tummy....and, oddly, my tummy doesn't really feel full at all (just my chest hurts). I am eating slow and very small amounts of soft foods. Just wondering if this is how I'm always going to feel (because i don't like it much)!
  23. OBXgirl


    You look amazing!!!
  24. I'm trying my best to be patient with this whole process, but some days are difficult. I wish some more people would chime in on this question

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