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  1. ssankofa73

    Delicious Homemade Protein Shake

    I just made a pretty good Protein shake. Here's the recipe... 2/3 cup crushed ice 1/2 sliced banana 1 seving sugar free butterscotch pudding 1 pcket vanilla Alba 77 (it had 19% of the d 1/4 cup Water Blend for a minute or so. Its VERY thick and very filling.
  2. Everyone has said what I would have and more. Try to saty focused on your weight loss journey. Don't worry...It gets better (I did it TWICE) and if it doesn't, there are people who will help you.
  3. ssankofa73

    Any Long Islanders?

    Wow! I like that this thread has picked up some action!
  4. ssankofa73

    Any Long Islanders?

    Thanks for the offer Ron.
  5. ssankofa73

    Any Long Islanders?

    Maybe you could be the catalyst that gets more of Dr. Geiss' patients to go to the support meetings. I went but felt discouraged because so many of the over 1 year banded people that were at the meetinsg were still extremely over-weight and were talking about issues that I didn't have. Now that I had my revision I'm going to make an effort to go to more meetings. If not there then at NUMC because its closer to my home.
  6. ssankofa73

    Any Long Islanders?

    I haven't been to one of his meetings in more than a year. Do you go regularly?
  7. ssankofa73

    Welll... Yeah....

    Hi Mandiman How are you doing with the eating so far? Have you tried my suggestion? I'm interested in seeing how you've progressed.
  8. ssankofa73

    Any Long Islanders?

    I'm back everybody! I was orginianlly banded a few years ago in 2007 and had a revision done a week ago due to a leak in the band. All that time when the Dr., PA's, people on this website, my mom and finally I thought that the weight wasn't coming off due to compliance issues on my part, it turns out I've been vindicated! All that time I thought the band was being filled with saline when in fact, the saline was leaking out. I have friends who lost almost all their excess weight who were banded after me and to be honest, I was a tad bit jealous that it worked for them. I'm hoping and praying that it works this time for me, for good. BTW, when you look at my ticker, I kept the old information on there regarding how much weight I lost with the old band. I'm just going to update it as much as possible.
  9. ssankofa73

    5 Day Pouch Test

    The 5 day pouch test is a high protein, low carb diet that is 5 days long. Its starts with full liquids and works its way down to solid foods on the 5th day. You can find info on it at http://www.5daypouchtest.com/. I used it a few months ago before I had my lapband revision and I plan on using it when I get my fills. People generally use it to help them to jump start weight loss after a plateau, get them back into the habit of using the band technique of eating proteins first, remind them of the feeling of satiety they should feel when eating the right portions, etc.
  10. ssankofa73

    When To Return To Work

    I was off for a week and felt fine going back to work.
  11. ssankofa73

    Welll... Yeah....

    I'm so sorry you're feeling judged by people who responded to your post. Not all of us know how to help in a way that is actually "helpful." I was judged by people on this site before and I hated that feeling. My band was failing and I was made to feel as if I was a failure because I had stopped losing the weight. My doctor and a few of his P.A.s, my mother, and then I started to believe that the weight wasn't coming off due to non-compliance instead of a hole that had developed in my band. Its a terrible feeling when you think you are sabotaging yourself. You have posted that you're eating around the band so I can only assume that you want help. Journaling helped me a few months ago when I was preparing to get my band revision. Its a quick and tangible way for me to track my meals. Its something that I plan on showing my Dr. and his PA when go in to ask for a fill. I hope you try my suggestion. Good luck to you.
  12. ssankofa73

    Welll... Yeah....

    Sometimes a person may try to eat around the band out of boredom, emotional pain, joy or habit. Realizing that you are doing it it the first step to recovery. The next step is to intervene. If it were easy to just stop then you would and I'm sure intellectually, everyone on this site knows that "just stop" just doesn't work. Here's a suggestion. The next time you feel like eating around the band, drink about 8 oz. of water first. Take small sips and finish all of it. Wait 20 minutes then eat the food you were just dying to eat and write down what you just did. Read and re-read what you wrote down along with any thoughts about your actions. Don't make it long. Only write about 2 lines of info.
  13. ssankofa73

    Please Help, Very Scared!

