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saffikeagan 8/31/13

Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Alma with Ready 4 A Change

    It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm about to call alma back and pay my deposit. Then I need to book airfare. THEN This S*&T is real!!!!!!!!!!!! Money on the line and all.
  2. Ya know what I realized when doing my research? None of these doctors are hacks. They all do a good job and follow about the same script when it comes to procedure, recovery, etc. There are a few outliers I can name who do things differently (single incision, recovery location, etc). So, instead of post-poning my surgery for months while agonizing over every little detail of all the information I could find online, I just made a decision and booked. Also, I've been a hiring manager for long enough to know that the resume often does not reflect the true competency of the applicant.
  3. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    I told my Mom today

    She and I live in the same city, and she is nosy. I'd have to fess up at some point. Might as well do it early. As my father and his side of the family all have the big three that obesity causes (my father died of diabetes). I knew she would be easily convinced.
  4. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    I told my Mom today

    I told my Mom that I'm going to do this. She's supportive. Yea! She thinks it is a good investment in my health and future (though she didn't offer and financial help ) I was afraid she'd think I was copping out and taking the easy route.
  5. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    I told my Mom today

    As my Mom is my emergency contact, I definitely wanted her to know beforehand just in case.
  6. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    August sleevers?

    I'll be in TJ for surgery on 8/31. About to pay my deposit! Squee. Then it's time to book airfare.
  7. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Alma with Ready 4 A Change

    It seems to be moving so fast, but I want it to move fast too!
  8. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    How to choose a doctor

    I must say I've only heard bad things about about 2 of the doctors in Mexico, so it seems I should just jump and schedule with one and do it. I don't know. Everyone is posting nothing but great about the doctors, facilities, coordinators.
  9. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Aceves and Alvarez

    Why are these two physicians $4000 more than the other Mexican doctors? Alvarez is very convenient to me as he's in a Texas boarder town, but for $4000 I could fly anywhere in Mexico and still come out spending less.
  10. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Coordinators in Mexico?

    Hi Hopin, I'm about at the point you are. I'm looking at doctors, coordinators, dates etc. I plan on going alone, but I've traveled alone before and know a bit of Spanish. I'd really prefer just to drive down to the Texas boarder towns and save on airfare, but there's been so much scary stuff happening down there that I think I'll suck it up and fly to San Diego instead. The Texas boarder would be so much more convenient tho
  11. I've also decided to go down to Mexico. Now I have to pick a doctor, a coordinator, a date, etc.
  12. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Company reviews

    I like the idea of going through a company that will arrange everything for me. However, the negative reviews I've seen about the different Medical Tourism companies don't mention names. I like a balanced perspective, so I'd like to hear the good/bad/other for places like A Lighter Me, Ready 4 Change, etc.