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  1. 4 weeks sleeved :) yippee

  2. Just got the call from my surgeon's office. My date is Friday, October 4th. Who's with me???
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    2013 10 3 Face

    From the album: sylvynn

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    2013 10 3 side view

    From the album: sylvynn

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    2013 10 3 front view

    From the album: sylvynn

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    My closet is skinny too!

    Congratulations! I also hope to lose 100 lbs. Luckily I have bins full of stuff I've grown out of... XL, L and even a few Mediums from waaaaay back I could never get rid of them. But I plan to get rid of all my fat clothes as I lose - that's for sure (except my biggest pair of pants for comparison).
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    October GS Pals?..

    I have a hiatal hernia repair as well. I haven't heard that it slows recovery... 10/4 - with Dr. Stephen Scott
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    STL sleeve scheduled 9/25

    I am soooo ready for this
  10. Less than 2 weeks now! Bring it on baby :)

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    STL sleeve scheduled 9/25

    Less than two weeks to go Dr. Scott at MNS - here I come!
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    October sleevers?

    counting downt he days -- 15 more to go!
  13. SleevedSylvynn

    Have my date!

    Congrats! It'll be here before you know it!
  14. SleevedSylvynn

    Fall off n need some guideance and help

    Here's a similar link that has some good advice http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/93902-4-months-out-and-falling-off-wagon/
  15. SleevedSylvynn

    4 months out and falling off wagon

    I didn't read anywhere that he said it was so easy for him -- or that he never needed support. I read that a cut and dried answer is better than no answer at all...
  16. SleevedSylvynn

    Biotin for hair loss

    I lose alot of hair everytime I wash it (pre-op).. dosn't seem to make a dent. Wondering how bad it is...
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    6 mo out

    Good for you!
  18. SleevedSylvynn

    October GS Pals?..

    Started at 228 and gained 12 lbs on the 6 months supervised ... obviously didn't work for me. So ready for this change. First appt in Feb, to be sleeved on Oct 4th. 3 day liquid plus Protein pre-op
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    October it is!

    congrats! October 4th here Sooo ready to change my life!
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    I think fiddlebiscuit is my newest curse word
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    I have a hiatal hernia as well - they plan to fix it suring surgery - no big deal according to my surgeon.