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  1. Im Day 15 postop Ive been doing great until day 13. Ive developed sharp pains, almost unbearable, under my right ribs...no incisions there and no obvious triggers to it either. Told nurse and PA at 2 week postop& are giving more pain meds which knock me out but i cant bear the pain. They said call if not any better by day18. Im wondering if it could be pleurisy. Hurts when i breathe too deep and i feel short of breath. No fever and ive been active and walking every day so i dont think its pneumonia. No cough etc. any one else have similar?
  2. anglicanchic85

    August 2013 Roll Call

    I was sleeved on aug 9th and it happened 5 days post op
  3. I'm so excited and feel hopeful! Cant wait to get rid of band and start this new journey! Have 2 friends who have done GREAT with the sleeve! I'm 46 y/o 230 lbs and READY! Anyone else scheduled for Aug 9th?
  4. anglicanchic85

    Surgery date Aug. 9th! Band to sleeve...

    It's been really rough! But Im doing great! Was a lot tougher recovery than i thought! I was sleeved 8/9/13 and im down 22 pounds today! Fatigue i still battle!
  5. anglicanchic85

    August Sleevers

    Band to sleeve on Aug 9th, now down 20 pounds as of postop day 17. Having goods days out n about and days of total fatigue...walking lots! Ready to get energy back and feel "normal"! Hard to get all those liquids and proteins in each day. Focusing hard!
  6. anglicanchic85

    Anyone develop pleurisy post op?

    Omg, thats terrible! What do they do to unflip your stomach?!
  7. anglicanchic85

    Anyone develop pleurisy post op?

    Oh, and I know it's not gallbladder as I had that out years ago. I'm 46 and back in school for my 2nd degree and cant be sleepy in class from pain meds! I was off of them until this pain started :-(
  8. anglicanchic85

    very helpful book.

    I found nothing at Barnes and Noble regarding bariatric or weightloss surgery or cookbooks nothing! Is society really still that shhh about it! Glad my drs office sells bari books for only their cost to him! And amazon has bunches too! I got really mad seeing ALL the dieting books, ALL the cookbooks for every possible diet ever created and NOTHING on bari!
  9. anglicanchic85

    8/9 @ 5:30am...it's time in Louisiana!

    Im doing great! Down 16 lbs 8 days postop! Listen, i had band to sleeve and im 46 y/o with 100 to lose total. Days 1-4 were ROUGH for me. Day 5 i became human again lol! Spent 1 night in hospital and went home with drain. Dont regret a thing!!!
  10. I am first up in the morning for band to sleeve revision! Nervous but mostly excited! Hoping i dont have any nausea and a speedy recovery!
  11. anglicanchic85

    Surgeon trying to talk me into band.

    Plz get 2nd opinion! I just converted from band to sleeve last friday and wish id done this the first time!
  12. anglicanchic85


    I was too and they told me its the anesthesia
  13. anglicanchic85

    Three days post op

    Everyone has a different experience and I am Day 7 Post Op today. I'll be honest, i had felt terrible Days 1-5 and i mean AWFUL! Headaches, backaches, rt upper arm aches, gas pains from laparoscopy & digestive system , nausea, soreness you name it! I texted a friend of mine who had lost 175 lbs since last July cause I really thought I might not make it thru i felt so badly and he said...it will pass...and it did! Day 6 felt sooooo much better! I was tired of reading posts like "no pain meds on day 2" "did i even have surgery i feeel great!" Lol. Hang in there, it WILL pass.
  14. anglicanchic85

    Can't Sleep..

    We are all serial dieters or we wouldnt be eligible for bariatric surgery...truth! We can NOT do it on our own which is why we need our tools to do this...our sleeves! When i cancelled my last fill and changed to a consult apptmnt and sat face to face with Dr Merriman I cried...I said "I failed the lap band" and he said without hesitation..."no! The lap band failed you. Obesity is a disease and we just havent found you the right tool yet to fight it with. Some people do great with a lap band, some with bypass & some with a sleeve. There is NO CURE for obesity but we are here to help you fight. You havent failed, you're still fighting or you wouldnt be here"
  15. anglicanchic85

    Can't Sleep..

    I had my band to sleeve revision last Friday...same scenario as you band helped me keep from gaining but only lost 10-20 at most. At 6 days post op I say go for it! Im down 15 pounds already!
  16. anglicanchic85

    Louisiana Sleevers?

    8-9-13 lap band to sleeve in Shreveport! Dr. George Merriman is my surgeon! Excellent care, followup, and staff! Any other north Louisianians here?
  17. anglicanchic85

    a question to anyone help...

    You will be fine as long as you havent eaten or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery.
  18. I am 6 days post op and my goal tomorrow is to get dressed makeup hair and go to barnes n noble and grocery store (husband as chaufuer of course!)
  19. As day 4 comes to an end i really battled nausea from the moment i woke up this morning then it left me b4 dr apptmnt and had drain removed, then back with a vengence tonite b4 dinner. Why am i so nauseated? Cut back on pain meds since pain is so much better znd drink drink drinking??? Jello and popsicles SF are my best friends
  20. anglicanchic85

    4 days out waking with nausea...normal?

    Also have headache? Weird huh? It comes n goes
  21. anglicanchic85

    4 days out waking with nausea...normal?

    Is it okto take a tiny sip of mylanta?
  22. I was sleeved early morning Aug 9 and i am still hurting. Went to dr office and had drain removed today in office, that was painless! Ttok a deep breath in and felt nothing praise God! They say alot of the pain comes from the drain and im so glad its gone now :-). I have had real nausea for the first time since i got out of hospital on Day 2, this is Day 4 for me. Still gaseous and walking helps with gaspains from both ways for sure.
  23. I've heard there are foods that VSGers used to like but sometimes their tastes change after surgery and they don't like anymore. Just wondering which ones they are for some people?!
  24. Band to sleeve conversion at 5:30am! Prayers please!
  25. anglicanchic85

    Just arrived at hospital!

    Now in preop room waiting to be taken to surgery!