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  1. Hi, I just joined the site a few days ago. I'm WAY pre-op. My insurance requires a 6 month program first, but I'd love to chat or meet up with someone who's either had the surgery or is pre-op and waiting like me.
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  3. GoochMonster

    Protein shots

    I've gotten the Profect ones on Amazon. They're actually pretty good.
  4. GoochMonster

    A big disappointment.

    Most insurance companies have an appeals process. I would call.
  5. and maybe you could act like an adult?
  6. I'm sorry Laura-ven... but isn't specifying a group of people calling them a "gang" against the policies on this forum? Maybe you need to report yourself as well?
  7. GoochMonster

    4 Womens Eyes Only...: )

    if this is for women only, why not post it in the ladies room? Just sayin
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    Mobile app question

    You have to do it on the website under "My Settings" then on the left side "Notification Options"
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    Dont know what to eat :(

    Holy wow those look good!
  10. I know most people on here use myfitnesspal but I prefer lose it!. Tracks everything for me with a couple of taps or a quick bar code scan. Syncs with my fitbit flex, has a reminder feature so if I'm not thinking about eating when it's time it tells me and is just really easy to use.
  11. GoochMonster

    Shakeology - anyone?

    I LOVE shakeology! Been drinking it on and off for well over a year
  12. GoochMonster

    Homemade protein bars

    You really don't like quest bars? You're the first person I've heard say that. I'm hopelessly addicted to them. But to each their own.
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    From the album: Goochman

  14. GoochMonster

    Lowell, Ma anyone?

    Methuen here
  15. GoochMonster

    Quitting smoking

    My surgeon will absolutely not do the surgery if you smoke cigarettes. He does allow nicotine replacements though. patch, gum, vap... Whatever. I'm down to my last few days of smoking now. I use a great ecig. Really works well for me. But every dr is different
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    Why is this forum even here?

    Apparently you can't rant in a rant forum.... UNLESS you have a whole bunch of dots under your picture.
  17. See pinned instructions by Susan. Just making a point.
  18. GoochMonster

    Why is this forum even here?

    Ok, so asking people to do a little bit of research before posting is not ok. But people attacking each other over religion is. Got it.
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    She doesn't stop all the women from posting in the "Men only" room, why should rants be different? Isn't that what this particular forum is for?
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    I sincerely doubt it's hostility, so maybe making assumptions isn't the best thing to do... It's peoples lack of actually trying to find information on this or other websites before jumping in and asking the same question someone else did 20 minutes ago. And again, this is the RANT forum... don't like his rant, don't read it, move on.
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    Also, yeah this IS the rants forum...
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    And how do we know they're repeat posts unless we read them? Just sayin...
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    Would a reputable dr even do that procedure? Your stomach is already so small it takes effort to get enough nutrition to keep you healthy.

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