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  1. If there was to be a Class Action lawsuit against lap band and related companies, would you join it? My surgeon really believes its going to be yanked off for the market because as a medical device its failure rate is extremly high with high rate of complications that are way outside the margin of accepted standards for the FDA. I'm not sure I would though. I'm not the suing type.
  2. I love having the sleeve. No regrets!!!
  3. I'm the OP for this topic and wow almost three years later it's still very much a hot topic! I have lost 100 pounds am at goal for over a year. The sleeve is amazing and way better than the band. Still waiting on the ads for class action haven't seen any yet.
  4. Nursebarbie

    Does it really matter?

    In the limited time I have been hanging around this forum, I have noticed something very disturbing. Yes, there is a lot of support and well wishes, light hearted jokes, and wonderful advice. But, there is something more. Something dark, oppressive, in a word....judgemental. Perhaps more judgemental than I have ever experienced. Surprising, coming from a group of people who have historically been harshly judged, ridiculed, discriminated against, our spirits crushed because of our weight. Now it seems, some victims have become perpetrators of harsh judgement. Do they know? Do they realize it? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe they don't care. Maybe they believe in their perceived self appointed cause. Maybe its because they think they are an "expert". What makes an expert? Nobody can agree. Are you an expert because you were or are fat? Because you had wls? Is it because your surgery was 10 yrs ago or are you an expert after 10 hours? Do you really know more at 5 years vs 3 years? Do you know more than a medical professional trained in wls or obesity? Does that not count if they were never fat or had wls? Some of us are strong and do not care about your harsh opinions. Maybe some of us even think you are stupid for saying something so harsh or judgmental. But there are plenty who are soft on the inside, who make be more affected by being judged like that. Even though this is just a forum, people can be very hurt or confused by a nasty post. And the information some self appointed experts advise so strongly may be in error or cause injury. If anyone should know how it feels to be judged it should be all of us here. So why are some doing it to others? There are better ways to get your "opinion" across than coming across as a self appointed expert.
  5. Nursebarbie

    very helpful book.

    Got the weightloss surgery for dummies book. Very helpful. All sorts of recipes and food lists for each stage. Lots of good information overall. Bought mine at Barnes & Nobles. I am now 12 days post op. On stage 3 now pureed foods. My list includes poached eggs, creamy Peanut Butter, refried Beans, mashed banana, mashed avocado, cream of wheat or cream of rice, thin oatmeal, malt o meal, sf puddings, lite yogurt, and stage 1 baby food/meat, pureed meat, applesauce, mashed potatoes.
  6. Nursebarbie

    What a big loser!

    Down 25 pounds. Band to sleeve June 28th. Slow and steady wins the race. Just ask the turtle..... [ATTACH]16849[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]16850[/ATTACH]
  7. Nursebarbie

    I call "drinking 64 oz water" BS

    64 ounces of Water will not give you water intoxication. It takes at least 2 gallons to do that and even then, it may not happen. 8 glasses of water about 8 ounces each? Its this kind of information on here that is dangerous. There is absolutely no truth or merit to this whatsoever. That being said, you may be getting in almost that much through other liquids and foods that contain liquids like fruit or vegetables. Think of it this way, when you get an IV at the hospital, we give you a hanging bag of one liter of Fluid, right? That is 1,000 ml. Most patients get 2 of these bags while in the ER or each 24 hours they remain in the hospital. That is way more than 64 ounces and none of these patients develop "water intoxication." The only patients who get fluid overload are mainly Congestive Heart Failure patients or kidney failure patients. Please don't be afraid to drink 64 ounces of water a day.
  8. Nursebarbie

    Does it really matter?

    What was mean about that last post of mine you are referring to? Maybe you should re read your post to me first and consider the source.
  9. Nursebarbie

    Can't I just hit the stupid people?

    Good for you! Reminded me of that scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts goes back to that high end store that wouldn't serve her to tell them off. Love it!
  10. Nursebarbie

    Does it really matter?

    It is sad that to seek respect or peace is likened to seeking imaginary fantasy beasts. Just because somebody isn't doing things your own way isn't necessarily wrong. Yet many treat it that way. Sometimes it doesn't come across as helpful but more of a lecture. I wonder how many find lecturing to be motivating for them.
  11. Nursebarbie

    Does it really matter?

    Sorry. I can't point out specific people or posts. All I can say is if you don't see a problem then be happy you don't know.
  12. Nursebarbie

    No Friend Of Mine

    I view it differently because I got so heavy but not having a scale. Refused to know even at the doctor office for many years. I knew I was overweight but I just didn't know just how much. I now use my scale to be sure I am not going up. Helps me gauge how my week is going. But I can understand being obsessed and getting upset over little flucuations. Weighing once a week should keep you on track, in the loop, and in tune with your body. I never want to be in the dark again. Maybe it is too much for you to check once a week, maybe once a month? Keep it in the garage?
  13. Nursebarbie

    Hiccups...very painful...

    The same nerve runs through both the stomach and diaphragm so if you eat or drink too fast it irritates/stimulates it to contract. Thorazine is helpful for prolonged hiccups. Warm fluids sipped slowly help as well.
  14. Nursebarbie

    possible operation number 10

    Wow that is a big deal but maybe it will speed your recovery.
  15. Nursebarbie

    What a big loser!

    Can you see the two photos at top? I can't so here they are again. [ATTACH]16854[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]16855[/ATTACH]
  16. Nursebarbie

    What a big loser!

    Here is what I looked like 3 months ago pre op. Sorry I can't turn it around. Pic taken at my daughter's carnival birthday party. [ATTACH]16853[/ATTACH]
  17. Nursebarbie

    What a big loser!

    Lap band 1/11/11 Lost 61 pounds since day of lap band surgery. Love my sleeve although I'm not so sure my sleeve loves me yet. She's a little snippy and likes what she likes.
  18. Nausea has returned. Uggh. Took my anti nausea pill but sheesh. Its been over a week since I last felt this way. Maybe I need to go slower with my diet progression.
  19. Nursebarbie

    Uggh. Nausea back tonight.

    Vomitted today twice. Forgot to drink my pickle juice this morning. Its my little miracle worker. Going back to work next week.
  20. Nursebarbie

    saved by the pickle

    Took pickles to Cabo this week on vacation and totally worked. I also took my syntrax lemon tea powder. Very proud I remained committed even while on vacation.
  21. Surgeon recommended drinking a few sips of pickle juice twice day to help with acid and "foamies". Weird but it totally works. I haven't had any nausea, no vomitting, and no need for meds other than my prilosec since I started drinking it. Might be helpful to anyone who is struggling with acid or nausea or bloating after eating. I can now drink all my liquid requirement and all the Protein requirement. This is huge for me since I have not been able to meet either since surgery June 28th. I'm feeling so much better.
  22. Hmmm. I wasn't aware they offered cash pay. If you can find a better deal I would go for it.
  23. Very interesting. I will definately keep that in mind.
  24. Those are all great ideas. I'm also trying to fix myself up more than walking around in jeans and a tank top. Ok, so I still wear the tank top and jeans but I now add accessories and sexy shoes.

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