    I'm sorry to hear that this is happening to you. Its sounds frightening but its good that you were able to get in touch with a local doctor. Something is definitely happening with your throat, band and stomach. While waiting for the Dr. to get back to you, don't push it with the protein shakes because they may be too thick for you at this point. Try drinking tiny sips of hot, clear, thin liquids through out the day (broth, tea, hot water, etc.) so that you can keep hydrated. The warmth from the hot beverage will help to relax the muscles. I hope you start to feel better soon.
  14. ssankofa73

    Day 7 Post Op Questions

    I was banded on the same day as you! For the 1st 2 days I couldn't even swallow my own saliva so I was happy to be able to drink at the end of my 2nd day out. I have an appetite now though but its much smaller than before and I too am having difficulty getting in all my calories. I started drinking protein shakes and clear protein drinks to get in as much nutrition and hydration as possible. I've been adding broth, protein powder and low fat cottage cheese to my soups to thin them out while boosting protein. Please remember that this full feeling won't last forever. Take advantage of it. Good luck!
  15. ssankofa73

    33 and single forever??

    I recently bought one of those "Scene on TV" girdles (because I'm still a big girl) and the salesperson said I couldn't open the packaging and there were no returns. I swore up and down to myself that I was a 2x based on the sizes listed on the box so I had no problem plunking down the money to make a no-refund purchase. When I got home, I immediately ripped open the package and slid into the girdle. Dang! It was at least a size and a half too big. Its kind of a good problem to have.
  16. Thank God it wasn't anything more than that.
  17. I'm paying closer attention to the signs that its time for me to stop eating. Sometime I get the signs and sometimes I don't. For my first 2 meals today...nothing. Granted, the 1st meal was a fruit and protein smoothie. Just now I had some chicken breast, "no pasta lasagne" and spinach and I felt it. The lump in my throat and a sigh happened so I stopped eating. Now if I could just get this to happen for all my meals I'd be golden.
  18. ssankofa73

    33 and single forever??

    You're welcome.
  19. ssankofa73

    5 day pouch test

    I forgot to tell you guys that it didn't break my sugar cravings. I just decided to have sugar free ice pops and put purvia in my Protein fruit smoothies to give me that sweet taste instead of real sugar. quote name='ssankofa73' timestamp='1310359023' post='1638152'] I just finished the 5 day pouch test and lost 3.5 lbs! The weight came off on day 2 but it stayed off until today. I had a few slip ups but what was really nice is that I could actually feel my band working again. During 2 meals I had solid and firm protein, ribs and eggs, respectively, and the band stopped me from finishing both! I'm so glad this worked.
  20. ssankofa73

    5 day pouch test

    I just finished the 5 day pouch test and lost 3.5 lbs! The weight came off on day 2 but it stayed off until today. I had a few slip ups but what was really nice is that I could actually feel my band working again. During 2 meals I had solid and firm protein, ribs and eggs, respectively, and the band stopped me from finishing both! I'm so glad this worked.
  21. I felt it today!! I just ate an omlette with shredded salt fish and cheese in it (don't judge me, I needed the protein) and my band stopped me! YEA!!!!
  22. Have you started to up your calories yet?
  23. That sounds excessive to me but maybe your trainer wants you to trick your body so it gets out of starvation mode. I had a trainer about 10 years ago that helped me lose 25 lbs who told me to follow a diet Mon. through Fri. but then on the weekends I could cheat all I wanted. It worked and I lost the weight within 3 months. Maybe you could do it for 2 days on the weekend then go back to your normal 1000 calories per day then see what happens. What concerns me is that you don't want to start eating large amounts of calories on a regular basis or you'll slip back into old habits. Run this idea past your trainer and let us know what he/she says.
  24. ssankofa73

    I HATE this lap band!!

    Futurefitgal, Its a 5 day diet that helps you get back int he lapband frame of mind re: eating. If you google it there are a few websites that teach what it is.
  25. ssankofa73

    Starting over

    OMG, Thats AMAZING BOB!! I did South beach around 8 or so years ago. I have the book somewhere. Hmmmmm. That's all protein, a little fat and veggies right? If so I can try it again after the 5 day pouch test.

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