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  1. Thank You, I have not been sleeved yet. Kaiser (my health insurance) requires that I take a 12 week course. My classes begin on Aug 31st. I can't wait. I'm sure there will be other requirements but I'm not sure what they are right now. Hopefully this week will go be fast. I'm ready to get started! :)

  2. As a child, there are certain things that you should not be made aware of. The first time I was made aware that I was overweight was when I was maybe 10 years old. I was 103 lbs. My pediatrician at that time told me mother that I was 13 lbs overweight. She did not provide and instructions, plan or support on how to achieve that goal. Now at 38 years old and I weigh 280 lbs., (NOT GOOD @ ALL!) So it is safe to say, I have struggled with weight my whole life. I have tried so many different diet plans. Slimfast, Metabolife, Weightwatchers, to name a few. Yes, I had some success with all every program. The weight came back.

    As a child, I was always reminded that I was “FAT”. My father, grandmother and uncle always made it a point to tell me that I was “AS BIG AS A HOUSE”. What a thing to say to a kid. Talk about a confidence killer. I guess that was their way of “encouraging me to lose the weight” But, no matter how you say it. That was just plain old MEAN!!!Over the past 20 years, I found more and more of my self-esteem dying with each pound I gained. I have struggled with the thought of weight loss surgery over the past 3 years. But kept telling myself, I can do it on my own. There’s something about hearing over and over again about how fat you are, or being in a relationship that the focus is your weight that causes you just lose all hope, belief and motivation to get up an just do better for you. It really makes you feel like you can’t achieve anything in life. I felt like I was not loved! I stopped caring about anything I was miserable!

    I have to make the most important decision of my life. I am a member of Kaiser Permanente. I begin the Options Program on Aug 31st. My last class will be Nov 9th. I am hoping to have a surgery date sometime around Dec 2013, but no later than Jan 2014. I am excited, nervous and a little scared all at the sometime. I have so many questions, like….What if I fail again? What will I do if I don’t qualify for the procedure? These are all major concerns for me. I WANT THIS!!!!! I want to be a new healthier, better me. My decision to have the Vertical Gastric Sleeve is my last chance & my last hope.

    I am so excited about this community. I’ve felt alone for so long. This is the support will help make this journey a whole lot easier. I look forward to making new friends that share the same challenges and experiences. I look forward to the comments, suggestions and positive energy communication. :)

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