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  1. 2 week post-op visit went GREAT!! Loving the sleeved life!!

  2. LisaCincyRN

    Gastric sleeve story

    Thank you for sharing your story. I went through a difficult time as well. Diagnosed with Fibro, depression, osteoarthritis, pre-diabetes, etc... I also went through a divorce moved 3 times and started a new job, all in less than two years. It was nothing I would wish on anyone. I gained a lot of weight, tried every diet I could think of...nothing helped. I started working with a NUT last year through my employer. With the support of my family and primary physician I was sleeved on 7/22/13. No regrets! I read stories like yours and I know this was a good decision for me. Congrats on your weight loss, and journey!
  3. LisaCincyRN


    I had a huge craving today for a Chipotle burrito! I drank my protein instead but it sure was hard not to pull in there and buy some burrito to puree! (I'm only a week out) I really wanted popcorn from the movies the other night...so hard to hear people crunching it:) Hang in there, we can do this!!
  4. LisaCincyRN

    July 2013 sleevers

    Good luck! It will be worth it!
  5. 1 week post-op!! Whoot Whoot!!

  6. LisaCincyRN


    I bought a small Ninja at Walmart for $20.00. It's awesome and was a great price! I use it all the time! My mom also has one that she loves!
  7. Looking for some advice, stories, or just someone to tell me that I'm normal. So, I'm 5 days post-op and having diarhhea. Three to 4 times a day. I know I'm not really eating much, just started pureed but I'm getting a little concerned that if it doesn't stop or cut back that I may end up dehydrated. I try the 30-30-30 rule, eat slow, and so on. I feel like no matter what I do my stomach is constantly grumbling. I don't have trouble getting fluids, food, or protein in, just worried about it all coming back out. I thought about Immodium but wanted to talk with my Dr. first. Have you gone through this? Anything help you?
  8. 3 in the morning and wide awake!!

  9. LisaCincyRN

    Any Ohio Sleevers?

    Hi Vicky! My name is Lisa. I live in the Eastgate area, about 30 min from Mason.
  10. LisaCincyRN

    Any Ohio Sleevers?

    Hi! My name is Lisa. I was just sleeved on 7/22 and Dr. Dahman is my doctor. I really like him as well. I live in the Eastgate area! Nice to see so many people on here!
  11. LisaCincyRN


    LisaCincyRN@ymail.com I live in Cincinnati.
  12. LisaCincyRN

    Poop talk - sorry if it's TMI

    Thanks everyone!! I'm thinking it's just part of the WLS process but what a yucky one! I'm still so early in the post-op stage, things will get better. One day at a time! Love this online support!!
  13. LisaCincyRN

    Any scuba divers out there?

    Anyone have any problems scuba diving after the sleeve? I love to dive and I'm hoping it won't be an issue down the road.
  14. LisaCincyRN

    8 Weeks Post Op

    Congrats to you!!
  15. LisaCincyRN

    Any scuba divers out there?

    I live in Ohio, not a good diving place. I started diving a few years ago and love to dive the Flordia Keys while visiting family/freinds. We have pools and a few quarys around here to practice in but it's not the same. I'm just thinking with my weight changing keeping myself down might be an issue the first few times. I'm planning a trip to Key West later this year, maybe I'll just snorkel the first day out. Thanks everyone for the feedback! I'm going to keep looking into this
  16. LisaCincyRN

    July 2013 sleevers

    Sorry you can't sleep. I have never been a good sleeper. I usually work nights so my schedule stays messed up. Since the surgery (7/22) I don't think I've slept more than 3 hours at a time. Like you, no real pain or gas, just wake up:) Right now I have the FBI files on TV and I'm playing on the computer. And of course...sipping water! lol
  17. LisaCincyRN

    My surgery is tomorrow...oh the nerves!

    I had a hiatal hernia repair along with my sleeve. You will do great! The surgery isn't that bad. I don't do well with pain medications so that's always a challenge for me, but really it's not that bad. Good luck!!
  18. LisaCincyRN

    July 2013 sleevers

    Auto pilot for sure!! Sip away!! I feel lost if I don't have a Water bottle with me:) Birthday, Christmas, etc...Buy me a water bottle! I'll be the happiest girl ever! lol
  19. I'm sleeved and doing great!!

  20. LisaCincyRN

    July 2013 sleevers

    I was sleeved on Monday the 22. I went through the same thing. Woke up from anethesia feeling terrible. I had dry heaving and gas pains. It was so bad they were considering keeping me another night in the hospital. After trying morphine and dilauded they finally gave me percocet. I was able to get a 3 hr nap, and woke feeling much better. I can definitly tell when it's time for my pain meds but I'm sure everyday will get better. Hang in there, this will get better! I was discharged yesterday evening and had a prett goood night at home last night.
  21. Anyone else out there feel yucky on the pre-op diet? I only have 5 days to go but I'm feeling tired, having headaches, and my body hurts. I have no energy. I cut out caffine a long time ago. I had to stop some of my medication for osteoarthritis which is probably the main cause but I'm tired of feeling like this. I work 12 hr shifts and I'm not looking forward to my last three before surgery. I keep thimking...I know I can, I know I can!
  22. Thank you guys so much! I worked a 12 hr shift last night and really don't know how I survived! Along with my weight issues, and then some, I also have Fibromyalgia. It's kicking my butt right now! I hurt from head to toe, can't sleep, etc... I already called and told work I won't be able to make it tonight:( Hate to do that but I'm not going to be any good there, if I could even drag myself out to get there. This will get better! At this point I welcome a little anesthesia;) lol
  23. LisaCincyRN

    I'm a leaker

    Thinking of you. Hope you get better soon. Hang in there.
  24. Thank you. I know this is a process. I hate headaches! I'm drinking and drinking! Good luck to you!

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