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  1. JanetPRN

    Quest bars

    I keep them in my purse at all times. When you are hungry, you're hungry ! Fast food is no longer an option for me so quest fits the bill nicely. They look kind of ugly but I really do like the taste of the majority of them. The manager at my local GNC told me that quest bars are their #1 food product. He said they sell so quick they are always fresh at GNC. I have a stale box from one of the Internet stores. Most of the time , GNC is less expensive than the quest site .
  2. JanetPRN

    50+ Sleevers

    I'm an almost 2 year veteran. I sent my request also.
  3. My Fitbit and My Fitness Pal apps along with my weight loss tracker app. They give me a nice visual tracking system and keeps me honest with myself. 2 years later I still use them daily.
  4. JanetPRN

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    152 this week
  5. Here is my personal favorite- "you better slow down , you are going to be skinnier than ME!" As if my weight loss had anything at all to do with her! Classic narcissist
  6. I had moderate to severe Barrett's pre-op that was discovered during WLS work up. I am nurse and I researched and spoke to many experts. I was going to change mind from sleeve to band, my personal physician and surgeon both agreed that the sleeve was still a better fit for me. (I started at 234 lbs) . in addition to my vsg, my surgeon did a "fundoplication" which is a surgical procedure to correct my reflux. I was completely unaware of how bad my reflux prior to this surgery. Pre-op, I snored so badly, which I assumed was because of my obesity. It wasn't . I have not snored since I awoke from my surgery. 19 months later , still no snoring but the acid taste is starting to return a bit. I will be on ppi meds for the rest of my life, and required annual endoscopes. This would be true even if I didn't go ahead with my WLS. Every body is different , not all roses , not all doom and gloom. Educate yourself before you make your decision . Good luck
  7. JanetPRN


    I have achieved several of my goals over the last year and a half: -Cross my legs easily ✅ -Sit comfortably on an airplane seat ✅ -Cut up my Lane Bryant credit card ✅ -Wear Skinny jeans from the skinny side of the store ( size 6) ✅ -Give up soda for good. ( easier than I ever thought possible for me)✅ -Ask for a raise and a promotion✅✅ - Wear heels again , not just to weddings. ✅ -normal BMI✅ - Take s cruise to the Bahamas and manage to not "fear" the buffet✅ - learned to bake again, that was another thing that I was afraid to do, because I didn't trust myself. ✅ - favorite goal-> having my husband of 33 years put his arms ALL the way around me. ✅❤️ Still to be achieved : - 5 k ( October 2015) - walk around the Grand Canyon ( June 2015) - wear a bathing suit out in public - TT/ panni - - ride a motorcycle
  8. JanetPRN

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Going backwards , 155:(
  9. JanetPRN

    Drivers License picture

    Not braggy at all, it's practical. Look at your passport also. I got stopped twice during a cruise because I do not look a thing like my passport picture anymore. The entry officer had me pulled aside and re screened and eventually let on the ship. The exit officer looked at me, looked at my passport and eyed me up and down. I was getting nervous until she said "Damn Girl!!!" Get yourself a new picture! " and then let me through after telling me good job:)
  10. JanetPRN

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    I skipped the last 2, it's time to jump back in. My goal is 149. Current weight is 154
  11. JanetPRN

    Holiday Challenge!

    150 lbs and holding. Happy New year to all!

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