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  1. Hi All, What are you favorite VSG and WLS blogs? I've found a few: beareatric Bariatric Beginings Chubby Mcghee sleevers.wordpress.com bariatricfoodie Miles to go and of course... theworldaccordingtoeggface I also like mine, of course: greeknugget.blogspot.com. Today I wrote about my husband passing out and hitting his head on my IV stand! But! I want more! Please share. thanks!
  2. Great question! I've wondered this too.
  3. For some reason I can drink a lot too. However, I get really sick if I drink a Protein shake that fast. It's not a problem if you can drink Water normally though, which I can for the most part.
  4. Greeknugget

    Smooth Recovery? Anyone?

    I had a great recovery. Not a single problem. Woke up, walked for 40 minutes, and did again and again. I would do it again in a heartbeat! You'll do great.
  5. Greeknugget

    Tell me about your energy level

    I'm 15 days post op and absolutely exhausted. I go to work and then come home and need to sleep by 5:30 or 6. I'm just dog tired. I know it's the surgery as i used to have way more energy and I can't wait to be a full month out and for it to get better.
  6. I am in the same boat-- 15 days and 11 pounds down. But I lost ten on pre-op diet, so I am fine with it. As long as it's going, i don't care the pace! Good luck!
  7. I also had a hernia repair, so may be different: nothing over a pound of milk no sex for 3 weeks no swimming for 5
  8. Greeknugget

    I feel hungry

    Yes. I get this way, especially if I've had more carbs. Protein helps me fight hunger. Also, I'm not working again yet so I have a lot of time to think. That's bad. I do think the pouch empties fast. Small meals a day are good.
  9. I can totally see the difference! Great work!
  10. Greeknugget

    Problems with protein, help?

    If you don't mind me asking, how much did you weigh to start? Your loss is really motivating! WOW!
  11. Greeknugget

    VSG and WLS Blogs, Please!

    Thank you thank you! Both are great blogs! M2G, your blog is great! I'm happy to add it to my feedly.
  12. Greeknugget

    VSG and WLS Blogs, Please!

    Thanks for all the sweet words! They help. It takes courage to share this journey publicly, but I hope it helps others. So excited for 300 pounds down! Thanks for info! To find blogs, I often just type in the title to google. The blog should be one of the first hits.
  13. I planned for everything.... except for my husband passing out after watching my drain removal! Ha! More on that here, along with other post-op talk: http://greeknugget.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-story-of-scarthur-or-dangers-of.html In all seriousness, if your partner/family member is easily nauseous, maybe keep him/her out of the room when the drain is taken out!
  14. Greeknugget

    Unexpected Surprise After Surgery

    Thanks so much! I can't wait to follow yours. I LOVE LOVE LOVE blogs. And yes, laugh away! It's hilarious!
  15. Greeknugget

    Ate too much now SCARED

    Thinking of you! I had 2 ounces instead of 1.5 today and my back hurt sooo bad from the gas I had to walk around the neighborhood and breathe heavy through my nose. Was definitely sweating. Felt like dumping! No good! at least, we learn the lesson fast!
  16. Greeknugget

    Post-Op Days 3-4

    YES. I can so relate to the mindless eating being repulsive! My husband does A LOT of this and while I love him, it is killing me. Today we went out and I got two soups. One was just too thick, but I could lick the spoon and get the taste and that was nice. He had one bite, which was great because there's no way I could have the whole thing even over a week and in no time he was almost done with it! I handed it to him and he was all embarrassed. I really don't have much tolerance for mindless eating even though I totally did it! Weird.
  17. This is so inspirational! I am 6 days out and having a rough hour-- first rough hour, so I know I'll be ok! I plan on avoiding all the sugar, fat and salt as well and hope it pays off! Thanks for sharing!
  18. Thinking of you! the pain does get better! I was two days ahead of you. I pooped today! Never thought I'd say that publically, but it was a huge deal and I lost 1.5 pounds from it! You can do this! You've got it. Hugs!
  19. We're September Sleevers 2013. But, it's hard to find since it's secret. Send me your email addresses that you used to sign up and I'll add you!
  20. Greeknugget

    September 2013 Sleevers :)

    Monday here too! Have you tried sugar free pudding, custard or jello? or soup? I feel like I'll be ready for that in a few days. But it is hard to get liquids in!
  21. Greeknugget

    September 2013 Sleevers :)

    I've added everyone that responded to the september group. I agree, sassy sleevers has all of kinds of patients-- people asking for permission to behave poorly as well as perfect patients that follow the book. Have to pick and choose for sure!
  22. Wow! So motivating! I just had it done Monday. Cant wait to see the scale move
  23. Greeknugget

    September 2013 Sleevers :)

    Sassy sleevers on Fb is great, and I have a separate September sleevers group. Just email me your address and I'll add you. I had surgery Monday. Today is a great day, but it's still hard to get Protein and Water in. I'm on full liquids for a month and I don't think those include mashed potatoes or cottage cheese. But! I'm ok with that because it sounds horrible right now. Anyone off pain meds? I think I will be by next week.
  24. Hi All, I just had surgery on Monday. It went great! I want to share with all of you as much as I can so I'm posting to my blog: http://greeknugget.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-other-side.html Tomorrow I'll talk about getting Protein, Water, walking in and then incisions, etc. It's really not that bad! I also had a hernia repair and I'm feeling great just three days out!

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