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    MzO reacted to adargie for a blog entry, 8 weeks out, officially hit the 30 pound mark, slow and steady wins the race....   
    Haven't posted in a while mostly because well nothing too exciting happening. Staying the course with my diet. I am still doing a morning shake everyday. I use a scoop of unflavored unjury, skim milk and ice and a couple packets of truvia then add coffee, its been something I actually look forward to. I still have yet to find any food that does not agree with me. (not always a good thing) I find that bread and potatoes fill me up to the point of being uncomfortable so I just stay away, but things like chips and crackers do go down easy so I am not letting those come into the house. I am having fun with cooking, using the recipes I find on theworldaccordingtoeggface blog. I made some lettuce wraps that turned out great the other day. My husband even liked them. We grilled steak this weekend and it was amazing! I only have to buy one steak now and we split it. My exercise is still low key, I walk 3-5 times a week with a coworker, I need to turn it up a bit and get weights in but the weather has been so nice I want to enjoy it to the bitter end! I have all winter to be inside in the gym. As of today I am down 30 pounds and I am 8 weeks out. My closet is starting to not yield much to wear. I have this gap of clothing the "too big" stuff is being thrown into a pile for friends and goodwill, and the "I will get there" clothes are still out of reach and there's not much in-between. I am down to one or 2 pairs of jeans that I can fit. I never realized how long I went wearing clothes that were too tight simply because I couldn't wrap my head around buying the next size up! I may do a big overhaul on the closet this weekend. in 2 weeks I go on a girls trip and we will be hitting some outlet malls, I won't go crazy buying stuff but need to get a few things., I like how shirts are fitting me now. I am top heavy and have lost almost 2 cup sizes, the girls are a bit lower but still look nice in a bra! LOL, I managed to find 2 old bras that I had stashed because they were too small so that has saved the pocket book. My progress remains at 1-2 pounds a week. Sometimes with an extra bonus pound in there somewhere. So I am not the fast loser I hoped I was going to be but this is the fastest I have ever lost weight in my life and kept it off! And for once there's no end in sight, no rebound with binges because I can't handle being no carb or so super food restrictive that I just crash into a bag of McDonalds like a raving lunatic! I look at food for nutrition but I also allow for what I am craving. Partly because its such a small amount. I can usually curb a craving with a sugarfree popsicle, or a couple crackers with peanut butter. I have stayed away from all the cider doughnuts that keep making their way into my office. I did have a minisnickers but kept it to just that one! Which was a feat in itself. I am keeping with the mantra of protein first, and have not had a problem sticking to it. It doesn't really require much thought anymore. I know I am still in the "honeymoon" phase, I have no real hunger just a weird feeling when I go too long between meals. I love the little blue diamond 100 calorie almond packets. I usually have one between my morning shake and lunch, I also have been making mini rollups for a quick protein snack. I take a mini dill pickle, half of a slice of deli ham and a teaspoon of low fat cream cheese, roll it up and its a perfect quick grab snack. This is becoming quite long winded(and I can't separate paragraphs for some reason) I feel good about my future feeling optimistic. So on that note I will end this
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    MzO reacted to Momonanomo for a blog entry, an excellent quote   
    Just read this on tumblr by someone called runsleepygirl:
    "Even when the scale doesn’t change, the image in the mirror looks the same, when you feel like all of your efforts are for nothing, they’re not. Slowly, your body changes day by day. Your goals creep up on you until one day you look at an old progress picture and realize your words have become actions, your hopes have become reality and it was all worth it."

