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  1. Teresa C

    He's hitting some spots thats NEVER been hit b4

    As someone who's felt the opposite effect the larger I've gotten, I can say that that's something I look forward to having again!
  2. Teresa C

    8 month Post Op Photo Shoot

    oh hello Thats amazing though! So glad you have the confidence to get in front of a camera like that. I hope you know how dang good you look. *purrrrr* Congratulations!
  3. Teresa C

    kinda pissed off.

    I know you're frustrated right now but just don't give up. Unfortunately there probably isn't anything you can do you will have to do the extra 4 months. But use the progress you've made so far as motivation. In the big picture four months is nothing compaed to a lifetime of health. Don't stress about it, its a setback but it doesn't mean you have to fail or give up!
  4. I totally profile stalked her and so far I found out she does spinning classes and gets in her protien. *writes those down*
  5. Teresa C

    7 month post-op PICTURE :)

    I'm about at your starting weight so this is a huge inspiration to me! Yes if you could share some of your experiences and what you're doing... what you're really sticking too food wise, your exercise program, I would love to hear about it! I can only dream of a loss like yours!
  6. Teresa C

    Professor: No Fat Students

    LOL. Guess there are still trolls no matter what level of education you're at. I hope he got fired for these comments.
  7. Teresa C

    I'm on The You Tubes!

    I was actually thinking about doing a vlog type thing too! Definitely subscribing to yours, just from this post I can tell your witty xo Teresa
  8. Teresa C

    Sleeve in August

    I missed your post but I am having the same anxiety as you. Even though my doctor hasn't reccomended a preop diet I think I may do one to stop all the 'last meal' thoughts I've been having. Like.. every time I eat something i get so emotional thinking that I can't ever have it again. I know thats an unhealthy frame of mine, the focus needs to be on me and not the food!
  9. Teresa C

    Sleeve in August

    I'm doing this too!! I have been very body positive for a long time now, and haven't had any problem with the way I look. I only wanted surgery because I was prediabetic. Now that surgery is fast approaching (Aug 14th) I am much more aware and concerned about rolls, jiggly spot, ect. It's new for me! I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this.
  10. Teresa C

    Instagram :)

    Hey all! I'm new here but I've been on instagram for a while, I tried to let you all know that I found you via VST but I followed everyone in the thread! <3 oh and I'm tha_realest_compton if anyone wants to follow me!