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    Have a question regarding insurance. My employer offers 3 plans and 2 of them specifically state they cover bariatric surgery. However the one I have, healthplus hmo of mi says on the paper they give us that it does not cover any medication or procedure to assist in weight loss. I thought it was weird because most plans do cover so I the number on the back of my card and asked them why it's not covered. I gave them my ID number so they could look up my specific plan and the lady assured me that it is covered after all the requirements are met. I'm so confused as to why it would be listed as an exclusion but then the health plus rep would tell me it's covered. Who is more likely to be wrong? My employer or the health plus rep. I have major anxiety! I don't wanna wait til next year when I can switch plans. I want surgery now!!
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    I can't switch until January. I'm hoping to get the one I have currently to cover it
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    Sorry about the horrible punctuation I'm tired
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    Here we go again

    Hey sleevers, Idk if anyone remembers me, but I was scheduled for my sleeve 10/14/13 and backed out 12 days before surgery. I told myself I had to give it one good shot, since I hadn't really tried on my own since having my baby in May. Well, I lost 30 lbs but I'm stuck at 260 and I'm back in this vicious mental cycle that I have been in for years. I called my surgeon today, and most of the paperwork is still valid. My insurance changed from bcbs to healthplus of Michigan which is an HMO so I have to get prior auth and stuff, so that part sucks, but I'm hoping to be rescheduled for surgery within the next couple of months. I'm kicking myself in the ass every time I get an email notification from the October sleevers group. I could be looking and feeling fantastic like all of them by now. It's all part of the process, I suppose. Anyway I just wanted to say I'm here for good. One of the reasons I backed out is because the Preop diet made me feel like death and there was no way I could take proper care of my patients feeling that way. I know now I will have to take that period of time off from work. If anyone has experience with health plus hmo I would love to hear about it. I'm glad to be back! Thanks for reading.
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    Here we go again

    Seems to be a lot of us fat nurses on here. I don't even know how it's possible since I run my off all day lol
  6. Mrs.FullerRN

    Here we go again

    Let me know how it goes! I'll cross my fingers for an approval for you!
  7. Wow that's really sad. Those people are probably thrilled for the progress they've made. Cheers to you for being the skinniest fat chick in the room
  8. Mrs.FullerRN

    Here we go again

    Thank you all for the encouraging words. I know I can't be the only wishy washy person to ever do this. I went clothes shopping today, what a horrifying experience. If I ever start doubting my decision again I'll just go try on some jeans
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    Here we go again

    I want to be on the other side so dang bad!!
  10. Mrs.FullerRN

    Here we go again

    Thank you! I had to do full liquids the first time. The nurse told me there are different options now. Thank god because I would rather not eat for two weeks than choke down 6 of those nasty artificial shakes a day.
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    Here we go again

    I have no idea why it bleeped out H M O
  12. Um you look freaking amazing
  13. After 6 months of working toward this surgery, I have decided not to to through with it. I'm just not ready. With that being said, I have already purchased my preop diet. It's by betterMD and Its 2 weeks, 6 days worth of shakes, Soups, broth and 1 day of Clear liquids. The shakes are mostly chocolate with a few boxes of chocolate mint, strawberry, and vanilla. I paid $225 asking $125 I will accept Paypal only. Please let me know if this is not allowed here.
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    Preop liquid diet for sale

    I had lost a bunch of weight last year and then got pregnant and gained it all back. I have not even given myself a chance to get the baby weight off as my baby is only 4 months old. I started the preop diet and literally felt like I was going to die. I was shaking and sweating and throwing up. I do not feel that I can be a good mom while feeling that way for weeks upon weeks and lastly removing 80% of a healthy organ is irreversible. I might look into the band.
  15. I'm scheduled 10/14 for my sleeve. I just feel like what if I'm not ready? They said we have to change our habits before surgery. Well I have not. Tried the Atkins diet for 4 days before eating pizza in a carb-deprived craze. Then again I feel like if my habits were changed, there would be no need for surgery. I know without surgery ill never change. I've been feeling like this is the tool I need but maybe I just am meant to be fat and miserable forever.
  16. Mrs.FullerRN

    Oh sh*t!

    Just be thankful you aren't me. I eat my last supper tonight and my surgery is 10/14 lol
  17. I start my preop on Sunday..2 weeks of nothing but liquid. I have the worst anxiety about it and frankly I feel like its just not possible to live 2 entire weeks without food. Like at this point I can't imagine going 1 day without food let alone 14. How.is.this.done?? So much of my life is focused around food..I'm scared of this diet!!
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    October 2013 roll call

    10/14. Freaking out!!
  19. Mrs.FullerRN

    Liquid diet..mission impossible?

    Of course I knew..I just haven't had to think about it until now..staring at this box of shakes on my country and knowing that's all ill eat for three weeks...crazy
  20. Hi guys Sorry if I post too much. I basically think about my surgery 24/7. I'm scheduled 10/14. Anyway. Right now I get up at 545, punch into work at 7, punch out at 3...by the time 6 or 7 rolls around I'm totally drained. I know people complain of low energy at first. So when do u get the energy like you've never had before? Did it just hit you one day as you were power cleaning your house or does it steadily increase? All input is appreciated
  21. You look like Carson daly! Congrats!
  22. I don't know what that feels like of course, but I imagine that "normal" people eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full and don't think about food 24/7 like I do. Like right now as I'm finishing lunch I am planning what's for dinner. I know at first I will be almost obsessive with getting in the right amount of protein and such but will there come a time when I don't have to think about food so much?