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    Scylla got a reaction from roundisashape in Man, I Just Can't Wait To Have Surgery!   
    Right there with you! I just had visit 3 of 7 of my MSWL. Also commuted to downtown Chicago for 10+ years dealing with packed CTA trains and buses.
    Also looking forward to not having to buy elastic waist pants! I don't currently own any non-elastic waist pants.
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    Scylla reacted to MindiJean in Cottage cheese... yuck!   
    I've mixed mine with tuna before but never crab.....that sounds AWESOME!!! Thanks for the suggestion!!
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    Scylla got a reaction from LM07 in sleevers in Chicago southland   
    Hi there. I live in the northwest suburbs. I just joined the forum today and went to my first information session yesterday. I have a consultation with Dr. Woody Denham on 8/29. From the information session last night, it sounds like VSG is the best surgery choice for me.
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    Scylla reacted to blackcloudkygirl in Over 400Lbs Gastric Sleeve Success Story   
    Hi. I started at 438lbs and the surgeon put me on a 4 week liquid diet, along with nutrition classes, so by surgery time I was down to 366lbs. My surgery was June 3, 2013 and I am now down to 270lbs as of today, Nov 6, 2013...this is 167lbs down...I love my sleeve! I feel great, it was the best decision of my life. Good luck!
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    Scylla reacted to chellelynn in Over 400Lbs Gastric Sleeve Success Story   
    I had my vertical Sleeve surgery on 4/10/13 and weighted 464 lbs and today my weight is 305! I couldn't be happier with my results so far! Best decision I've ever made! You will have great results!

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    Scylla reacted to BigFrank in New guy here, you've GOT to read this!   
    I have really been going back and forth as whether to post here or not. I guess I am sort of a "forum person" in my hobbies and areas of interest, but I have to be honest, I have avoided posting on this site or even looking at it for a couple of reasons. I found this site only a few days before my surgery but when I found it I found more negativity and frightened people then I found inspiration. Actually, I have gone here and gotten the (bleep) scared out of me by a few posters, every time I see their posts I get knots in my stomach. The main poster that does that to me has a screen name that starts with the letter "i". Everybody is terrified of leaks and all the negatives of this surgery and I just haven't been able to relate to many of the topics. Below I will share some of the basics of my journey so far.
    First off, I am a 35 year old male who is 6 feet 3 inches tall. I wasn't fat my whole life, I actually weighed 218 when I was 19 years old. That was pretty close to a "perfect" weight for me. I got into a business where the guys I worked with partied, ate, and drank to excess. Over the years I ballooned to 445 lbs which is where I have been for the past 2-3 years. In 2010 I was considering the lap band but chickened out. I was back on in 2011 but chickened out again. In 2012 I HAD to make a decision because I was put on Metformin for borderline diabetes and Lisinopril for borderline blood pressure as well. That was it. I started again with the nutritionist appointments and made an appt. to see my surgeon who is located downtown Chicago a few miles from my house. My first appt. with him was in early October 2012 and he suggested a VSG instead of the lap band because of the large amount of weight I wanted to lose. I left thinking about it and did the rest of my pre op requirements such as upper GI, psyche, EKG, etc. I saw my surgeon again on November 14th, 2012 and we decided on the VSG (which I really didn't know a lot about). We set surgery for December 21st, 2012.
    Because I am a big fella, my surgeon put me on a 28 day pre op liquid only diet (to shrink my liver and loosen my skin) which I started on November 23rd, 2012 (the day after Thanksgiving). The first few days were tough but I have very strong will power and stuck to it, following the requirements to the letter. I didn't cheat even once. Again, not even once. After about 12 days it was smooth sailing and I just plugged away and kept up the exercise plan that I had been doing for over a year which was just walking 1.5 miles, three times per week at my local YMCA. I didn't weigh myself even once the entire plan and weighed myself the morning of surgery. To my astonishment I lost a staggering 49 lbs!!!!I I couldn't even believe it, to be honest with you I began to sob like a little girl! I went from 445 to 396. I was just so shocked. My surgeon told me that I broke his practice record which was previously 45 lbs for a pre op diet. Again, I LOST 49 LBS IN 28 DAYS!!!
