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  1. Anyone heard of him? My wife wants the sleeve done and he is close to us but he's new. We will be self pay. 11,500.
  2. Has anyone ever heard of him? He is a new surgeon in the area my wife is thinking of using him. If anyone know anything about him or Dr. Long please CHIME IN. THANKS
  3. ccm2n

    Private person

    Its your choice I am a teacher and didn't tell anyone. Sure some thought I had cancer. I told them I was sick when I had a bmi of 40 with high bp. I just say that I was tired of being unhealthy and made lifestyle changes. If anyone wants to know more I may tell them. But its a personal choice you will have to make. But it is possible to pass it off. I just wish I didn't even tell people I had Any type of surgery.
  4. I am 1 year out and glad that I did this. I can eat and enjoy life. I still eat my favorite foods and have lost 100 lbs. The best thing I've ever done. You also have to understand that some people will be negative no matter what. Do your research and research your doc. Find a good one with a good support team. You will be fine. The only thing that bothers me is some minor acid reflux that I didn't have pre sleeve. But with that being said I would do it over again tomorrow if I had to.
  5. ccm2n

    Gerd better after surgery?

    I did not have gerd or any reflux symptoms pre sleeve. I now have issues. The symptoms have improved but I think the sleeve is know for acid reflux. Just my opinion but the bypass is a acid reducing surgery.
  6. ccm2n

    Progress Pictures

    You look great !
  7. ccm2n

    3 years post op

    Looking great! Keep it up!
  8. Great info. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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