    i love that

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    MzO reacted to vsginkc for a blog entry, All that has to change is EVERYTHING   
    Today is my last day of smoking. It is a nasty, smelly, expensive, unhealthy habit that I will be so glad to be rid of! I feel the same way about this food addiction. I'm so ready to make this change. In many ways I wish I could hibernate for these next two weeks and wake up with surgery behind me. But I need to remember that this part of the process is really important too. It is allowing me to really be aware of how big a role food (and cigarettes) play in my life. This sounds horrible to admit, but I can't imagine a life without smokes and platefuls of food (and raw cookie dough, etc). That's when I remind myself about the magic of this process - I absolutely believe that there is a happier, healthier life after food and cigarette addiction -- there has to be! And I trust that there will be! I am confident I will look back on this and smile (with lots of compassion) at this person who has allowed food to rule her life. I am not a holy roller at all, but I really believe that there is a power greater than me that is guiding me through this process. Today I am going to trust the process that thousands of others have walked before me.
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    MzO reacted to smjuroska for a blog entry, 2 days post-op   
    So I am on the sleeved side! I am doing ok...sore but ok. Surgery was uneventful and the first evening and night I just walked and pushed my happy button and slept. The next day is when the GAS hit. I was FULL of IT! Walking is helping but it is still there but much less. Until I could fart I was very uncomfortable. Now I am ok. I havent felt sick and I am handling all the fluids I have tried pretty well. I have had ISoPure power Zero with protein added decaf coffee and stevia broth jello and tea. Coughing hurts like hell burping can be uncomfortable. So day two the worst is I am just SORE. I have cleaned up a little and helped get the kids to camp and sitter and I am pooped. I have no desire to eat at all which is good since my family still has to eat. The smells don't make me sick either. Nothing too eventful and I hope it stays that way. Each day seemd to get eaiser. I havent even weighed myself. I am focusing on healing not the scale right now. Well I need a nap!
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    MzO reacted to smjuroska for a blog entry, 16 days post-op and back at work....Guess hubby didn't win the lotto last night! Dang it!   
    So today is 16 days post-op. I am back at work and seem to be fairing well. I had to stay an hour and then some over yesterday and was running all day. I was completely wiped when I got home. I was a little sore too. But I am still healing so that is to be expected. Talk about a welcome back! Anyway today is a new day.
    My weight is now down to 240.4 offically this AM. I was going to weigh every Friday but I felt lighter this morning so I hopped on. So now I am down 25 pounds since the 2 week diet and 18 since surgery. CRAZY! I am so not even going to complain or compare my weight loss with others (which I thought I would be obsessed with this, its a control thing). I am not a slow or fast loser in my book. I am just losing! I remember being so happy on WW and hitting the 25 pound mark! It took me about 2 months and I thought that was quick! I lost that in little less than a month with my new tummy! I am still worried about a leak or something going wrong. This while not easy has been a prettty uneventful and my tummy has responed well to everything I have put in it. I guess I am waiting for the bottom to fall. Don't know what that is about.
    Some of the issues I am dealing with...
    Fatigue. I feel normal but then BAM it hits me and I am down for the count. This happens when I am busy and not taking steady sips of water. (like yesterday afternoon at work hauling a portable x-ray unit around and having to walk up and down 2 flight of stairs about 6 times in an hour)
    Bathroom issues. I have always been regular, now I go days and NOTHING. I am taking extra fiber and milk or mag (twice now). I don't feel bloated but I guess I am not taking in much so much doesnt need to come out. I know gross but true.
    The damn main insicion. I am ready for it to heal and the internal stitch to pop disslove whatever it does.
    Heat I am ready for fall so I can get out and excercise. I am not a treadmill kinda girl. Even listening to music or watching a show I get ansty and bored after 15 mintues. Thinking about joining a gym so I can switch it up when I get bored. But I am not walking/jogging in 105 heat!
    My period I have not had a period since end of May beginning of June. NOT NORMAL for me. You can set your clock by my cycle. First I thought nerves and stress now I don't know. I know I am not pregnant. My surgeon know about this and my PCP told me to let my body heal before getting concerned. But it worries me.
    H.Pylorus My surgeon got the report back from pathology and my stomach was very inflammed and tested postive for this. So now I have to have a strong 2 week dose of antibiotics to resolve this. Have to wait unitl I am eating regular because they will wreck havoc if I am not eating. Apparently lots of people have this but never know unless it causes problems. Which I was having prior to surgery.
    So those are my issues which are all minor! I thank the Lord for watching over me and hope I continue this journey with only positive results. I want to post pics but I am waiting for the 1 month mark! My face is where I see it the most. No more chin(S)! I now have ONE just ONE chin! My nose is smaller too! Not so WIDE. Weird never thought noses got fat until I compared it with my "skinny" pics back in the day. Now it getting back to "normal" lol. Well that is all folks until next time!
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    MzO reacted to joatsaint for a blog entry, Post-Op 14 Days - Puree Diet   
    Just got back from my 2 week checkup. Down 21 lbs from my pre-surgery start weight. Doc put me on the puree diet and told me to walk at least 1 hr a day 4 - 5 times a week. That's going to be difficult because of all the rain coming up for the next week.
    I'm doing pretty well with cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup and peanut butter. But I've tested a tiny bite of chicken, hamburger and Vienna sausages, seems like anything along those lines is still too tough for my stomach. Almost immediately I can feel rolling gas bubbles in my stomach and I have to burp.
    Found some great food storage containers at Wal-Mart. They seem to be the perfect size for how much I can eat at one sitting.
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    MzO reacted to FibroDiva for a blog entry, Welcome to my weight loss blog: Fibro Diva's Bariatric Blog   
    Welcome to new and returning visitors, thanks for stopping by and showing interest in my Fibromyalgia and Bariatric surgery blog.
    Feel Free to like and follow my blog.
    Feel Free to invite your friends, family members, and support group members to stop by and like and follow my blog.
    Most importantly feel free to join a conversation or start one.
    Fibro Diva's Bariatric Blog is a gathering of those thoughts that escape the Fibro Fog, both those concerning bariatric surgery and Fibromyalgia and those on Fibro only.
    Fibro Diva's Bariatric Blog is a place to discuss the unique concerns of people with Fibromyalgia who are considering and/or who have undergone surgery to help control their weight, [and possibly take charge of their FM].

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