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Second part of my story, The plastic surgery.
Saturday, June 20 , 2015
I have finally reached my goal at 148 pounds , 2 years after sleeve operation with Dr.Ortiz. 
I also had Arm and Breast lift and skin removal in November . Followed by a belt-Lipectomy in March and Exstended Thigh lift and Upper Eye Lid Surgery in June.
All Plastic Surgeries were done by Dr Medina Sanchez at Ariel Center  or OCC in Tijuana, he is the Chief of Plastic Surgery . My Results are amazing and I had no complications. There are before and after pictures in my profile Gallery. If you are looking into Plastic surgery After weight loss, I highly Recommend Dr Medina. 
After dramatic weight loss you are faced with Loose skin. Yes, I will have scars, but they are worth it. And they become a very fine line that you can almost not see anymore. Well worth the results. The surgeries were painless for me.Your mobility is limited for the first 2 weeks and you find out how hard it is to get out of bed when you cant use your abs. Or how difficult it is to bend over and pick things from the floor. I was walking and doing normal activities within 2 weeks of surgery. We all heal differently, and i healed quickly. I did use compression garments because they do help with swelling and protect the scaring. I wore them each time for 4 weeks. 
I love my Plastic Surgery results. I made me more confident, I feel good about myself, I enjoy a lot more of what life has to offer. I can go out in public without feeling that people are looking at me differently.I am healthy.  I love traveling and now I can fit easily and comfortable in a middle seat on the plane. And after 30 years of hiding I bought a bikini, that I will proudly wear this summer at age 50.  I have rediscovered myself. Thank you  Dr Medina Sanchez, Dr Ortiz and the staff at OCC for your help on my life journey . It has been a wonderful experience.
My Surgery story.
Thursday July 11, 2013
 The border crossing was no big deal. First, there were no lines to wait in. Driver helped us with our bags, showed us the building to go in. Took all of 5 minutes.
Check in at the Marriott was smooth. Driverl told us to be ready at 6:40 Monday morning and told us the hotel van takes you to the OCC. So we made sure to schedule the hotel van.
Friday July 12, 2013
We were in the lobby right on time. There were several people from other surgery centers waiting in the lobby too. Picture the scene – a bunch of freaked out fat people and their support people – all sizing each other up. When the OCC group was in the van together and heading towards the Obesity Control Center, we did the natrual small talk, “What procedure did you select? Where are you from? Yadda yadda”. The drive from the Marriott to the Obesity Control Center takes about 10 minutes.
The OCC receptionist had paperwork ready for each patient to fill out. The OCC provided a folder to keep our papers organized (and there were only a few papers). All of the days patients were interested in the surgery schedule. I would be first  of four surgeries. Found out, the way the order the patients for surgery is difficult to most easiest. Of my group, there were two gastric placation surgeries and 2 Sleeve operations. One by one, in order of surgery, we were all called back for a blood draw – then back to the lobby. Next, visit with Nutritionist, back to the lobby. Finally, EKG – then back to the lobby. Once the pre-operative assessments were done, you wait a short time and then they take you to your room. My room was simple, nice and clean. The bed was comfortable! Each room had a couple chairs, loveseat and a hospital bed with nightstand. It wasn’t like a typical US hospital room with all the weird instruments at the head of the bed. It was less clinical than that. Bathroom was shared down the hall, but was very clean. They had me change into my surgery gown, hairnet, compression stockings and provided very sexy blue paper underwear (which of course were too small ….there’s always something). By now, it was about 9.00Am and they put in my IV. Since I had not had any liquids for about 12 hours, the nurse really took her time to find the right place to insert the IV and she got it the first try. The doctors gave me something to calm me down as my blood pressure was a little high
Shortly after the IV was in, Dr. Martinez came in and chatted for a while. Asked if I had questions and he answered all those. After he left, my friend and I agreed we were more than satisfied the facility and doctors were on the up and up.Truth be told, she was very impressed with everything we had experienced and kept telling me so– the OCC was the right place for me!
About 30 minutes after Dr. Martinez left, they told me it was time and I walked OR. I got onto the OR table myself. After 1  hours, I woke up in my room. My friend was sitting there. She had already been in contact with my husband and friends to keep them updated. With free OCC calling, I was able to talk to my hubby and friends right after surgery. After Surgery Dr Ortiz and Martinez come in and talk to you and check on you. Both Doctors are very nice and much more personal then American doctors.
During the recovery  I had no problems . Slept great at the OCC. I liked that the nursing staff didn’t bug you all night or make a bunch of racket. I did have a drain and it didn’t bother me at all. I slept like a baby! With all the IV fluids, I had to go to the restroom about 2 times in the night. It was great because it was down the hall and forced me to walk. I actually woke up the next day feeling rested. Never did have pain or vomiting. No problems. I was FINALLY sleeved and my new life had started!
Saturday 13 July,2013,
Since your support person doesn’t get to stay with you overnight at the OCC, my friend showed up the next morning.She and the other lady’s had decided to get the PRP procedure done while waiting for us to be discharged. I got dressed, purchased my discharge meds, and the Marriott van took us all back to the hotel . Was glad I had comfy pajamas to wear and hold my drain bag. Still felt good, but was tired. Between trying to drink and sleep, recovery was a full time job! Drinking was crazy….with a super small and super swollen stomach, I could take one small sip at a time.
Monday 15July , 2013
Today, back to the OCC for a checkup.They removed my drain! They also did the barium swallow to check for leaks.
A  doctor took me for my barium swallow leak test.. The entire leak test took under 10 minutes total. The drink didn’t taste bad, didn’t make me sick at all. Overall, no big deal.
Now for the drain– other than a way to ensure your recovery was going well and no infection or leaks. The tubing is really small and it is connected to what looks like a large coin purse or clear hot water bottle. The whole thing was painless to me and just a hassle when changing clothes or showering. What so surprised me was the amount of fluid it collected. Mine was almost full after only 24 hours.The drain removal was pretty simple and done by a doctor. Again, no big deal!
All this takes Max 30 Minutes. By 3 Pm we were on the shuttle and on our way Home.

Age: 57
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Starting Weight: 378 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery: 325 lbs
Current Weight: 148 lbs
Goal Weight: 138 lbs
Weight Lost: 230 lbs
BMI: 22.5
Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit:
Surgery Date: 07/12/2013
Hospital Stay: 1 Day
Surgery Funding: Self Paid
Insurance Outcome: n/a
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