    On the morning of December 21st, 2012 I was ready for surgery at a major hospital downtown Chicago. I arrived, valet parked, checked in, and was laying on the table prepped for surgery within 1 hour just waiting for the anesthesiologist. I was in surgery about an hour and a half later and the surgery took 2 1/2 hours. I am going to cut the details of my hospital stay down so readers aren't sitting here all day reading. Any questions just ask me. I wanted to leave the hospital the next evening but my surgeon said that he wouldn't allow me to break two records and that I should stay another night. Quick recap, I was checked into my room after surgery at 6pm Friday night and was discharged from the hospital at 11am Sunday morning, less then 48 hours after entering my room.
    Upon arriving home I checked my weight, expecting to have lost a few lbs, and actually gained back 2 lbs due to all the fluids that were pumped into me. I was back up to 398. My recovery went ok I think, I was in a lot of pain along my largest incision which is about 3+ inches wide. I was on Tramadol which sucks. It took me 9 days to finish the 25 pills that I was prescribed since I was skipping doses. I was home on Sunday morning and by Wednesday morning I was off to the YMCA where I walked only one lap around the track. I limped around and talked to my friends there before going home. I was back at the YMCA on Friday and actually walked 5 laps (a half mile). I finally weighed myself on Friday, one week after surgery, and I was down from 398 to 391. I weighed myself again on Sunday afternoon and I lost another 4 lbs from Friday to Sunday, 9 lbs in 9 days, ending up at 387 lbs, 58 lbs down in 38 days.
    So that's basically that. It's been over 10 days now since surgery and I am feeling like a million bucks. Here are the "scary" parts. I am using the term scary because after reading this site I would have thought I was going to die from this surgery. I HAVE NOT been nauseous even for one second since surgery. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOT thrown up, or even gagged for that matter, not even once. I AM ABLE to drink 60ozs of Fluid per day. I just started puree on Saturday, 8 days out, and it's been perfect. I had 4 ozs of low fat cottage cheese (which I LOVE) today as well as only one Protein Shake, a bowl of Tomato Soup, and plenty of Water. I AM NOT hungry, EVER. I just eat to live, that's it. Today I feel the best that I have felt since surgery. Every day gets better. My goal is to lose 220 lbs, 100 in three months from the start of my pre op diet on November 23rd. I WILL do it.
    I know I left out a bunch so fire away (or ask any questions that you want).
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    Scylla got a reaction from Ms skinniness in Concerned--insurance is changing on 1/1/14!   
    Unfortunately, HMOI requires the 6 months MSWL program so I have no way of getting it done before the end of the year. My surgeon's office only requires 3 months.
    Wouldn't it be a nice surprise if I learned that the requirement for the new insurance was only 3 months?! (I know...wishful thinking!)
    HMOI has the same kind of requirement re the status of the hospital (and the medical group/surgeon), but they don't call it the same thing. I believe they call it "Center of Excellence" and my surgeon and hospital are part of it, so I should be good in that regard.
    I can't imagine the new insurance company giving me a hard time since my BMI was 61 when I started the supervised diet.
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    Scylla got a reaction from Stef_L in from 28/30 pants to 20 in 3 and 1/2 months!   
    That is so great! Congratulations!
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    Scylla got a reaction from FibroDiva in Any Chicago sleevers   
    Hi everyone. I just went to my first seminar/information session last night and it sounds like VSG is going to be the best surgical option for me. I have a surgical consult o 8/29 with Dr. Woody Denham. I live about an hour northwest of Chicago.
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    Scylla got a reaction from FibroDiva in Any Chicago sleevers   
    Hi everyone. I just went to my first seminar/information session last night and it sounds like VSG is going to be the best surgical option for me. I have a surgical consult o 8/29 with Dr. Woody Denham. I live about an hour northwest of Chicago.

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