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  1. juliansmommy

    Pureed stage

    Just wonder. Did u have a pre op diet like south beach?
  2. juliansmommy

    Pureed stage

    My surgeon says no pasta, potatoes and rice! That is a strong no no thru him. I would contact ur dr if u can! Gl
  3. juliansmommy

    February 25 anyone?

    Yay you!!! That's awesome!!! Are u nervous?! I'm more excited. I have a lot I have to do before Tuesday. Aahhhh
  4. So this needs to be done after surgery right? My surgery is on Tuesday.
  5. juliansmommy

    February/March 2014 sleevers

    Feb 25 here! Getting nervous and feeling a bit depressed. Is that normal? The depressed part?
  6. juliansmommy

    15 lbs to lose b 4 surgery

    I did phase 1 of south beach. Now I still follow it for dinner but do 2 protein shakes during the day and beef jerky. Down 15 in 5 weeks. I'm a slow loser. Good luck.
  7. juliansmommy

    Just got approval for surgery!

    Yay!!! Congrats!! U are one step closer to a better you!!!
  8. juliansmommy

    Sleep study is tonight!

    My hubby has been making jokes all day. I'm not nervous... Just can't wait to get this out if the way! ????. Thx
  9. I'm in pre op still and I think about that but I'm excited about being able to really life life to its fullest! We went to my in laws last night and there was food everywhere. I made a Protein shake before I left and drank it on the way. Had no carbs or sugar and survived! We had a great time. It was nice not being tied or thinking about food the entire time. Good luck!!! Colette
  10. juliansmommy

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    Good to hear. Keep us posted on how u r feeling.
  11. juliansmommy

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    From what I have seen they want to see that you have made an effort to lose weight prior to surgery. Most insurances now was proof to that instead of just your word. It's only going to get harder now.
  12. You look fabulous!!! Are u working out as well?
  13. juliansmommy

    New here!

    Good luck! I'm new too! I just had my base weight weigh in and my first appointment with the LPN is in October. But I have all my appointments set and ready to go. Actually will be done with them before I visit with the LPN for the first time! Just started the south beach diet. My dr wants me down 5% before surgery. I would love to be down 10%. I'm on day 2 of the first phase and it's tough! Good luck with everything!
  14. juliansmommy

    Starting process... Switching insurance

    For our area they do not cover any phys eval providers. I would have to do out of network and all the drs want Cigna to fill out the paper work and Cigna wants drs. The co pays are very high as well even though we have met the deductible.
  15. juliansmommy

    Surgery Is Monday - Do I Have What I Need?

    Ok new here... What is the pillow for?
  16. juliansmommy


    Hi. I'm going for my first weigh in tomorrow. I think I'm at 302 and my BMW is 49.6. I know my dr wants me to lose at least 5% so 15 lbs. I would love for my surgery to be in February. It works out best for my family. I think it depends on your doc. Good luck.
  17. juliansmommy

    Starting out...bad back...

    Thank you for they reply! Fingers crossed!!!! Good luck!!!! Just starting my journey to a new me! sent from my iPad
  18. Tonight I ate too much...knowing this might be the last time for big meal at my moms bday party...your not alone! Just starting my journey to a new me! sent from my iPad

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